Thursday, February 28, 2013

Tash's Pick of the Week: Daredevil #23

Written By Mark Waid
Drawn By Chris Samnee

Again, I know that my review is late. I blame myself....and you. You guys should send an email to to voice a complaint. You never know, it just might work. This week's pick is the latest (this issue is just about as late as my review) issue of the man without fear.

I could complain but alas I cannot. This book is just too damn good to stay mad at. It loves it's master. Sorry guys I just saw Pixar's UP for the first time and I really enjoyed the dog, Dug. Back on track, Daredevil gets one stop closer to finding out just who the big villain is that's been causing him some much trouble since the new #1.

I got a kick out of Matt taking Foggy on a ride of NYC. He swings him around the city giving Foggy an idea of what it's like to swing around in your underwear and be blind. Or like Daredevil. Hmmm sounds like Mark Waid took this idea from the last issue of Spider-Man. Or hey, it could just be me.

The mystery villain is taking people off the street and forcing them to go through the same painful process that Matt went through to turn into Daredevil. Some of the poor bastards would get enhanced hearing or just outright die. It's cool because it makes Matt's ordeal one in a million. The faux Daredevils are let loose at a function that Matt swings in and breaks up. That's all cool but it's not the best part.

Last issue Foggy went to see a doctor and he had a full battery of tests done on him. I was wondering just what he would have wrong with him. Matt takes Foggy to see the doctor and get the results. The doctor is sweating and the results are made known and then the issue just ends. I was like "What!?!? I need to know what was said. I felt like a junkie that was running dry (I'll send out something cool to whoever sends me an email with the answer to that bit of music trivia.)

This was a knock down drag out read. I love whenever I get the book in my hands and make sure it's the first thing I read. Truly one of the best comics of all time. Well until a new Batman comic comes out Make Mine Marvel.

-Tash Moore

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Comics Review: Superior Spider-Man #4

