Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Comics Review: Gambit #8

Written by: James Asmus
Pencils by: Pasqual Ferry with David Baldeon and Clay Mann
    I'm surprised I haven't done this book yet in the months I've been reviewing for The Verbal Mosh. Mainly because I love Gambit so damn much, since the diaper days ='], also because this is such a good book. Here's a slight recap on the last 7 issues. Gambit took a break from super heroing to do some of what he's best known for. Stealing shit that don't belong to him. He breaks into a vault owned by some big mob guy BoyraCich and gets caught, sorta. Goes to a South American country with some lady woman, almost dies there, actually gets caught by Cich, forced to do a job for him, almost dies a bunch of times there, sasses the Queen of England, and makes it out alive all in one piece. Whew, that was a mouthful wasn't it? Let's see where the marvelous misadventures of Gambit take him today.
    At the end of last issue we have Gambit getting a distress call from some students from Empire State University. So let's crack this book open and get to the reading. It opens up with Remy in his little truck base thingy, right outside the Forever City getting ready for the job. He's getting some intel from some dude who looks like Solid Snake and he's got this badass suit designed by, *sigh* of course, Reed Richards. All a brother wanted to do was take a break from the boring life and live on the edge a bit. Stephen Tyler would be proud. Remy tells Fence (the Solid Snake look alike) if he ever finds Joelle (the crazy chick from past issues who almost killed Gambit) to have her locked up in the S.H.I.E.L.D. negative zone prison. Get that trick what she deserves. Now what would this mission be without something to kill the com link? A boring one, that's what kind! So some weird blue symbol things fries the com link and now Gambit's gotta navigate this place on his own. While strolling along we see he's being a big thing with a tail. There's also other creatures running around watching the other flying creature. And rightfully so, since the walking creature is much larger and ends up eating the flying creature. Baws. So now, big ol' walking creature is on Gambit's tail. and nearly eats him to bits as he's breaking a hole in the wall to get inside a building.
    Now talk about convenience, the kids from the college are in that same building. Turns out the air has been mutating things in the city. Creating those creatures, and changing everything inside and out. The local feds aren't even helping rescue these kids. Ain't that some straight up bulllllllishhhhhh? They all make their way to the top to get some kind of a lay of the land, and an escape route. Now this next page shows all rudeness with mankind. One of the kids straight up sneezes in another dudes face. IN HIS FACE!!! I know her mother taught her better than that. The gum she was chewing flies out of her mouth and mutates on its way to another kids face. The newly mutated gum doesn't like the face he's on and starts growing to his face. GUM! Getting its long overdue payback of being chewed for tens of years, now preparing to eat something for itself. Ok, cool, we can handle this just everyone stay quie...aaaaaaand there's a scream. Sweet, so now every big mutant monster thing in the general area is focused on that scream. Well, what else do you do when someone screams when they're not supposed to? You book it! Gambit has the kids keep running toward as far to the edge of the city as they can go, while he flips and twists around these beasts making them just fight each other. Great couple panels of that, I enjoyed watching these beasts hit each other accidentally. Then Remy uses his trusty ol' pole to basically break the jaw of another flying monster. That was also, pretty effin' cool.
    One of the beasts escapes and creeps up on the kids as they continue to get the mutant gum off the face of their class mate. I don't know about you guys, but if I had gum on my face that long...I'd probably be dead. Yeah, I'd be dead. So the creature makes it to the kids and literally, one dude PUSHES his girlfriend towards the thing. PUSHES her, like...push. He sent her to her death. Luckily we have Gambit and he's abadass baws, and somehow got a piece of that gum to not kill him. So he throws it into the mouth of the monster who's got the poor white girl and it just explodes all over the creature's face. Like a monster-fied version of a bad Brazzers I read. O_O
    So now that everything is nice and calm and nothing is trying to eat them anymore, we have the wind down of the action. The couple breaks up after the girl gives that whole "I found some things out about us today. I don't need no man, I'm independent *z snap*" kind of speech. And Gambit gets all modest with one of the students. Doesn't want to think of himself as a hero, I don't blame him. Doesn't want it to get to his head.Cuse then he becomes someone like...Stark. All self centered and what not. After the touching convo, Remy calls up Snake, I mean Fence that he's changed his mind. If Fence finds Joelle, not to turn her into S.H.I.E.L.D. Instead, to just tell him where she is, so he could try to talk some sense into her. Unless of course, that is, she's hanging with a bunch of villains...oh wait.
    Well, that was fun wasn't it?! =D Can't wait for next month to see where this is going, I'm enjoying where Gambit's been so far in only these 8 shorts issues, and I hope the series lasts a while. But that's just wishful thinking =[ Until next week guys!

