Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Comics Review: Scarlet Spider #14

Scarlet Spider 14
Written by: Chris Yost
Pencils by: Khoi Pham

We come into it with Kane, dead, on the floor. Tore up from the flo' up by Los Lobos. No affiliation with my wedding band, don't judge me, guy's gotta make money somehow. And then there's Aracely, running for her weird little telepath life from my band, I mean Los Lobos. For those who don't know, they're a brother/sister team of werewolves who run human trafficking rings, the one that previously owned Aracely before being saved by Kane. So this, to some, would be considered payback.

Kane wakes up in a church like place, a priest tells him to confess his sins. Well THAT'S gonna take a while. But then it gets nutty, the priest starts turning into people from Kane's life! Ben Reilly, The Jackal, and well this just pisses him off into breaking stuff. I knew I liked Kane for a real reason. Then the priest becomes a human shape made of spiders. Ok, weird, wtf, why, ohgodlordjesus.

The two start duking it out. Every hit landed in the spider dude just kinda flings spiders everywhere and that's all messy. Like the Sandman, he can get bigger and shapeshift his body with the nearby spiders. He becomes a giant and grabs Kane, confessing how he had to settle for him. Since the other one, Peter, remember Kane's a clone, didn't want to become a gross looking actual spider cuse well yeah that's just gross.

Back to Aracely and my band. Just as all hope is lost, one of the wolves gets shot! By...Ray Lewis?! Or, wait, some other black guy...IN a Ray Lewis jersey. I guess Yost is a Ravens fan. Apparently, Aracely led them there on purpose. Cause a ruckus and bring over the gang members. She's a sly little devil that girl, I swear. Reading people's minds, causing gang warfare. Oh Aracely.

A quick page of Kane and the spider thing again chatting it up some more about Kane accepting his nature aaaaaaaand Kane punches his head off. So Ray Lewis is shooting up the wolves as they eat up some gang members while Aracely slips away to keep running. Finally Kane says eff it and decides to give into Mr. Spider Guy's will and he gets all webbed up. He break out, naked, with spikes jetting his wrists, 6 eyes and a spider symbol on his chest. I don't know if I should be amazed or completely freaked the hell out. Regardless, what. an. issue! Can't wait to see Kane rip up my old band into pieces as this new human spider thing. I just wonder what'll happen to him when it's all said and done. Zomg!!! See you next week readers!

Matt Milanes

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