Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Comics Review: Superior Spider-Man #4

The Superior Spider-Man #4
Written by: Dan Slott
Pencils by: Giuseppe Camuncoli
    Here we are again with another hard hitting issue by incredible writer Dan Slott! This series has been non stop from the get with all star teams on every issue and this one is no different with one of my favorite artists, Giuseppe Camuncoli! Right on the first page we have Otto atop a building, some of his Spider-Bots crawling on him, others covering the water tank and the rest of the building. A very creepy full page panel, very villain-esque and well, that's because Ock is a bad guy. That's just how they stand, that's kind of just what they do. That and get their asses beat, but those are stories for different times. First couple pages have Otto busting up some petty crimes here and there, not giving any of them much sweat. Some robberies, some more of those midget, I mean kids!, in Vulture outfits, typical day in the Spidey World. Until something actually wrong happens! A fire breaks out in the city and Otto simply tells his Spider-Bot to inform the local fire house, SERIOUSLY! There might be people in that building man! The local firemen can't go around swinging into the building and bring out dying babies, no matter how fast they get there!!! Even Parker thinks that, wait, Parker again?! Someone call the Ghostbusters to get rid of his spirit/ghost/goul/ectoplasm shenannigans that're lingering around here! But is Otto all that wrong? The reason he bails on the fire is to go be with Aunt May for her therapy session. Now, don't you all feel bad right about now, don't you? Well, you should. You think babies trapped in a burning building are more important than sweet little old Aunt May? Shame on you, I shun thee.
    A doctor tells "Peter" that May's too old for such radical surgery to fix her walk, that a cane is really her only option. Otto doesn't like the sound of that and decides to bang out a great invention at work. That invention is this kinda creepy looking harness that she'd just plug into her spine and brain. Oh. Wait, his first trial is May herself?! The hell man? Otto is a sick, sick man. He's the kind of person who probably wouldn't care if this damn contraption killed May. He would probably blow it off, saying how he now has no distractions in his way. Nothing to hold him back from being a better Spider-Man than Parker, nothing to hold him back from getting all up in MJ again. Max Modell doesn't like this idea too much, and puts Otto in his place when he insists Uatu call him Dr. Parker. Yeah, that's right Otto, check back into the memories, Peter never got a doctrate. He getsd a bit pissy and strts raging in his lab, storming away leaving Max and Uatu behind.
    The book now goes to Ravencroft Assylum. One of the doctors there uses a retinal scanner to gain access to a secured area. One of the assylum's guards is escorting her to a prisoner's cell. That prisoner is Marcus Lyman, A.K.A. Massacre. She mentions to the guard that's she's most afraid of him because he's so crazy, he has no sense of human life. There's another guard outside Lyman's cell he opens the door for the doctor to find, THE GUARD WITH HIS NECK SNAPPED AND BRAIN BLOWN OUT ON THE WALL! Did I leave the caps on? Wait, so that must mean...Lyman's the guard outside the, oh there's another neck snapped. Two guards down, one doctor to go. After trying to talk him down, doctor Kafka tells Lyman that he needs her to get out of the assylum. He simply replies with, not ALL of her. Aaaaaand queue the cliche horror movie close-up-to-the-face scream. Now we're at Empire State University. Yeah, Otto went back to school. *facepalm* The dean of the school takes Parker to his first class, which is being taught by one of Otto's old classmates. He even calls him by his old nickname out loud! Don "The Schnoz" Lamaze, and, as I'm sure you've guessed, he has a huge honker. Before Otto can do any more damage, he gets a call and has to leave to go to Ravencroft.
    Spidey and Parker ectoplasm show up to meet Carlie, J.J. and another cop at the dead body of Doctor Kafka, with an eye missing. Jonah blames it on Spider-Man right away. So much for that truce from a couple issues ago, huh? I knew it was too good to be true. Sad thing is, it kind of is his fault. He made that inner promise, no one dies, and he let Lyman live. Otto, avoiding further arguement with J.J., just takes the blame, and vows to end Lyman once and for all. Parker of course hates this idea, trying to tell Otto he doesn't get to decide who lives and dies. Otto asks where he is, in full hunt mode. Lyman's actually hanging out at a fast food joint, holding it up. You know, usual Wednesday stuff. Let's everyone know that it can go simple and no one has to get hurt as long as he gets what he wants, until the cashier hits the silent alarm button. Ah jeez, Lyman didn't take too kindly to that, responding by killing everyone in the restaurant except a woman and her young child. He needs to take some hostages.
    Back at Horizon Labs, Spider-Man breaks into Uatu's lab and tells him that he needs Uatu's help. Specifically, he needs Uatu's facial recognition technology to help track down Lyman. Speaking of Lyman, he lets the woman and her child go from a car in the middle of Times Square, he tells her if she makes a scene, he'll open fire and kill her. Gives her two options, she goes quietly and never sees him again, or he can follow her for a couple blocks and if she calls out, her and her son dies. I like option 1 a hell of a lot better than any other option. She goes, he walks away. I guess she liked option 1 a lot better too. The last page has the Vulture's midgets, I mean kids, flying around town. They decide they gotta stay outside, since the cops know where Toomes' hideout is, and then they spot a Spider-Bot. Ah crap, they're in for it now! But then its stomped out, crushed by a purple boot. The voice tells the children that there's someone who can keep them safe and away from Spider-Man, and that person is none other than Norman Osborn, the Green Goblin himself!
    Another non surprisingly great issue from the Spidey office. I'm loving Guiseppe's art more and more with every issue I see he's working on. And Edgar Delgado doing a phenominal job on colors this time around. So much is going on right now, we're gonna have Otto fighting this insane villain Massacre, then hopefully followed by Spider-Man's greatest foe of all time, and long time fellow bad guy of Otto himself, the Green Goblin. If your head hasn't exploded now, its gonna happen any time soon. So get the Bounty, and let your mothers know you'll be dead in a bit. Until next week!

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