-Matt Milanes

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tash's Pick of the Week: Justice League #16

Written By Geoff Johns
Pencils By Ivan Reis
Inks By Joe Prado

Back up By Geoff Johns and Gary Frank

Well as you all know, I'm not the biggest fan of the Geoff Johns Justice League. But I have to say that this is the best issue by far. It's got just about anything you'd want from a team book. Gone are the days of the League sitting around a table with a giant "JL" on it. Wait, that's another "team" book. Oh well.

Aquaman's brother, Orm (we'll leave that name out because it's not really a tough guy name) is on the surface world having a verbal back and forth with his older brother. I really liked how in this issue Batman tried to sneak up on Orm. But to his credit, Orm don't take no guff. He gives Batman a jolt of electricity and takes him out of the equation.

Aquaman wants Orm to go back to the sea but it's all out war. Superman and Wonder Woman team up to take down Orm and his forces from Atlantis. But since he's king, Orm takes them both down with ease. Orm tells his brother that the time for talk is over and it's time for war. Hell, Orm even takes down Aquaman to show just how serious he is. Cyborg sees all this and rescues the good Dr. Shin (you'd know who he was if you damn kids have been reading Aquaman's monthly mag). Dr. Shin is one of the few people on the planet who knows a great deal of the people of Atlantis.

There were really cool fight scenes in this issue because Jim Lee is no longer around to draw just splash pages. Ivan Reis is a really awesome storyteller so it's got a great flow to it. The back and forth with Aquaman and Orm was really well done. Cyborg needs reinforcement so he calls up the Justice League reserves. Element Woman, Black Lightning, Green Arrow, Vixen, Zatanna, Goldrush(?), Black Canary and Firestorm. The League needs all the damn help it can get.

The back-up with the Power Of Shazam was awesome as usual. Shazam comes face to face with Black Adam. It's really funny when Shazam sees Black Adam for the first time and the only thing he can say is that Black Adam has the way cooler costume. That really did make me laugh out loud. Shazam takes a beating from Black Adam and runs for the hills.

Billy says his magic word and takes his little kid form. Black Adam is hot on his trail for his power and the right to control the rock of eternity. This is drawn by Gary Frank which means it looks fucking sweet. It's only ten pages. Short and sweet and right to the point. Just like any good comic book should be.

-Tash Moore

Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Verbal Mosh Episode 203

Now that the end of Before Watchmen is upon us we see... it should have all been left alone. Listen here or on our Facebook page.
Books we discuss on this week's episode of The Verbal Mosh include: Uncanny Avengers #3, Before Watchmen Minutemen #6, Wonder Woman #16, Supergirl #16, Nightwing #16, Green Lantern #16, Hellblazer #299, Chew #31, FF #3, Winter Soldier #14, and Wolverine and the X-Men #24.
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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Olivia's Pick of the Week: Daredevil #22

Daredevil #22
writer: Mark Waid
artist: Chris Samnee

I love a good, fun, entertaining comic and Daredevil #22 is just that.

The all-new Superior Spider-Man has gone after Daredevil. He has very little tact as he shows no problem in calling out Daredevil while he is dressed as Matt Murdock.