The Superior Spider-Man #4
Written by: Dan Slott
Pencils by: Giuseppe Camuncoli
    Here we are again with another hard hitting issue by incredible writer Dan Slott! This series has been non stop from the get with all star teams on every issue and this one is no different with one of my favorite artists, Giuseppe Camuncoli! Right on the first page we have Otto atop a building, some of his Spider-Bots crawling on him, others covering the water tank and the rest of the building. A very creepy full page panel, very villain-esque and well, that's because Ock is a bad guy. That's just how they stand, that's kind of just what they do. That and get their asses beat, but those are stories for different times. First couple pages have Otto busting up some petty crimes here and there, not giving any of them much sweat. Some robberies, some more of those midget, I mean kids!, in Vulture outfits, typical day in the Spidey World. Until something actually wrong happens! A fire breaks out in the city and Otto simply tells his Spider-Bot to inform the local fire house, SERIOUSLY! There might be people in that building man! The local firemen can't go around swinging into the building and bring out dying babies, no matter how fast they get there!!! Even Parker thinks that, wait, Parker again?! Someone call the Ghostbusters to get rid of his spirit/ghost/goul/ectoplasm shenannigans that're lingering around here! But is Otto all that wrong? The reason he bails on the fire is to go be with Aunt May for her therapy session. Now, don't you all feel bad right about now, don't you? Well, you should. You think babies trapped in a burning building are more important than sweet little old Aunt May? Shame on you, I shun thee.
    A doctor tells "Peter" that May's too old for such radical surgery to fix her walk, that a cane is really her only option. Otto doesn't like the sound of that and decides to bang out a great invention at work. That invention is this kinda creepy looking harness that she'd just plug into her spine and brain. Oh. Wait, his first trial is May herself?! The hell man? Otto is a sick, sick man. He's the kind of person who probably wouldn't care if this damn contraption killed May. He would probably blow it off, saying how he now has no distractions in his way. Nothing to hold him back from being a better Spider-Man than Parker, nothing to hold him back from getting all up in MJ again. Max Modell doesn't like this idea too much, and puts Otto in his place when he insists Uatu call him Dr. Parker. Yeah, that's right Otto, check back into the memories, Peter never got a doctrate. He getsd a bit pissy and strts raging in his lab, storming away leaving Max and Uatu behind.
    The book now goes to Ravencroft Assylum. One of the doctors there uses a retinal scanner to gain access to a secured area. One of the assylum's guards is escorting her to a prisoner's cell. That prisoner is Marcus Lyman, A.K.A. Massacre. She mentions to the guard that's she's most afraid of him because he's so crazy, he has no sense of human life. There's another guard outside Lyman's cell he opens the door for the doctor to find, THE GUARD WITH HIS NECK SNAPPED AND BRAIN BLOWN OUT ON THE WALL! Did I leave the caps on? Wait, so that must mean...Lyman's the guard outside the, oh there's another neck snapped. Two guards down, one doctor to go. After trying to talk him down, doctor Kafka tells Lyman that he needs her to get out of the assylum. He simply replies with, not ALL of her. Aaaaaand queue the cliche horror movie close-up-to-the-face scream. Now we're at Empire State University. Yeah, Otto went back to school. *facepalm* The dean of the school takes Parker to his first class, which is being taught by one of Otto's old classmates. He even calls him by his old nickname out loud! Don "The Schnoz" Lamaze, and, as I'm sure you've guessed, he has a huge honker. Before Otto can do any more damage, he gets a call and has to leave to go to Ravencroft.
    Spidey and Parker ectoplasm show up to meet Carlie, J.J. and another cop at the dead body of Doctor Kafka, with an eye missing. Jonah blames it on Spider-Man right away. So much for that truce from a couple issues ago, huh? I knew it was too good to be true. Sad thing is, it kind of is his fault. He made that inner promise, no one dies, and he let Lyman live. Otto, avoiding further arguement with J.J., just takes the blame, and vows to end Lyman once and for all. Parker of course hates this idea, trying to tell Otto he doesn't get to decide who lives and dies. Otto asks where he is, in full hunt mode. Lyman's actually hanging out at a fast food joint, holding it up. You know, usual Wednesday stuff. Let's everyone know that it can go simple and no one has to get hurt as long as he gets what he wants, until the cashier hits the silent alarm button. Ah jeez, Lyman didn't take too kindly to that, responding by killing everyone in the restaurant except a woman and her young child. He needs to take some hostages.
    Back at Horizon Labs, Spider-Man breaks into Uatu's lab and tells him that he needs Uatu's help. Specifically, he needs Uatu's facial recognition technology to help track down Lyman. Speaking of Lyman, he lets the woman and her child go from a car in the middle of Times Square, he tells her if she makes a scene, he'll open fire and kill her. Gives her two options, she goes quietly and never sees him again, or he can follow her for a couple blocks and if she calls out, her and her son dies. I like option 1 a hell of a lot better than any other option. She goes, he walks away. I guess she liked option 1 a lot better too. The last page has the Vulture's midgets, I mean kids, flying around town. They decide they gotta stay outside, since the cops know where Toomes' hideout is, and then they spot a Spider-Bot. Ah crap, they're in for it now! But then its stomped out, crushed by a purple boot. The voice tells the children that there's someone who can keep them safe and away from Spider-Man, and that person is none other than Norman Osborn, the Green Goblin himself!
    Another non surprisingly great issue from the Spidey office. I'm loving Guiseppe's art more and more with every issue I see he's working on. And Edgar Delgado doing a phenominal job on colors this time around. So much is going on right now, we're gonna have Otto fighting this insane villain Massacre, then hopefully followed by Spider-Man's greatest foe of all time, and long time fellow bad guy of Otto himself, the Green Goblin. If your head hasn't exploded now, its gonna happen any time soon. So get the Bounty, and let your mothers know you'll be dead in a bit. Until next week!

The Verbal Mosh Episode 207

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This week, we review: Thief of Thieves #12, Conan the Barbarian #13, Justice League #17, Wonder Woman #17, Action Comics #17, Supergirl #17, Nightwing #17, Green Lantern #17, Hellblazer #300, Indestructible Hulk #4, Thor God of Thunder #5, Captain America #4, Superior Spider-Man #4, and Savage Wolverine #2.
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Movie Review: A Good Day to Die Hard

