Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tash's Pick of the Week: Justice League #16

Written By Geoff Johns
Pencils By Ivan Reis
Inks By Joe Prado

Back up By Geoff Johns and Gary Frank

Well as you all know, I'm not the biggest fan of the Geoff Johns Justice League. But I have to say that this is the best issue by far. It's got just about anything you'd want from a team book. Gone are the days of the League sitting around a table with a giant "JL" on it. Wait, that's another "team" book. Oh well.

Aquaman's brother, Orm (we'll leave that name out because it's not really a tough guy name) is on the surface world having a verbal back and forth with his older brother. I really liked how in this issue Batman tried to sneak up on Orm. But to his credit, Orm don't take no guff. He gives Batman a jolt of electricity and takes him out of the equation.

Aquaman wants Orm to go back to the sea but it's all out war. Superman and Wonder Woman team up to take down Orm and his forces from Atlantis. But since he's king, Orm takes them both down with ease. Orm tells his brother that the time for talk is over and it's time for war. Hell, Orm even takes down Aquaman to show just how serious he is. Cyborg sees all this and rescues the good Dr. Shin (you'd know who he was if you damn kids have been reading Aquaman's monthly mag). Dr. Shin is one of the few people on the planet who knows a great deal of the people of Atlantis.

There were really cool fight scenes in this issue because Jim Lee is no longer around to draw just splash pages. Ivan Reis is a really awesome storyteller so it's got a great flow to it. The back and forth with Aquaman and Orm was really well done. Cyborg needs reinforcement so he calls up the Justice League reserves. Element Woman, Black Lightning, Green Arrow, Vixen, Zatanna, Goldrush(?), Black Canary and Firestorm. The League needs all the damn help it can get.

The back-up with the Power Of Shazam was awesome as usual. Shazam comes face to face with Black Adam. It's really funny when Shazam sees Black Adam for the first time and the only thing he can say is that Black Adam has the way cooler costume. That really did make me laugh out loud. Shazam takes a beating from Black Adam and runs for the hills.

Billy says his magic word and takes his little kid form. Black Adam is hot on his trail for his power and the right to control the rock of eternity. This is drawn by Gary Frank which means it looks fucking sweet. It's only ten pages. Short and sweet and right to the point. Just like any good comic book should be.

-Tash Moore

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