He's going after Daredevil all because of Kirsten McDuffie, of course; all to do with the time Foggy drunkenly told her Daredevil was basically unstable, and we later found out it wasn't true, but a plot to make Matt look that way. Daredevil has gotta think fast. Hilariously enough, the person to save his day is none other than the Stilt-Man, one of his lamest super-villains. Daredevil and Spidey have to team up together in order to take the Stilt-Man down. The dialogue between the two of them is great. Matt can tell that something is up with Spidey. Something doesn't seem normal. Of course he isn't! He's Peter Parker with Doc Ock's brain! Spidey isn't making all the wise-cracks he normally makes. His vernacular is different. He sounds like a posh curmudgeon. Using his senses, Daredevil "sees" that it's still the same voice, same posture, same Spider-Man he's ever been when it comes to his physical attributes. In the end, Spidey gets in one good wise-crack, so maybe there's nothing to worry about for him. They take down Stilt-Man, even with his up-graded armor.

It was a great story. It played well on building up who this Superior Spider-Man is, giving the character even more intrigue. I, also, like how Daredevil plays down the reason for McDuffie going after him, alluding to some kind of personal lover's spat... well, something more complicated than everyone else can see. Oh! And I can't forget to mention that obscene moment Foggy has with a bacon cheesecake. *shudder* It was nasty, but funny.

There are lots of little gems in this comic just like that. Great story. Great art. Great storytelling. Check it out for yourself if you haven't already.