A Good Day to Die Hard
Directed by John Moore
Starring Bruce Willis

This past weekend I saw the latest film in the Die Hard series: A Good Day to Die Hard. It was Fan-tastic! If you're a fan of the series, like I am, you pretty much know what it is you're getting: a plot with terrorists, Bruce Willis saves the day and shoots up all the scum-bags, and he says "Yippee-kai-yay, mother-------." Considering all that, this movie had lots of great twists and turns to it that I did not see coming. A Good Day to Die Hard is a thrilling action movie. In this film, Bruce's character, John McClane, is teaming up with his estranged son, Jack. It wasn't over-sentimentalized. John travels to Moscow to help his son out as word gets to him that he's been arrested. It wasn't what it seemed though. Jack is a member of the CIA working undercover to help Komarov escape custody. This guy has a file on the corrupt politician, Chagarin, that can take him down. The plans don't work out. Komarov's daughter seems to kidnap him so that she can get the file, herself. I liked how John kept insisting he wasn't a part of anything. That he was on vacation. There was a cool car chase. What was just as good was the way John would try to find a new car to drive when he was without. He knocks a guy out who's yelling at him in Russian and yells back that he can't understand a word he's saying. I really loved the build-up to the ending. The scene with the heli-carrier was sick and cool. There were lots of great explosions. I thought the juxtaposition of the fires and flames against the light sky was really beautiful cinematography. In the end, the McClane family was re-united. It was nice how the son mimicked his mother from the first Die Hard movie, where she was using her maiden name and then she went back to calling herself a McClane. Jack did a similar thing.

This movie was lots of fun. I walked away from seeing it having no complaints at all. If you want to have a good time, you should check this movie out too.


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Comics Review: Scarlet Spider #14

Scarlet Spider 14
Written by: Chris Yost
Pencils by: Khoi Pham

We come into it with Kane, dead, on the floor. Tore up from the flo' up by Los Lobos. No affiliation with my wedding band, don't judge me, guy's gotta make money somehow. And then there's Aracely, running for her weird little telepath life from my band, I mean Los Lobos. For those who don't know, they're a brother/sister team of werewolves who run human trafficking rings, the one that previously owned Aracely before being saved by Kane. So this, to some, would be considered payback.

Kane wakes up in a church like place, a priest tells him to confess his sins. Well THAT'S gonna take a while. But then it gets nutty, the priest starts turning into people from Kane's life! Ben Reilly, The Jackal, and well this just pisses him off into breaking stuff. I knew I liked Kane for a real reason. Then the priest becomes a human shape made of spiders. Ok, weird, wtf, why, ohgodlordjesus.

The two start duking it out. Every hit landed in the spider dude just kinda flings spiders everywhere and that's all messy. Like the Sandman, he can get bigger and shapeshift his body with the nearby spiders. He becomes a giant and grabs Kane, confessing how he had to settle for him. Since the other one, Peter, remember Kane's a clone, didn't want to become a gross looking actual spider cuse well yeah that's just gross.

Back to Aracely and my band. Just as all hope is lost, one of the wolves gets shot! By...Ray Lewis?! Or, wait, some other black guy...IN a Ray Lewis jersey. I guess Yost is a Ravens fan. Apparently, Aracely led them there on purpose. Cause a ruckus and bring over the gang members. She's a sly little devil that girl, I swear. Reading people's minds, causing gang warfare. Oh Aracely.

A quick page of Kane and the spider thing again chatting it up some more about Kane accepting his nature aaaaaaaand Kane punches his head off. So Ray Lewis is shooting up the wolves as they eat up some gang members while Aracely slips away to keep running. Finally Kane says eff it and decides to give into Mr. Spider Guy's will and he gets all webbed up. He break out, naked, with spikes jetting his wrists, 6 eyes and a spider symbol on his chest. I don't know if I should be amazed or completely freaked the hell out. Regardless, what. an. issue! Can't wait to see Kane rip up my old band into pieces as this new human spider thing. I just wonder what'll happen to him when it's all said and done. Zomg!!! See you next week readers!

Matt Milanes

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Comics Review: Iron Man #6

Iron Man 6
Written by: Kieron Gillen
Pencils by: Greg Land

So, Iron Man, I'm sure a book that's been making many of you aggravated. Not gonna lie, I'm a bit on the fence on that list. The first arc was choppy, and Tony Stark had the same rapist smile for 5 issues, but I digress, this is about issue 6 and the commencement of the series! Yeah! That sounded loud and proud, eh whatever. Lets continue.

