Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Olivia's Pick of the Week: Superior Spider-Man #2

Superior Spider-Man #2
writer: Dan Slott
artist: Ryan Stegman

Wow, MJ's looking really curvy on the cover of The Superior Spider-Man #2.

This was a really funny and fun issue which is why it's my Pick of the Week. Doc Spidey is one randy little dude, and all thoughts of his are on having his way with Mary Jane. He's doing a terrible job at it and not only that but there's also the mystical Pete-soul hovering around like he's a deceased Jedi, providing funny commentary. Doc tries to woo her as Pete. Failing that, he tries to woo MJ as Spider-Man. Failing that, he comes to terms with the inevitable which is that Pete and MJ can never truly happen as Pete's dual identities will always come between them. Shocking to say since Pete considers MJ to be like his soul-mate (and professes so earlier in the comic!), but Doc Spidey as an unbiased third party really gets to the root of it all when it comes to Pete and MJ's relationship.

Carlie Cooper, another "ex" of Pete's happens to be staying at MJ's place. MJ's nightclub gets trashed as some thugs in vulture costumes come to steal a secret safe and attempt to capture MJ, too. Doc Spidey has to come to the rescue. He's very focused when it comes to any task he sets before himself. We see that when he tries to hook up with MJ. We, also, see that when he goes to rescue her. He doesn't stop for the petty crimes that are happening along the way. The real Pete would want to save everyone. Remember: No one dies... except some people. Which makes me wonder if the real Pete were the one swinging away to save MJ and he did stop to help the other civilians along the way, would he have gotten to MJ on time? I don't know.

I think it's a good thing for Pete to learn from Doc Spidey. He's much more efficient with work. He does lack the heart Pete has, though, and that heart counts for much more. At the end of it all, Pete and MJ have to really take a moment and think about what their relationship is and has been, and what it needs to be for them to move forward with their lives.

A really nice story. Ryan Stegman does good work with the art, as well. The scenes with Doc Spidey recollecting Pete's intimate moments with MJ were hilarious.


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