Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Tash's Pick of the Week: Daredevil #21

Written By Mark Waid
Drawn By Chris Samnee

Oh, Mark Waid you sure know how to write one hell of a comic book. It's almost like he has some idea of what he's doing. Some of you other writers need to take note of this (me too). The Man Without Fear goes one on one with Coyote. Turns out of mater mind behind the problems in DD is responsible for everything wrong in Daredevils life. This guy is took out the Spot and used him to turn some no good run of the mill drug runner into the Coyote. He had Coyote take Matt's ex wife Milla from her observation cell and puts her in Matt's apartment in an attempt to make him think he is crazy.

Coyote has also been using the stolen powers of to taken illegal immigrants and use them in a drug smuggling operation. Which I'll tip my hat to Mr. Waid is a very cool idea. Daredevil gets his head back on to his body, (See Daredevil #19-#20) and frees the Spot. When DD pumps Coyote for info on who's pulling the strings (Walt Disney?) he stops short of the big reveal. Coyote is then taken away by a very angry Spot. (you wouldn't like him when he's angry!)

One part they threw me for a loop is that when Matt and the other people who were held hostages by Coyote break free from his underground prison it turns of to be in Arizona. DD used his Avengers card to get a ride home. Is it me or does it seem like that's pretty much all that damn card is good for at this point. Matt's been using the damn thing like a cheap ass bus pass. ( Hey, that rhymed.)

Back in New York Matt and Foggy have it out. Matt gives the details that you read in this issue to Foggy. Matt is clearly upset that Foggy ran like a little sissy boy to Kirsten McDuffie about Matt needing help as he might have gone off the deep end. Foggy is such a wuss. You'd think that after all the things that have happened to he and Matt that he would have just kept his dang fool mouth shut. It looks like Matt and Foggy are done as friends. Well at least until the next reboot.

Kirsten McDuffie meets up with the Web swinger and tells her how Matt aka I'm not really the Man Without Fear Murdock maybe be freaking crazy. Spider-Man tells her not to have any worries because he will find Daredevil.........and crush him. Turns out that this Spider-Man isn't the Amazing one but the new Superior one. When the hell did Superior in turn mean evil. Hmm i must have fallen asleep at my PC again. Big props got to artist Chris Samnee. Not only is an amazing storyteller but his facial expressions had me falling over in a heap. When McDuffie is explaining the situation with Spider-Man and he says he'll crush him, her face does a total 180. It's really awesome stuff.

I really just love how this book has taken on a real lighthearted approach. You know instead of trying to give us the 50th version of the same Frank Miller stories from the 1980's. Bendis I'm looking at you, kid. Well that's all i got for you this week. Enjoy the whole Jesus wuz here day and read some comics.

-Tash Moore

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