The arc name is pretty cool for this next one, The Godkiller, sweet. Opens up right where the last one ended, we have Tony flying about through space saying how he's not even shocked with the extreme things he's seen in his life anymore. He finished blowing up some space ship, as he's one to do, and now we have a space bar. Starks winding down with some drinks and the place is packed. Packed with alien women of all different colors that have the exact same face...well that' Paaaaaartaaaayyyyyyy!!! Tony's talking to a purple lady an asks her about a guy staring at them. We see a big ass medieval looking robot guy thing who I really hope becomes a villain cuse he just looks awesome. After some space flirting, Shell Head's about to take this one purple woman to some space bed and get all space jiggy. That is until, he takes his mask off. This chick LITERALLY barfs...get ready...because of his facial hair. Then she almost kills him after finding out he purposely grows it.

She kicks him out only or him to be attacked by these drone robo cop dudes guys, and he makes light of those jokes. The severed head on one at least gives Tony the decency to tell him why their trying to kill him. Apparently he's being charged of "Deicide" the killing of a god. He goes peacefully and is actually given a pretty badass Jedi looking robe thing. Kinda makes you wanna go around killing gods, I wonder if Voldemort, I mean, the dude from Thor, has one yet. Hmmmmm. The judge is a blue lady...with the same face as everyone else, and she tells Stark the same as the robo head. Confused, Tony asks which god he killed, that he'd remember if he ever did kill one. Well turns out these nuts worshiped the Phoenix. And yes, because of Stark, the Phoenix is gone. Aaaaaand scene!

Not too bad this time around, finally ending on a cliffhanger and not some episodic crap. Thumbs up, lets see how this plays out next issue.

Matt Milanes

Monday, February 18, 2013

Olivia's Pick of the Week: Batman and Robin #17

Batman and Robin #17
writer: Peter J. Tomasi
artists: Patrick Gleason and Mick Gray

Joker has jumped into the crazy abyss. It's always fascinating to see how different writers approach that transitional period when you've got closure from one story-line and the next big plot hasn't started yet. Too many big story-lines one after the other can really tire a reader out, in my opinion, and get old really quickly. This story was wonderful. It helps transition away from what was happening in the main Batman title so it can do it's own thing without completely ignoring everything that already happened. It struck a balance of being thoughtful and light.

Everyone in the Bat family is taking some healthy space away from each other. It's really cool getting a glimpse into Bruce, Alfred, and Damian's psyche by delving into their dreams. Titus was getting ready for bed just like everyone else. Everyone's yawning. Everyone's tucked in.

Damain's dream was great because we learn that in his mind, he literally is two people. He's Bruce's son. He's Talia's son. It would seem that at times he can struggle with that but overall, he considers himself a Wayne.

Alfred was tortured the most by Joker's latest plot since he was kidnapped first. His dream was selfish and indulgent and fantastic as he exacted revenge onto the Joker.

There's a frightening moment with blood and a bat and another one with a giant whale. This issue was so well done. The coloring made for the perfect mood. Stories like this one are so great because it's the characters and character development that make the book more than the fighting and the explosions. It's brilliant work done by Patrick Gleason and Mick Gray. Batman and Robin #17 was the best book of the week.


Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Verbal Mosh Episode 206

Scarlet Spider, what many eyes you have?
The better to see you with.
What creepy, sparse, long hair you have?
The better to pick up on my spidey vibrations with! Bwuahahahahahaha!!!!!! Check out the newest episode here or also on our Facebook page.
On this week's episode of The Verbal Mosh, we review Scarlet Spider #14, Morning Glories #24, Before Watchmen Comedian #5, Superboy #17, Batman #17, Batgirl #17, Fantastic Four #4, and Wolverine and the X-Men #25
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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Comics Review: Talon #4

Plot By Scott Snyder & James Tynion IV
Written By James Tynion Iv
Art By Guillem March

   Well, it's a new issue of Talon. This book has sat on my shelf for a week and when I picked it up and gave it a read I was kind of kicking myself. I was surprised that this was really, really good. Talon is on the run from the Super Talon Felix Harmon. I totally love the visual from Guillem March. The Super Talon is huge. I mean that in the sense that when you see him you get this really creepy vibe. Not only is he over seven feet tall,but he is truly an imposing figure. He's built like a house.

  So Super Talon runs into Talon while he and his Girlfriend and crew are stealing money from a bank that is owned by The Court Of Owls. Super Talon engages Calvin Rose (Talon) in a one on one fight. Super Talon pulls Calvin's arm almost out the socket.  After getting his head slammed into the hood and roof of a car, Calvin makes a break. In something that look right out of Die Hard With A Vengeance, Talon opens a subway grate and jumps onto a moving train. During the fight Super Talon plants a tracking device on Calvin's body armor.

