Thursday, February 28, 2013

Tash's Pick of the Week: Daredevil #23

Written By Mark Waid
Drawn By Chris Samnee

Again, I know that my review is late. I blame myself....and you. You guys should send an email to to voice a complaint. You never know, it just might work. This week's pick is the latest (this issue is just about as late as my review) issue of the man without fear.

I could complain but alas I cannot. This book is just too damn good to stay mad at. It loves it's master. Sorry guys I just saw Pixar's UP for the first time and I really enjoyed the dog, Dug. Back on track, Daredevil gets one stop closer to finding out just who the big villain is that's been causing him some much trouble since the new #1.

I got a kick out of Matt taking Foggy on a ride of NYC. He swings him around the city giving Foggy an idea of what it's like to swing around in your underwear and be blind. Or like Daredevil. Hmmm sounds like Mark Waid took this idea from the last issue of Spider-Man. Or hey, it could just be me.

The mystery villain is taking people off the street and forcing them to go through the same painful process that Matt went through to turn into Daredevil. Some of the poor bastards would get enhanced hearing or just outright die. It's cool because it makes Matt's ordeal one in a million. The faux Daredevils are let loose at a function that Matt swings in and breaks up. That's all cool but it's not the best part.

Last issue Foggy went to see a doctor and he had a full battery of tests done on him. I was wondering just what he would have wrong with him. Matt takes Foggy to see the doctor and get the results. The doctor is sweating and the results are made known and then the issue just ends. I was like "What!?!? I need to know what was said. I felt like a junkie that was running dry (I'll send out something cool to whoever sends me an email with the answer to that bit of music trivia.)

This was a knock down drag out read. I love whenever I get the book in my hands and make sure it's the first thing I read. Truly one of the best comics of all time. Well until a new Batman comic comes out Make Mine Marvel.

-Tash Moore

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