Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Comics Review: Gambit #8

Written by: James Asmus
Pencils by: Pasqual Ferry with David Baldeon and Clay Mann
    I'm surprised I haven't done this book yet in the months I've been reviewing for The Verbal Mosh. Mainly because I love Gambit so damn much, since the diaper days ='], also because this is such a good book. Here's a slight recap on the last 7 issues. Gambit took a break from super heroing to do some of what he's best known for. Stealing shit that don't belong to him. He breaks into a vault owned by some big mob guy BoyraCich and gets caught, sorta. Goes to a South American country with some lady woman, almost dies there, actually gets caught by Cich, forced to do a job for him, almost dies a bunch of times there, sasses the Queen of England, and makes it out alive all in one piece. Whew, that was a mouthful wasn't it? Let's see where the marvelous misadventures of Gambit take him today.
    At the end of last issue we have Gambit getting a distress call from some students from Empire State University. So let's crack this book open and get to the reading. It opens up with Remy in his little truck base thingy, right outside the Forever City getting ready for the job. He's getting some intel from some dude who looks like Solid Snake and he's got this badass suit designed by, *sigh* of course, Reed Richards. All a brother wanted to do was take a break from the boring life and live on the edge a bit. Stephen Tyler would be proud. Remy tells Fence (the Solid Snake look alike) if he ever finds Joelle (the crazy chick from past issues who almost killed Gambit) to have her locked up in the S.H.I.E.L.D. negative zone prison. Get that trick what she deserves. Now what would this mission be without something to kill the com link? A boring one, that's what kind! So some weird blue symbol things fries the com link and now Gambit's gotta navigate this place on his own. While strolling along we see he's being a big thing with a tail. There's also other creatures running around watching the other flying creature. And rightfully so, since the walking creature is much larger and ends up eating the flying creature. Baws. So now, big ol' walking creature is on Gambit's tail. and nearly eats him to bits as he's breaking a hole in the wall to get inside a building.
    Now talk about convenience, the kids from the college are in that same building. Turns out the air has been mutating things in the city. Creating those creatures, and changing everything inside and out. The local feds aren't even helping rescue these kids. Ain't that some straight up bulllllllishhhhhh? They all make their way to the top to get some kind of a lay of the land, and an escape route. Now this next page shows all rudeness with mankind. One of the kids straight up sneezes in another dudes face. IN HIS FACE!!! I know her mother taught her better than that. The gum she was chewing flies out of her mouth and mutates on its way to another kids face. The newly mutated gum doesn't like the face he's on and starts growing to his face. GUM! Getting its long overdue payback of being chewed for tens of years, now preparing to eat something for itself. Ok, cool, we can handle this just everyone stay quie...aaaaaaand there's a scream. Sweet, so now every big mutant monster thing in the general area is focused on that scream. Well, what else do you do when someone screams when they're not supposed to? You book it! Gambit has the kids keep running toward as far to the edge of the city as they can go, while he flips and twists around these beasts making them just fight each other. Great couple panels of that, I enjoyed watching these beasts hit each other accidentally. Then Remy uses his trusty ol' pole to basically break the jaw of another flying monster. That was also, pretty effin' cool.
    One of the beasts escapes and creeps up on the kids as they continue to get the mutant gum off the face of their class mate. I don't know about you guys, but if I had gum on my face that long...I'd probably be dead. Yeah, I'd be dead. So the creature makes it to the kids and literally, one dude PUSHES his girlfriend towards the thing. PUSHES her, like...push. He sent her to her death. Luckily we have Gambit and he's abadass baws, and somehow got a piece of that gum to not kill him. So he throws it into the mouth of the monster who's got the poor white girl and it just explodes all over the creature's face. Like a monster-fied version of a bad Brazzers I read. O_O
    So now that everything is nice and calm and nothing is trying to eat them anymore, we have the wind down of the action. The couple breaks up after the girl gives that whole "I found some things out about us today. I don't need no man, I'm independent *z snap*" kind of speech. And Gambit gets all modest with one of the students. Doesn't want to think of himself as a hero, I don't blame him. Doesn't want it to get to his head.Cuse then he becomes someone like...Stark. All self centered and what not. After the touching convo, Remy calls up Snake, I mean Fence that he's changed his mind. If Fence finds Joelle, not to turn her into S.H.I.E.L.D. Instead, to just tell him where she is, so he could try to talk some sense into her. Unless of course, that is, she's hanging with a bunch of villains...oh wait.
    Well, that was fun wasn't it?! =D Can't wait for next month to see where this is going, I'm enjoying where Gambit's been so far in only these 8 shorts issues, and I hope the series lasts a while. But that's just wishful thinking =[ Until next week guys!

-Matt Milanes

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