Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Olivia's Pick of the Week: The Flash #14

The Flash #14
Written by: Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato
Art by: Francis Manapul

Thank goodness someone finally remembered Iris!!!!!!!
I was beginning to think no one gave a damn about her. Not married to Flash? Okay. Let's kill her off or lose her.

Iris' brother shows up and realizes his sister is missing so he's gonna try to find her. It was weird because he seemed randomly pushed into the story because there needed to be SOMEONE who was close to Iris who would care that she's been missing for: how long already?
The main plot of this issue follows a big fight scene between Flash and Gorilla Grodd, as the cover nicely points out. Grodd is a very beefed up gorilla, thanks in part to him absorbing some of the Speed Force in the last issue. He was dangerous enough but now he's super fast as well. The Rogues are still there, too, fighting the gorillas as they try to take over the city. It was awesome to see that moment when Flash goes to punch Grodd and his costume cracks and begins to fall apart from the point of impact. It nicely illustrated Flash's vulnerability. Turbine had revealed to Patty Spivot that Barry Allen isn't dead and he knows who can help them find him, so they're going to look for this person amidst the gorilla invasion. Super-heroes need their dual identities to make life more complicated and interesting. A lot of these guys try to kill off their civilian personas but they all come back 'round again. Their identities make them human with the fact that they have to tackle these seemingly banal problems along with saving people/the world type stuff.

This issue was awesome to read. Not something you can pick up and follow easily without having read the previous 13 issues, I think. There's so much going on and a lot of it that are fragments of the larger picture. The art is fantastic as always and so is the storytelling.

What won me over for this issue is that someone, SOMEONE finally cared that Iris went missing, as I wondered why no one cared about her from the moment after her disappearance. I look forward to seeing how the creative team pulls her story back into the main plot.


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