Monday, February 18, 2013

Olivia's Pick of the Week: Batman and Robin #17

Batman and Robin #17
writer: Peter J. Tomasi
artists: Patrick Gleason and Mick Gray

Joker has jumped into the crazy abyss. It's always fascinating to see how different writers approach that transitional period when you've got closure from one story-line and the next big plot hasn't started yet. Too many big story-lines one after the other can really tire a reader out, in my opinion, and get old really quickly. This story was wonderful. It helps transition away from what was happening in the main Batman title so it can do it's own thing without completely ignoring everything that already happened. It struck a balance of being thoughtful and light.

Everyone in the Bat family is taking some healthy space away from each other. It's really cool getting a glimpse into Bruce, Alfred, and Damian's psyche by delving into their dreams. Titus was getting ready for bed just like everyone else. Everyone's yawning. Everyone's tucked in.

Damain's dream was great because we learn that in his mind, he literally is two people. He's Bruce's son. He's Talia's son. It would seem that at times he can struggle with that but overall, he considers himself a Wayne.

Alfred was tortured the most by Joker's latest plot since he was kidnapped first. His dream was selfish and indulgent and fantastic as he exacted revenge onto the Joker.

There's a frightening moment with blood and a bat and another one with a giant whale. This issue was so well done. The coloring made for the perfect mood. Stories like this one are so great because it's the characters and character development that make the book more than the fighting and the explosions. It's brilliant work done by Patrick Gleason and Mick Gray. Batman and Robin #17 was the best book of the week.


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