Saturday, January 19, 2013

Comics Review: Captain America #3

Written by: Rick Remender
Art by: John Romita Jr
    Hello to all and welcome to another week at The Verbal Mosh. Today, we're continuing the thrill ride that is Rick Remender's Captain America. Firstly, this should be a biweekly book. I want to be reading this every two weeks, and I'll gladly sacrifice Iron Man for it. Not that Shell Head's bad, but I digress. For those who haven't been keeping up, and I shun you if you haven't, Steve in trapped in Dimension Z by Arnim Zola. He breaks out and has kidnapped a baby. Together, they've spent a year surviving the world of Dimension Z. Roughing it out, and boiling water inside Cap's shield like real men. Anymore manly and the kid, named Ian, would have a beard. So now that we're caught up roughly, let's crack this book open and begin.
    It opens with a flashback, Switzerland 1929 at Arnim Zola's castle. Yeah, dude has a castle. A man who lives in the same hood, probably on the bottom of the hill, comes a-knocking on Zola's door. Asking about his wife, Hilda. She's Arnim's maid and he hasn't seen her in two weeks. Or so he says. The man mentions she was with a doberman, for protection. Remember this, doberman. Keep it in your mind...keep it. Keep it. Keep it. Okay. Arnim shoos the man away, and storms through his house, ranting to a portrait of his father talking and yelling what sounds like a usual speech for every time he passes the painting of his father. Down some creepy steps that are a must in any psychopath's lair and he come to Arnim Zola's lab. Body parts hung from the ceiling, and other parts in jars and containers. We now see a creature in a glass box. Head of a woman and body of a dog. Probably a doberman. Did you keep that doberman in your head? Good! She barely getting the words out to Zola for food and milk. Claiming that it hurts, all of it hurts. Then Zola calls her by name and we find out that's Hilda. This sick man has been capturing people and all different types of species and blending them together. Combining creatures to make more nasty creatures. Come back to the now in Dimension Z and Zola's speaking to his daughter. A little girl no older than 8, a cloned creation born in his lab. Then he just throws her to the wolves. And by wolves I mean an arena of Zola's creations ready to kill. If she can survive that, she won't need her awkward suit anymore. We can only assume that this is some weapon crafted to kill Captain America when Zola finds him.
    Phrox Cavern. Picking up where the last issue ended. These big nasty rock monster type things are about to decapitate Cap and Ian with his own shield. They don't seem to understand Steve yelling "No Zola!" when trying to tell them he's not with Zola, but against him. I guess getting lost in translation can get your head cut off, reason 42 why I'm never going to Europe. Breaking his own hand to escape his restraints, Steve tackles Ian out of the way just as the shield comes down. Then he tries to go all Bruce Lee on these dudes and well, gets his ass handed to him. And almost stabbed with a lightning bolt looking thing that was conjured from nowhere, only to be stopped by another rock monster thing. The two begin arguing in their native weird language, and Cap finally decides NOW is a good time to turn on his translator on that was given to him by Hank Pym. Gee, a whole year on a planet where only you and the bad guy speak english and NOW we want to understand and communicate with them? Hey, what do I know though? Anyways, as it kicks in we get bits and pieces of broken english coming through. We learn that they're called mutates, and they're against Zola as well. And they could use Cap to help these mutates called Hurricanes for them.
    Now we have a flash back. Back to Manhattan, the lower east side in 1930. The sun's shining, the birds are chirping, there're neighborhood kids playing in the street, the Nazi's haven't taken over the world yet. All is good. Steve is sitting on a stoop creepily drawing pictures of a near by girl. They catch each others eye and she walks over asking to see what he's working on. Hesitant at first, Steve ends up showing her the picture of her. She tells him to draw his way out of that dump. Escape the dirty nasty streets of 1930's New York. They introduce themselves and she asks why Steve hasn't been in school. Daddy's dead, Mom's poor. Sounds like a good Bon Jovi song. At that moment, we see a couple bullies chasing a kid down the street, yelling about a nickel. Wow, how the times have changed. Steve being the little scrawny hard headed child he is, wants to run after and help. Deidre tries to stop him without being so blunt as to say "Don't go, you'll just get your ass kicked." Well, maybe she should've been that blunt cuse, yeah. He chases after them and tries to take a swing at the main bully. This is also the bully from issue one that gave Steve a nice ass whooping, so this should be fun for him. A reunion for everyone, yay! The kids proceed to beat the unholy hell out of Steve and his buddy, and if that wasn't enough, they turn Deidre against him. They ask her if she knows what'll happen to her reputation if she's seen with a loser like Rogers. She's not that hard to convince, she buys it and lets the bullies know it wasn't like they were friends or anything. Walking home together, broken and beaten, they arive at Arnie's house. He goes inside getting ready to explain this to his mother, and deal with his father calling him a sissy. Something Steve wouldn't know about anymore.
    Back to present day, Steve and Ian are living with the mutates in Dimension Z. They have food, shelter, water and things to buy their time while they rest up, like painting. A calming activity for Cap. Ksul, the head of household that took in Cap and Ian, takes Steve to a river near by to drink the water, it'll help with his aching hand. That's cool and all, some fountain of youth sheninnigans there. While at the river, Steve is telling Ksul how Zofjor, the leader of their group, is just a tyrant and they shouldn't be following him. Right as Ksul is beginning to agree, here comes Zofjor. Awesome, and he over heard everything, even better. A scuffle begins between the two and leads to Ksul calling Zofjor a tyrant. So to challenge this, Zofjor just shoots Ksul in the face asking is a tyrant would offer such swift mercy like a quick death. Well, THAT escalated quickly. Cap grabs his shield back from Zofjor and does his whole Cappy thing. With the smacking and the swiping and the resourcefulness. Pinned down by his own shield about to die by the magical appearing lightning bolt thingy again, Cap grabs a crystal and gives Zofjor a nice one, two. But not before getting his stomach slashed by that said magicaly bolt of stuff. That's gotta be a serious gash man, when Cap gets up, the blood is seen pouring from his shirt. Its kind of hard to imagine how even a super soldier can stand after that. The mutates are celebrating the defeat of Zofjor, as Cap limps away holding onto his stomach. Talking to himself about how he should be doing better at keeping Ian safe. Getting him home to Earth and other fatherly stuff that his father never did for him. Then we hear a voice from off panel telling Steve yes, he should be more careful because he has to look out for Arnim Zola. Huh? Turn the page and we see a full page panel of Cap looking at his own stomach. Revealing a screen with Arnim Zola's face in his own stomach. WTF?!?!?!?
-Matt Milanes
    And there you have it folks, that's what it feels like to be brain raped. An amazing twist that I honestly did NOT see coming, and now I gotta wait a whole month to get the next piece. -_- awesome. Remender's been doing what he does best and telling an amazing story like its his job...oh wait. Still a little shaky on Romita's art but he's been a little weird for me for a while. I'm liking where this is going and where it could end up. I'm hoping after this arc, Remender can keep up the awesome story telling and give us as many wtf moments as he possibly can. See you all next week!