  Super Talon tracks Calvin and his friends down and Calvin and his girlfriend, Casey lead an exodus of everyone at the base. Casey wants to stay behind and lead the Super Talon into a trap. Calvin says he's tired of running from the court and says that he'll lead the Super Talon into the trap. Calvin goes into a tunnel under the Hudson River. After a cool fight ensues Calvin brings down the entire freezing river down on the Super Talon.

  Calvin thinks he's safe and walks off into the sunset with his woman. While Super Talon crawls from the freezing water showing that nothing other than a total deep freeze will slow him down. (Like we didn't see that coming.) From what I've seen this book can be a little hit or miss, but still not as bad as the Avengers sitting around talking shop.

-Tash Moore

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tash's Pick of the Week; Green Arrow #17

Written By Jeff Lemire
Art By Andrea Sorrentino

The Kill Machine Part 1
Talk about a new direction. Jeff Lemire takes over writing chores with this book and because how mind blowingly epic it was i had to make it my pick of the week. Now i have never picked up Green Arrow as a monthly book. But from his work on Sweet Tooth and Superboy i knew this book had the potential to be great.

It's got a really cool jumping on point. When the solicts come out every company that wants you to buy a book will say this issue is a new jumping on point. Most of the time (95%) it's not a very good starting point. Green Arrow has had his company taken out from underneath him. His dad's best friend loses the company then he gets killed by a new villain named Komodo. Komodo is like a evil version of Green Arrow. No really, he has a bow and arrow just like Ollie. This would have been cooler if he was call Dark Arrow.

Komodo(Dark Arrow) goes about killing everybody that had a hand helping kill everybody that was apart of the book before Lemire took over a writer. It's like wiping the slate clean for his run. So all his friends are dead, he's broke and on the run from the cops and his evil double Komodo.

For some reason I've always enjoyed when the hero has his back up against the wall. Well the ending has Green Arrow and Komodo fighting and before GA gets killed some dude named Magus makes the save for Green Arrow. What's cool is that this Magus dude totally has no eyes. Giant X's cover them. But in a cool and totally not a dead cartoon type way. The art is done by Andrea Sorrentino, and it's very good. Not very clean but gritty. But not in a 1990's grim way.The best why I can describe this is being almost like a very young Michael Lark when he was working on Gotham Central. A very fun book to read even of you have never picked up a Green Arrow comic before. Lord knows i haven't.

