Monday, February 11, 2013

Comics Review: Superior Spider-Man #2

Written by: Dan Slott
Pencils by: Ryan Stegman
    Well, this has sure been an interesting couple months in the Spidey world. Parker's dead, Otto Octavious is inside Parker's body, kinda sick if you think of it huh? And NOBODY has noticed the change in everything "Peter" does. Oh dear Lord, what will happen?!?! Let's see what's in store for us this issue of Superior Spider-Man.
    Opens up with Otto's second day on the "job" as he calls it. Can you believe this guy, yeah, that guy over there. Making it seem like being Spidey is a job instead of a way of life. Don't he know how it works?! He's just returned some stolen science equipment from Empire State University and he's got a crowd waiting for him. Bystanders, press, people's moms, everyone who's anyone is waiting there to catch a glimpse of Spider-Man. But one guest would shock some people. A guy you'd never think would be on the list of people celebrating Spider-Man, no it's not Eddie Brock, no it's not my sister in-law, its J. Jonah Jameson! Not only is he there to see Spidey, but JJ gives him a a full on apology. Sort of shoveling the blame off himself he admits that maybe both men were wrong about each other. 50 years later, and we finally have some resolution between these two. Now hopefully they can go on a picnic or something with each other. A real cute man date like that. And to add some sort of supernatural twisted insult to injury, we have Peter's actual ghost, spirit, ectoplasim stuff just standing there watching his last 50 years of work be credited to some looney who he's stopped multiple times. Here comes the sigh of relief, ain't it just great how the world works kids? Everything's getting all Crazy-Town Banana Pants!!!
    Skip over to MJ's apartment where Carlie's been staying since the crazy incedent with herself and Otto/Peter.* They have a small, and pardon my French, dick measuring contest about how weird their lives have really been the last couple days. Well, MJ wins it by telling Carlie that her and Peter might be getting back together. Oh, for those who don't know, Carlie is also Peter's ex-girlfriend. And on ANOTHER note, those two are the only ones who know Peter Parker is Spider-Man. You can't write this kind of crazy people!!!...oh wait...never mind. So now we have "Lunch with the Watson woman." Otto thinks Peter is crazy for never making his move to get all up in Mary Jane and decides he's gonna have this forbidden fruit to himself. All while the real Peter spirit, soul thing is going along for the ride watching from behind. Peter brings up a good point that I thought of myself, WHY isn't anyone noticing Otto using super villain type of words?! MJ doesn't even flinch when "Peter" sits down saying "Everything's proceeding according to plan." I mean, REALLY LADY!!! Their date is interrupted by a speeding fire engine Otto having to go on patrol.
*See ASM700 when Peter in Otto's body tells carlie that he's actually Peter. She doesn't buy it and starts shooting at him thinking he's Otto and knows Pete's secret. One of the bullets bounces off an arm and clips her clean in the arm. Wow that was great I feel like a real editor now! =D
    So how does Otto respond to this? Uses his Iron Man wanna be robot and build tiny little Spider-Bot. New and improved! Quick!, someone get the spirit/soul/ghost thing of Billy Mays to come promote this!!!...too soon? These new Spider-Bots patrol the city so Otto doesn't have to. When they detect danger, it sends a notification right to his Horizon tablet through a custom app. Some Fruit Ninja swipes and boom, city: patrolled. This even impressed Peter! The next page is completely hillarious. Otto doesn't exactly go on "dates" with MJ, he goes on "Watson Dating Trials". The first one to the planetarium. Not only that, but this fool does the yawn and stretch trick to get his arm around Mary Jane. What's next, the popcorn trick at the movies? If you're under the age of 14 do NOT Google that. Results of that trial? Inconclusive. Otto did not recieve the forbidden fruit. Trial 2, a fancy party. Classy people, probably lots of caviar and pinky's out that night. Results, disappointing. Otto still does not recieve the fruit of the forbidden Eden tree. Trial 3, he takes her ice skating, which is awesome. Who doesn't love ice skating?! Maybe I like it so much cuse I'm a Devil's fan, but that's beside the point. results, infuriating! Otto's getting more and more frustrated with how slow things are going for him and MJ. Psssh, he should be grateful, I'd gladly like to switch places...see what I did there? =] Ok bad joke over. The fourth trial is at her own nightclub, which I personally think is cheesy. How much do you think they paid to get in? Oh, that's right. Not a dime. Then again, he just spent some cash on the last three bad dates, I'd probably take her somewhere free too. MJ's out on the dance floor shaking her groove thang and the building's being watched by three mysterious shadowy creature dude guys. Finally Otto gets a smack from his Spider Sense, but for the COMPLETELY wrong reasons. He knows its a sense for danger, but he interprets that danger as the missing element for getting MJ! With the real Peter all but yelling at Otto to act quicker and stop the ACTUAL danger, Otto takes MJ up to the roof of the club for a late night excitement session. Takes her for a thrill ride, swinging around the city, leaving the club unprotected. This next page is my favorite from the entire issue. Is a full page of Otto swinging with MJ in one arm, and a transparent Peter-Spider-Man in the background. Might I add, a very Bagley looking Spider-Man, applause all around. Well played Mr. Stegman, well played. Results of this date? Success! She even calls him Tiger, oh the chills. BUT, no nookie for Otto tonight, since Carlie's there and well that would just be awkward on at least 45 different levels. On the way home Otto decides to make himself feel better about not getting some tonight, by just thinking about all the other times he got some! A little collage of scenes from past comics, and even both series of movies replacing Peter with Otto (weird) and MJ macking it up all over the place.
    Otto wakes up the next morning, probably feeling like P. Diddy. Showers, hits on some coworkers, invents some new stuff at work. Guy's got it good, can't be THAT mad at him. The patrol app goes off and it turns out those creepy shadowy guys are attacking MJ's club! Stealing some secrets that Adrian Toomes left behind, and taking MJ for the ride, they quickly escape. They even fling her out the damn window! Otto gets there just in time to save her, but how? He hints and webbing at her, but then Peter has a horrible memory of Gwen, and we don't want THAT happening again, that's just no fun for anyone involved. Especially if you're on the recieving end of that web. Instead, Otto makes a web nest, like Peter suggested, and MJ is caught safely. In full deserving of some boo loving, she goes to take off his mask, but Otto refuses. He finally learns why Peter could never be with her romantically. She loves Peter AND Spider-Man, but he can't be with her because he IS Peter and Spider-Man. He tells her the only real way to keep her safe and away from being a target, is to move on and forget about her in that way. Kinda makes you wonder about how truely evil Otto is, also makes you wonder if its really Otto, or just the Peter memories that he's loaded with.
    The issue ends with Carlie and MJ talking about that night. After telling Carlie the story of what happened, she says MJ is making it seem like Pete's...another person. Then she has a quick flashback of ASM 700. Carlie's determined to get back to work and find out what's going on with "Peter".
    Not a bad issue at all. I love Spidey, and yes, although I'd prefer Peter still be alive, I want to see how they're gonna ride out this Otto thing. So naturally, that means I hate the idea of Peter still being involved so early in the series. I mean, if you're gonna kill him, KILL HIM, and keep him out for a bit. But what do I know? I only buy this stuff every week >_> Anyways, great work by the whole team. Ryan Stegman hitting us again with some powerful spider art and a great bold color job by Edgar Delgado. Good thing issue 3 comes out in a week, I need to get my hands on this as often as I can! Until next week readers!

-Matt Milanes

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