The Verbal Mosh Episode 202

Welcome to another episode of The Verbal Mosh.
As you know, we talk about comics. Comics and a dash of nonsense thrown in for good fun. Check it out here or on ourFacebook page.
This week, we review: Lil Depressed Boy #15, Conan the Barbarian #12, Superboy #16, Batman #16, Batman and Robin #16, Batgirl #16, Savage Wolverine #1, All New X-Men #6, Captain America #3, and Indestructible Hulk #3.
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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Tash's Pick of the Week:Sweet Tooth #40

Home Sweet Home
Written and Drawn by Jeff Lemire

Well this is it. The end of a book I have read since the very first issue oh so long ago. I always sat down on the Fridays that I had this book and said to myself "I wonder how this whole thing is going to end?" The end is right here and I must say I had a really good time with this comic.

Like all good things that come to an end this was really such sweet sorrow. The sweet part was that it had an ending that resulted in peace for Gus and his crew. The sorrow being that I won't get to see Gus and his pals each and every month in my big stack of comics.

The final issue takes place in the future. Gus and Bobby have grown up. Gus has two boys of his own with Molly. The two boys bear a strong resemblance to them both. Humans are still fighting with the Hybrids. But this time the tables are turned as the Hybrids far outnumber the remaining humans who are dying off in great numbers from the plague. I was caught off guard reading this to learn from Bobby that Gus also had a relationship with Becky, but she too passed on from getting sick.

Gus keeps the secret of Becky from his kids and he feels that their mother is the only one for him deep down. The humans are making a last ditch effort to destroy the large campgrounds that the Hybrids have built. It was really cool to see Jepperd's son, Buddy in this. He's all grown up and he don't take crap from nobody. Sounds just like his old man. Being held captive as a child he is very distrustful of any humans and want to attack them first. Gus is more even-handed and wants to see if they can somehow ease mankind's last few years on this earth. Gus knows that deep down they are all connected on some level.

Dr. Singh is living with the Hybrids, helping them with modern medicine. But in the end there is a war and Gus keeps Buddy from being killed and showing how wise he is he allows the remaining men and women to stay in the village. Almost as a way of seeing them out of this world.

Now we move along to the end which I'll be honest brought tears to my eyes. Gus grows old and we can see his grandchildren and his kids. They go out into the world and explore the ruins of the planet. Gus gives his grandkids some candy bars, just like the one Jepperd gave him when he first found him all those years ago. And each and every year the Hybrids have a feast to never forget the sacrifice that Jepperd made so that they could be free. Kind of ironic in a way. A tough old man using his fists to create a just and lasting peace. What a story. I'm proud to have spent my money on this comic book. I'll say it again. I was DAMN proud to spend my money on this comic book. Great original stories like this don't come around often. My hats off to Jeff Lemire and Jose Villarrubia. Just all around amazing storytelling. It can't be beat.

-Tash Moore

Monday, January 14, 2013

The Verbal Mosh Episode 201

Good gravy! It's about time we had a conclusion to Infinite Vacation and we finally get it with issue #5.
Other books we review this week include: Action Comics #16, Animal Man #16, Swamp Thing #16, Superior Spider-Man #1, Fantastic Four #3, Thor God of Thunder #4, Scarlet Spider #13, and Wolverine and the X-Men #23.Be sure to visit our official website for more reviews: and tune in for this episode right here or on our Facebook page.
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Friday, January 11, 2013

Comics Review: Talon #3

Sting Of The Past
Plot By Scott (don't forget to put his name on the book) Snyder and James Tynion IV
Written By James Tynion IV
Art By Guillem March

I guess a lot can change in just one month. Well, just not in Washington. Talon is moving along as a lead hero that is just like Batman lite. Or Nightwing lite for that matter. Is it me or does it seem like Talon is a rip-off of the former Boy Wonder? Anyway picking up from the last issue (number two for all you math heads out there) Talon is in the Big Apple. No doubt keeping a watchful eye on the Marvel NOW guys. Ahem.

Turns out the nice young girl and her daughter that Talon is so found of is really a very tough cookie. Casey and her daughter Sarah have ties to the same type of people with the problem Talon has. Frankly put, they all at once worked for some big name operation and screwed up and they are now on the run. Hell, Casey was a woman who was supposed to guard a Lazarus Pit for Ra's Al Ghul. If you've ever read a Batman comic (and I'm sure you have) you know that screwing up for Ra's Al Ghul means the!