-Tash Moore

Monday, February 11, 2013

Comics Review: Superior Spider-Man #2

Written by: Dan Slott
Pencils by: Ryan Stegman
    Well, this has sure been an interesting couple months in the Spidey world. Parker's dead, Otto Octavious is inside Parker's body, kinda sick if you think of it huh? And NOBODY has noticed the change in everything "Peter" does. Oh dear Lord, what will happen?!?! Let's see what's in store for us this issue of Superior Spider-Man.
    Opens up with Otto's second day on the "job" as he calls it. Can you believe this guy, yeah, that guy over there. Making it seem like being Spidey is a job instead of a way of life. Don't he know how it works?! He's just returned some stolen science equipment from Empire State University and he's got a crowd waiting for him. Bystanders, press, people's moms, everyone who's anyone is waiting there to catch a glimpse of Spider-Man. But one guest would shock some people. A guy you'd never think would be on the list of people celebrating Spider-Man, no it's not Eddie Brock, no it's not my sister in-law, its J. Jonah Jameson! Not only is he there to see Spidey, but JJ gives him a a full on apology. Sort of shoveling the blame off himself he admits that maybe both men were wrong about each other. 50 years later, and we finally have some resolution between these two. Now hopefully they can go on a picnic or something with each other. A real cute man date like that. And to add some sort of supernatural twisted insult to injury, we have Peter's actual ghost, spirit, ectoplasim stuff just standing there watching his last 50 years of work be credited to some looney who he's stopped multiple times. Here comes the sigh of relief, ain't it just great how the world works kids? Everything's getting all Crazy-Town Banana Pants!!!
    Skip over to MJ's apartment where Carlie's been staying since the crazy incedent with herself and Otto/Peter.* They have a small, and pardon my French, dick measuring contest about how weird their lives have really been the last couple days. Well, MJ wins it by telling Carlie that her and Peter might be getting back together. Oh, for those who don't know, Carlie is also Peter's ex-girlfriend. And on ANOTHER note, those two are the only ones who know Peter Parker is Spider-Man. You can't write this kind of crazy people!!!...oh wait...never mind. So now we have "Lunch with the Watson woman." Otto thinks Peter is crazy for never making his move to get all up in Mary Jane and decides he's gonna have this forbidden fruit to himself. All while the real Peter spirit, soul thing is going along for the ride watching from behind. Peter brings up a good point that I thought of myself, WHY isn't anyone noticing Otto using super villain type of words?! MJ doesn't even flinch when "Peter" sits down saying "Everything's proceeding according to plan." I mean, REALLY LADY!!! Their date is interrupted by a speeding fire engine Otto having to go on patrol.
*See ASM700 when Peter in Otto's body tells carlie that he's actually Peter. She doesn't buy it and starts shooting at him thinking he's Otto and knows Pete's secret. One of the bullets bounces off an arm and clips her clean in the arm. Wow that was great I feel like a real editor now! =D
    So how does Otto respond to this? Uses his Iron Man wanna be robot and build tiny little Spider-Bot. New and improved! Quick!, someone get the spirit/soul/ghost thing of Billy Mays to come promote this!!!...too soon? These new Spider-Bots patrol the city so Otto doesn't have to. When they detect danger, it sends a notification right to his Horizon tablet through a custom app. Some Fruit Ninja swipes and boom, city: patrolled. This even impressed Peter! The next page is completely hillarious. Otto doesn't exactly go on "dates" with MJ, he goes on "Watson Dating Trials". The first one to the planetarium. Not only that, but this fool does the yawn and stretch trick to get his arm around Mary Jane. What's next, the popcorn trick at the movies? If you're under the age of 14 do NOT Google that. Results of that trial? Inconclusive. Otto did not recieve the forbidden fruit. Trial 2, a fancy party. Classy people, probably lots of caviar and pinky's out that night. Results, disappointing. Otto still does not recieve the fruit of the forbidden Eden tree. Trial 3, he takes her ice skating, which is awesome. Who doesn't love ice skating?! Maybe I like it so much cuse I'm a Devil's fan, but that's beside the point. results, infuriating! Otto's getting more and more frustrated with how slow things are going for him and MJ. Psssh, he should be grateful, I'd gladly like to switch places...see what I did there? =] Ok bad joke over. The fourth trial is at her own nightclub, which I personally think is cheesy. How much do you think they paid to get in? Oh, that's right. Not a dime. Then again, he just spent some cash on the last three bad dates, I'd probably take her somewhere free too. MJ's out on the dance floor shaking her groove thang and the building's being watched by three mysterious shadowy creature dude guys. Finally Otto gets a smack from his Spider Sense, but for the COMPLETELY wrong reasons. He knows its a sense for danger, but he interprets that danger as the missing element for getting MJ! With the real Peter all but yelling at Otto to act quicker and stop the ACTUAL danger, Otto takes MJ up to the roof of the club for a late night excitement session. Takes her for a thrill ride, swinging around the city, leaving the club unprotected. This next page is my favorite from the entire issue. Is a full page of Otto swinging with MJ in one arm, and a transparent Peter-Spider-Man in the background. Might I add, a very Bagley looking Spider-Man, applause all around. Well played Mr. Stegman, well played. Results of this date? Success! She even calls him Tiger, oh the chills. BUT, no nookie for Otto tonight, since Carlie's there and well that would just be awkward on at least 45 different levels. On the way home Otto decides to make himself feel better about not getting some tonight, by just thinking about all the other times he got some! A little collage of scenes from past comics, and even both series of movies replacing Peter with Otto (weird) and MJ macking it up all over the place.
    Otto wakes up the next morning, probably feeling like P. Diddy. Showers, hits on some coworkers, invents some new stuff at work. Guy's got it good, can't be THAT mad at him. The patrol app goes off and it turns out those creepy shadowy guys are attacking MJ's club! Stealing some secrets that Adrian Toomes left behind, and taking MJ for the ride, they quickly escape. They even fling her out the damn window! Otto gets there just in time to save her, but how? He hints and webbing at her, but then Peter has a horrible memory of Gwen, and we don't want THAT happening again, that's just no fun for anyone involved. Especially if you're on the recieving end of that web. Instead, Otto makes a web nest, like Peter suggested, and MJ is caught safely. In full deserving of some boo loving, she goes to take off his mask, but Otto refuses. He finally learns why Peter could never be with her romantically. She loves Peter AND Spider-Man, but he can't be with her because he IS Peter and Spider-Man. He tells her the only real way to keep her safe and away from being a target, is to move on and forget about her in that way. Kinda makes you wonder about how truely evil Otto is, also makes you wonder if its really Otto, or just the Peter memories that he's loaded with.
    The issue ends with Carlie and MJ talking about that night. After telling Carlie the story of what happened, she says MJ is making it seem like Pete's...another person. Then she has a quick flashback of ASM 700. Carlie's determined to get back to work and find out what's going on with "Peter".
    Not a bad issue at all. I love Spidey, and yes, although I'd prefer Peter still be alive, I want to see how they're gonna ride out this Otto thing. So naturally, that means I hate the idea of Peter still being involved so early in the series. I mean, if you're gonna kill him, KILL HIM, and keep him out for a bit. But what do I know? I only buy this stuff every week >_> Anyways, great work by the whole team. Ryan Stegman hitting us again with some powerful spider art and a great bold color job by Edgar Delgado. Good thing issue 3 comes out in a week, I need to get my hands on this as often as I can! Until next week readers!

