Monday, December 3, 2012

Comics Review: Uncanny Avengers #2

Written By Rick Remender
Drawn By John Cassaday

I think way too many comics now follow the same formula. They can kinda get bland with no real new ideas, just rehashes of stories that come before. I'm pleased as punch to say that Uncanny Avengers is not one of those comic books. It's got some really crazy ass ideas going on and I think that's largely from writer Rick Remender. Remender took the Red Skull and made him even creepier than before. The Red Skull is back and he doesn't just want to kill Captain America (you know he so totally wants to) but to unite the world. But you know they'll be under his rule. When you think about it, it's not that bad of an idea. Oh wait.

Red Skull has captured Rogue and the Scarlet Witch. Rogue is someone the Red Skull could really care less about. It was cool to see how Red Skull really does hate mutants. I mean this guy hates them with everything he's got. His plan is pretty damn diabolical. Red Skully here has stolen the body of Professor X and combined it with his own. It's very scary to know that the brain of once the world's greatest telepath is now added to the mind of a great evil like the Red Skull.  The first thing the Skull does is to try and use Prof. X's power to make Wanda say yet again "No More Mutants."

Rogue breaks free and she runs into the Scarlet Witch. Scarlet Witch (still being influenced by Red Skull) tries to kill Rogue. Rogue using her handy dandy Mutant powers to steal Wanda's chaos magic powers. Scarlet Witch then comes to her senses and teams up with Rogue.

But wait there's more. Wolverine gets all sentimental and talks about how people are getting scared because the Mutants are back. But Captain America tells Wolverine that Havok leading this team people might start to see Mutants in a different light. It did feel very forced where a guy who was saved by The Uncanny Avengers tells Havok that he only thinks of him as a hero and not a filthy mutant. Hey, it almost seems like somebody wrote it that way. Hmm, I'll have to look into this. The story is pretty damn cool and the art by John Cassaday is just mind blowing. I know that he won't be able to keep up this type of monthly book (see Planetary) but it fits the story and it has a wide screen action movie feel. Go buy it and enjoy.

-Tash Moore

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