So Talon, Casey and her rag tag crew of runaways plan to team up and steal a ton of money from the Court of Owls. The money is held in a bank in the city called Hudson Financial. Talon and crew break into the building. With Casey and her gang causing the distractions, Talon sneaks in the bank and steals all funds. Talon transfers the Court of Owls money into Casey's offshore accounts.

As Talon makes a get-away he runs right into the claws of the Talon that the Court released last issue. The super duper Talon who just loves killing people for fun. And hot pockets too! OK so maybe I made that last part up. I'm looking forward to issue four so I can see the big fight. You can bet it'll have lots of splash pages. You know cuz it's easier on the artist. Also I'm surprised that Talon has pants on this whole issue. It was strange to see that. Because every chance he gets, he just has to strip out of those pants. Well I'll be back next month with the sexy pants-less Talon.

-Tash Moore

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Book of the Year 2012: Marvel's Daredevil

Book of the year for 2012: Daredevil: The Man Without Fear

Damn, this is such an awesome comic book. Reading Mark Waid's run on it is what makes me remember why I love comics in the first place. It's been an up and down year for our hero. He's had his head removed from his body and his dead dad's body dug up. He's also had his powers taken from him by Dr. Doom and had his best friend in the whole wide world throw him under the bus. (Foggy, I'm looking at you.)

Well with all the craziness that has befallen him. Daredevil has once again become the title that still has a great deal of quirkiness to it. Reading this body of work never ever once came off as a retelling on the Frank Miller stuff. (D.G. Chichester does it best). It was more of a tip of the hat to the Stan Lee and Gene Colon stuff of the 1960's. That's the Daredevil that I love.

Now, don't get me wrong, I loved the Frank Miller stuff. But to be quite honest it's been done to death. (Hey, Bendis, I'm looking at you.) It just seemed that before Mark Waid got to write this book each year that went by just got more and more depressing for ol' hornhead.

Now for the last year and some change we have been treated to a very fun comic that you could give to anybody and I do mean anybody and they would fall in love with it. It's very hard to create a comic book that would make newcomers and old school (and jaded) Marvel zombies happy. Daredevil is just that book. The writing is tight and is complemented by the artwork.

From the great Paolo Rivera, Marcos Martin and Chris Samnee this book has a very light hearted and distinct look. Gone are the uber gritty streets and ninjas. You get Daredevil out and about in the street of New York City. The artists do a great job whenever they bring up the ability that Daredevil has that is his radar sense. They always find some cool, new innovate way to incorporate it into the story that's being told.

So other than Dan Slott's run on the former Amazing Spider-Man this is month in and month out a blast to read and that's why it takes the book of the year for 2012.

-Tash Moore

Past Book of the Year Winners
2011- DC Comics -Tiny Titans
2010- Image Comics- Chew

Olivia's Pick of the Week: Superman #15

Superman #15
writer: Scott Lobdell
artist: Kenneth Rocafort

A very fun issue to read. Superman and Superboy visit Lex Luthor in a prison of Lex's own design. Superman is looking for advice on what he and Superboy can do about H'el since they were booted out of the Fortress of Solitude.

There isn't a ton of action going on in this issue. There are fun bits with Superboy traveling through the different levels of the prison and getting caught up in the place's security system. There's just a nice contrast between Superman and Superboy, in general. Superboy's youth and naivete come across really well. But then he is at a disadvantage just walking around without his TK and not being used to wearing Superman's suit.

When they come face to face with Lex, it was curious to see his reaction to Superboy, who even he refers to as "Kon". He talked down to Superboy. Whereas he sees Superman as something of an equal and regarded each other accordingly, Superboy is the clone and he was rather talked at by Lex like the experiment that he is. The relationship dynamics were great.

Superman already had an idea about what H'el would be up to and where he would go next. It's just coming to terms about what would need to be done to stop him is something that Superman needs to give considerable thought to.

The issue had a lot of great dialogue and it was the most entertaining to read. The art's been really good, too. I most enjoyed the depiction of Lex Luthor. We've got a nice re-cap of what happened in the previous issues and we've got a glimpse about where the story is heading. It's very, very good.


