Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Comics Review: Iron Man #6

Iron Man 6
Written by: Kieron Gillen
Pencils by: Greg Land

So, Iron Man, I'm sure a book that's been making many of you aggravated. Not gonna lie, I'm a bit on the fence on that list. The first arc was choppy, and Tony Stark had the same rapist smile for 5 issues, but I digress, this is about issue 6 and the commencement of the series! Yeah! That sounded loud and proud, eh whatever. Lets continue.

The arc name is pretty cool for this next one, The Godkiller, sweet. Opens up right where the last one ended, we have Tony flying about through space saying how he's not even shocked with the extreme things he's seen in his life anymore. He finished blowing up some space ship, as he's one to do, and now we have a space bar. Starks winding down with some drinks and the place is packed. Packed with alien women of all different colors that have the exact same face...well that's...fun. Paaaaaartaaaayyyyyyy!!! Tony's talking to a purple lady an asks her about a guy staring at them. We see a big ass medieval looking robot guy thing who I really hope becomes a villain cuse he just looks awesome. After some space flirting, Shell Head's about to take this one purple woman to some space bed and get all space jiggy. That is until, he takes his mask off. This chick LITERALLY barfs...get ready...because of his facial hair. Then she almost kills him after finding out he purposely grows it.

She kicks him out only or him to be attacked by these drone robo cop dudes guys, and he makes light of those jokes. The severed head on one at least gives Tony the decency to tell him why their trying to kill him. Apparently he's being charged of "Deicide" the killing of a god. He goes peacefully and is actually given a pretty badass Jedi looking robe thing. Kinda makes you wanna go around killing gods, I wonder if Voldemort, I mean, the dude from Thor, has one yet. Hmmmmm. The judge is a blue lady...with the same face as everyone else, and she tells Stark the same as the robo head. Confused, Tony asks which god he killed, that he'd remember if he ever did kill one. Well turns out these nuts worshiped the Phoenix. And yes, because of Stark, the Phoenix is gone. Aaaaaand scene!

Not too bad this time around, finally ending on a cliffhanger and not some episodic crap. Thumbs up, lets see how this plays out next issue.

Matt Milanes

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