Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Tash's Pick of the Week:Sweet Tooth #40

Home Sweet Home
Written and Drawn by Jeff Lemire

Well this is it. The end of a book I have read since the very first issue oh so long ago. I always sat down on the Fridays that I had this book and said to myself "I wonder how this whole thing is going to end?" The end is right here and I must say I had a really good time with this comic.

Like all good things that come to an end this was really such sweet sorrow. The sweet part was that it had an ending that resulted in peace for Gus and his crew. The sorrow being that I won't get to see Gus and his pals each and every month in my big stack of comics.

The final issue takes place in the future. Gus and Bobby have grown up. Gus has two boys of his own with Molly. The two boys bear a strong resemblance to them both. Humans are still fighting with the Hybrids. But this time the tables are turned as the Hybrids far outnumber the remaining humans who are dying off in great numbers from the plague. I was caught off guard reading this to learn from Bobby that Gus also had a relationship with Becky, but she too passed on from getting sick.

Gus keeps the secret of Becky from his kids and he feels that their mother is the only one for him deep down. The humans are making a last ditch effort to destroy the large campgrounds that the Hybrids have built. It was really cool to see Jepperd's son, Buddy in this. He's all grown up and he don't take crap from nobody. Sounds just like his old man. Being held captive as a child he is very distrustful of any humans and want to attack them first. Gus is more even-handed and wants to see if they can somehow ease mankind's last few years on this earth. Gus knows that deep down they are all connected on some level.

Dr. Singh is living with the Hybrids, helping them with modern medicine. But in the end there is a war and Gus keeps Buddy from being killed and showing how wise he is he allows the remaining men and women to stay in the village. Almost as a way of seeing them out of this world.

Now we move along to the end which I'll be honest brought tears to my eyes. Gus grows old and we can see his grandchildren and his kids. They go out into the world and explore the ruins of the planet. Gus gives his grandkids some candy bars, just like the one Jepperd gave him when he first found him all those years ago. And each and every year the Hybrids have a feast to never forget the sacrifice that Jepperd made so that they could be free. Kind of ironic in a way. A tough old man using his fists to create a just and lasting peace. What a story. I'm proud to have spent my money on this comic book. I'll say it again. I was DAMN proud to spend my money on this comic book. Great original stories like this don't come around often. My hats off to Jeff Lemire and Jose Villarrubia. Just all around amazing storytelling. It can't be beat.

-Tash Moore

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