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Comics Review: Punisher: Nightmare #1

Punisher: Nightmare #1
Writen by: Scott M. Gimple
Art by: Mark Texeira
Somebody got paid for this.
    Welcome back readers! Hope you all had a happy and healthy holiday/new year/birthdays (I did =]) and now we're back into the swing of things back on track with these books. Good week this week, recovering from last week's ASM 700 its nice to have a healthy number of books to read. This week I bring you a Punisher book. Thrown into the middle of things with Rucka's War Zone which is still going on, we have a new tale in the life of Frank Castle. This book caught my attention right away with just the cover. A strong shot of Castle and a soldier running from explosions and big letters stating "ITS HAPPENING AGAIN!" Hmmmm what could be happening again? Let's crack this open and find out.
    The issue opens up with a flash back of Frank talking to his daughter, he's telling her how she can't just sit outside alone because she may not be safe. Sadly ironic, ain't it? =/ Present day, Castle's chasin some low life thug right on the sidewalk in the open. A narrative from Castle talking about the Boogeyman, fear, gangs. Frank finally catches this guy and proceeds to beat him with a thick candle from a sidealk vigil right next to them. As he's bludgeoning this kid, he's telling himself he could've easily taken this guy out from a rooftop. In silence. Instead, he's killing this man brutally in front of some kids on a stoop. He's doing this to put fear into the kids. "Fear can keep a child safe." If the new kids are afraid of The Punisher, they won't become gang members, or they won't stray toward what attracts him. We then have a full page image of Frank walking away from the broken, bloody, dead body. Castle's covered in blood leaving the nearby children in total and complete horror. Next scene is of a happy looking family. A father, mother, and a daughter. Walking around Central Park. Right at sunset, hot dog stand near by, real post card looking stuff. Their names are Jake Niman, his wife Denise Niman and their daughter Natalie Niman. Natalie's afraid of Jake leaving. She even calls her father a jerk for possibly going away again. We learn Jake is a war vet from the Middle East. He makes an ice cream promise to her for him not leaving. He buys all the ice cream cones in the world and if he doesn't keep his promise, he can never eat ice cream again!!! Every ice cream lover's nightmare. (See what I did there ;]) Next we see a man appear with a gun and cap Denise. Next panel he shoots the whole family and the page closes out with a bullet striking a nearby propane tank blowing up the entire area.
    Castle's reading about the story in the paper the next day. It was because of organized crime, just like his family. Frank has a moment of self reflection in this diner. While reading the paper, he asks if he should be feeling something more. Feeling more connected to this man because they share a story. But instead he just sees this as another murder that needs to be answered. He describes himself as the monster that stops monsters. Doing some research, Castle finds out that the hit was placed on this Gordo man, who had crossed someone in a wrong way. Frank's having a nightmare about the shooting and decides since he's not sleeping, might as well find out more on this Jake Niman. Jake was a decorated soldier. 2 and a half tours in the middle east. Has a bunch of awards and medals but was let go. Having military experience, Frank questions Jake being let go if he was such a good solder. He eventually finds that story, writen by Jake as it was happening.
    We now meet Mr. Niman as told by himself in his own story. He says they like him in the army because Johnny kills so good. They give him medals because Johnny kills so good. He has responsibility over living men, because Johnny kills so good. But normal Jake, is J. He speaks of Johnny as if he's someone that hides inside. Who only comes out in times of need. J. handles life, Johnny handles death. He then breaks down a couple examples of how different J. and Johnny are. J. listens to Hold Steady, Johnny listens to Slipknot. J. goes to the medal ceremonies, Johnny earns them. Cut back to Frank interrogating some rat for a gang. All other gangs are functioning as normal, knowing that he's on the hunt. All gangs except the one that Gordo was in. Getting the answers he needs, Castles heads over to another diner.
