Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tash's Pick of the Week: Amazing Spider-Man #699

Outside The Box
Written By Dan Slott
Pencils By Humberto Ramos
Inks By Victor Olazaba

Again, what can I say other than this is just an amazing (pun intended) comic book. Peter Parker is trapped inside the dying body of Doc Ock and now we get an idea of how it happened. This whole issue focused on Peter stuck in Doc Ock's body and trying to figure out how the switch happened. I knew Dan Slott would have a really good reason for the how this thing went down. Turns out during the whole "Ends Of The Earth" Spidey wore a helmet that went toe to toe with Ock and his ability to control the giant lens that was gonna cause the death of everyone on earth.

Ock has a direct link to Spider-Man's mind the whole time and lets him sneak in and steal his body. Spidey is stuck in the dying husk of Doctor Octopus and learns that he also has all of Ock's memories. Even that really creepy one where Ock and Aunt May have a little pre-marital sex before he tried to marry her to take over her nuclear plant that she had inherited. (Don't ask me man, Marv Wolfman wrote it.) Peter does his best to push that out of his mind. Hell I would too.

Peter (still in Ock's body) uses his new found mental powers to use the small Octobots around the city to call Sandman, Scorpion and the Trapster (he'll always be Paste Pot Pete to me.) The three bad guys break Spidey in Ock's body out. Now that's he's free Spidey Ock wants his real body back.

What really had me laughing is the part where Pete is blocking out the whole sex with Aunt May. Man that had to be creepy. Also the irony was not lost on our web-head that he had to be broken out by the bad guys here. Also The Trapster is pretty damn clever if I do say so myself. There was also a cool part in here were they have the Lizard locked up and he's totally fine. Seems like the cure that was given to him has cured him of being evil. But he's stuck in the form of The Lizard and he knows all the awful things that he's done. So he feels like he needs to be punished for his deeds and stay locked up in the Raft.

So this had just been a fun comic book to read. I love that Ock is running around in Spider-Man's body and Spidey has to somehow figure how to fix it all. And while being stuck in the dying body of Doc Ock. I mean it's just really awesome stuff and I don't know just how the hell can Dan Slott come up with all this stuff and not screw up. It's almost like he knows what he's doing. But my thumb is totally up.

-Tash Moore

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