-Matt Milanes

The Verbal Mosh Episode 205

A blizzard just came through the North East but we're all good because we've got comics to talk about. smiley
On this week's episode of The Verbal Mosh we review: Hit-Girl #5, Animal Man #17, Swamp Thing #17, Iron Man #6, Superior Spider-Man #3, and All New X-Men #7. you can hear this episode for totally FREE right here or on ourFacebook page.
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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Olivia's Pick of the Week: Superior Spider-Man #2

Superior Spider-Man #2
writer: Dan Slott
artist: Ryan Stegman

Wow, MJ's looking really curvy on the cover of The Superior Spider-Man #2.

This was a really funny and fun issue which is why it's my Pick of the Week. Doc Spidey is one randy little dude, and all thoughts of his are on having his way with Mary Jane. He's doing a terrible job at it and not only that but there's also the mystical Pete-soul hovering around like he's a deceased Jedi, providing funny commentary. Doc tries to woo her as Pete. Failing that, he tries to woo MJ as Spider-Man. Failing that, he comes to terms with the inevitable which is that Pete and MJ can never truly happen as Pete's dual identities will always come between them. Shocking to say since Pete considers MJ to be like his soul-mate (and professes so earlier in the comic!), but Doc Spidey as an unbiased third party really gets to the root of it all when it comes to Pete and MJ's relationship.

Carlie Cooper, another "ex" of Pete's happens to be staying at MJ's place. MJ's nightclub gets trashed as some thugs in vulture costumes come to steal a secret safe and attempt to capture MJ, too. Doc Spidey has to come to the rescue. He's very focused when it comes to any task he sets before himself. We see that when he tries to hook up with MJ. We, also, see that when he goes to rescue her. He doesn't stop for the petty crimes that are happening along the way. The real Pete would want to save everyone. Remember: No one dies... except some people. Which makes me wonder if the real Pete were the one swinging away to save MJ and he did stop to help the other civilians along the way, would he have gotten to MJ on time? I don't know.

I think it's a good thing for Pete to learn from Doc Spidey. He's much more efficient with work. He does lack the heart Pete has, though, and that heart counts for much more. At the end of it all, Pete and MJ have to really take a moment and think about what their relationship is and has been, and what it needs to be for them to move forward with their lives.

A really nice story. Ryan Stegman does good work with the art, as well. The scenes with Doc Spidey recollecting Pete's intimate moments with MJ were hilarious.


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Verbal Mosh Episode 204

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It's a new episode of The Verbal Mosh, and this week we talk about: Before Watchmen Ozymandias #5 (a.k.a. Fat-Baby-Hands-Man), Flash #16, Aquaman #16, Superman #16, Batman Incorporated #7 (a.k.a Damian Starts a Farm), Superman Family Adventures #9, and Invincible #100. Here this Episode right here or on our Facebook page.
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