    From watching over the diner for a day and a half, he notices a pattern in a customer. going in for coffee twice a day. Castle calls over to some kid, to grab a coffee and have a seat. He's a little resistant at first, so Frank shows him the threads, leaving the poor boy in shock. Castle asks for the boy's name, its Ostap. Frank let's Ostap know that he sees he's the runner. That he knows things. Naturally, Frank wants to know these things. Right away he asks Ostap who killed Gordo. Expectedly, Ostap says he doesn't know. No ones buying it and after a very interesting coffee related threat, the scene cuts back to Niman's story. Its dated from 1/18 at an undisclosed location. He's logging a mission from earlier in the day, someone in his troop must've died. He speaks of Johnny wanting to get behind a gun, how people dying gives Johnny an excuse to come out. He recaps a story of how he won his first medal, or how Johnny won it. An Apache helicopter was shot down in "AssCrackaStan" and now the Taliban has some of those copters. 11 hours later, we have Johnny and one other soldier Dubose left alive, but he's hit. Looking down at the dead bodies, Johnny grabs a near by RPG and just lets loose. Very Call of Duty-esque. Coming back to Dubose, he's given his new nickname by the wounded soldier. Johnny Nightmare. Niman says whenever he sees one of his brothers die, it brings him back to that day. The explosions, the screams, firing the weapon, and knowing his brothers deaths aren't in vain.
    Back to Castle, on a rooftop. Thanks to Ostap, we now know that the shooters responsible for Gordo were the Kozlowski brothers. At the current moment, they're inside of a bar. Frank's going over some of the info that Ostap gave him about the brothers. He never told him they were exactly the killers but he gave him enough information that basically damns them. Frank and Ostap have set up a system, Ostap's gonna call Frank when he's bringing the car around, when the brothers are coming out of the bar. A double kill is harder than a single, once that first shot is fired, the second runs. You have take them both out with one shot. And back to Niman again! Dated 7/28 he tells us that he's been let off from the service for PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) He tells the reader that there hasn't been an entry from J. in about 6 months, just all Johnny all the time. Trying to drop killing people cold turkey, he agrees to leave. Well, wasn't that nice of him? Once he starts hating and killing he doesn't wanna stop, and that's just dangerous for everyone involved. Then there's a cliche "I'm killing that part of me that loved to kill" kind of moments. But in the last sentence of this segment, Niman makes it known, he doesn't want to kill anymore in anyone name, and he doesn't want it being done in his as well.
    *Deep breath* Back to Castle! This is starting to get tiring, he gets the call from Ostap and gets ready. Takes the shot AND......misses =/ Caps one of the brothers in the shoulder and both book it. Castle follows the wounded one shooting up a dark alley trying to finish at least half the job. Pops the dude in the knee, a favorite for bullets, and right as he's about to finish the job, heres comes brother #2 to save the day. Yayayaya, wait, wrong team to celebrate for! Brother #1 hops into the car and both of them drive off into the night that never heard those tens of gunshots. Castle goes to the hospital room of our wounded vet Jake Niman. Niman's been in and out of a coma, but Frank talks to him anyway. Tells him he's going to find the people who've killed his family, and kill them himself. As he's leaving, Niman wakes up, barely speaking. He calls out to Frank, tells him he knows exactly who he is. Then tells him to stand down, that's he's gonna kill those men himself!
    Boom! Bam! Big issue here folks! I loved the ending, and my mind raced on where this is going to go. Good thing its weekly so I may just be back here with the closing issue in a couple weeks. Completely spoiling it for all of you, cuse that's the kind of sick person I am. Well, I'm outskies, yo. You all have a good week of reading, see you next time!

-Matt Milanes

The Verbal Mosh Episode 200

200 Episodes of The Verbal Mosh!!!!!!!!!!
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On this episode, we reminisce about past episodes and we, also, talk about a bunch of new comics including: Flash #15, Batman Incorporated #6, Superman Family Adventures #8, American Vampire #34, Invincible #99, All New X-Men #5, and Iron Man #5. You can tune in to this episode here or over on our Facebook page.
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Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Verbal Mosh Episode 199

Happy New Year, everyone!
We've got four books to talk about this week. Four books that are the last of the books we read from 2012: Before Watchmen Nite Owl #4, Justice League #15, Aquaman #15, and Amazing Spider-Man #700. You can totally hear this new episode for free right here or on our Facebook page.
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