Friday, January 11, 2013

Comics Review: Talon #3

Sting Of The Past
Plot By Scott (don't forget to put his name on the book) Snyder and James Tynion IV
Written By James Tynion IV
Art By Guillem March

I guess a lot can change in just one month. Well, just not in Washington. Talon is moving along as a lead hero that is just like Batman lite. Or Nightwing lite for that matter. Is it me or does it seem like Talon is a rip-off of the former Boy Wonder? Anyway picking up from the last issue (number two for all you math heads out there) Talon is in the Big Apple. No doubt keeping a watchful eye on the Marvel NOW guys. Ahem.

Turns out the nice young girl and her daughter that Talon is so found of is really a very tough cookie. Casey and her daughter Sarah have ties to the same type of people with the problem Talon has. Frankly put, they all at once worked for some big name operation and screwed up and they are now on the run. Hell, Casey was a woman who was supposed to guard a Lazarus Pit for Ra's Al Ghul. If you've ever read a Batman comic (and I'm sure you have) you know that screwing up for Ra's Al Ghul means the!

So Talon, Casey and her rag tag crew of runaways plan to team up and steal a ton of money from the Court of Owls. The money is held in a bank in the city called Hudson Financial. Talon and crew break into the building. With Casey and her gang causing the distractions, Talon sneaks in the bank and steals all funds. Talon transfers the Court of Owls money into Casey's offshore accounts.

As Talon makes a get-away he runs right into the claws of the Talon that the Court released last issue. The super duper Talon who just loves killing people for fun. And hot pockets too! OK so maybe I made that last part up. I'm looking forward to issue four so I can see the big fight. You can bet it'll have lots of splash pages. You know cuz it's easier on the artist. Also I'm surprised that Talon has pants on this whole issue. It was strange to see that. Because every chance he gets, he just has to strip out of those pants. Well I'll be back next month with the sexy pants-less Talon.

-Tash Moore

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