Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Verbal Mosh Episode 213

Daaaammmmiiiiiieeennnnnnnnnnnn!!!!! Your Bat Cow pooped on my shoes. XD
On this week's episode of The Verbal Mosh, we review: Morning Glories #25, Uncanny Avengers #5, Aquaman #18, Superman #18, Flash #18, Batman Incorporated #9, Superman Family Adventures #11, Age of Ultron #3, Scarlet Spider #15, and Wolverine and the X-Men #27. Tune in for free here or on our Facebook page.
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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Movie Review: G.I. Joe: Retaliation

G.I. Joe: Retaliation
Directed by Jon M. Chu
Starring Dwayne Johnson, Channing Tatum, Arnold Vosloo, Byung-hun Lee, Bruce Willis, and more.

This is the sequel to G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. I really enjoyed that first film, so I was hoping this movie would be just as good.

I've got mixed feelings about the film. I think parts of it were great and parts not so much.

I didn't realize Channing Tatum's role was so small in this movie. He was pretty funny. I think the banter between him and "Roadblock" a.k.a Dwayne a.k.a. The Rock were great.

The plot features an infiltration of Cobra into the government. Cobra Commander is broke out of prison first since he had been captured. The G.I. Joe's are seen as traitors for "abandoning" their mission but it's all an illusion so that Cobra can get rid of them. The cheap shots at North Korea were funny. They were so over-the-top though it was like the North Koreans were cartoon characters/caricatures. This film has got a lot of action. A lot of cool scenes where things are blowing up. The technology used was exciting and different from things seen in other movies. It wasn't all about just getting bigger guns. Though there was plenty of that. The scene where the Joes are loading up on weapons at Joe's house was too cliche. The villain Firefly had an arsenal of electronic fireflies that were awesome. Not only were they visually fascinating to look at on screen as fireflies set a calm and serene mood but the punch they hold as weapons made them literally have an impact. The overall story was really entertaining.

I did become pretty tired of Lady Jaye constantly using her sexuality to get at Cobra, especially with the fixation on her butt. I did not care for the performances of the actors who played Flint and Jinx. I felt like they didn't add much to the story. I loved the tension between Snake Eyes and Shadow Storm. I loved their back-story from the first film so it was great seeing more of it.

The Joes do a great job of kicking everyone's butts. Bruce Willis was great and funny, too, as the original Joe. I'd probably give this film a B-. It was good but not great.


Thursday, March 28, 2013

Tash's Pick of the Week: Captain America #5

Written By Rick Remender
Pencils By John Romita Jr.
Inks By Tom Palmer & Scott Hanna

I really can't remember how many damn times this title has been rebooted. What are we like on the seventh volume of Captain America? Oh well, this was still a really great comic to read. Cap is still running around in Dimension Z and has Zola's son Ian riding shotgun with him. Captain America has been down for a long time now. That's prison lingo for being away from Friends and family. Hey, it's my review so let me spice it up a bit.

Zola's full grown daughter in this book is taught to believe that Captain America has has killed Ian and that he is coming for Zola next. Well we all know that's just not true. Cap has done the hero like thing and taken Ian under his wing and raised him as his own. Zola also believes that Captain America has killed the boy.

No BS in this issue. It's lots of action which Remender does a very good job of writing without getting bogged down with dialogue like some writers do (Cough, Bendis, Cough.) Captain America leads an assault on Zola's giant fortress which is named....wait for it....Zolandia. Who Say's that villains in comic books have a power problem.

Captain America comes into battle with Ian's older sister and the $h!t is on. Great work by John Romita Jr. penciling out the fight, but it's Scott Hanna who does some heavy lifting with the inking. These two have been on of my favorite one, two punches in comics since I started reading back in 1994. Well the battle at Zolandia going down the drain when Captain America goes one on one with Zola's daughter fight and she kicks his ass. Beaten to a pulp Cap is thrown off a cliff.

Ian is upset that with his pappy being thrown off a cliff and is taken back in by Zola but not of his own free will. Zola is super upset because now his Son has been raised in the image of his most hated enemy. Which if you've been reading means Captain America, Not his on again off again buddy the Red Skull (See Uncanny Avengers). The issue ends with Captain America at the bottom of the Cliff and using a blade to cut of the AI that was implanted in him by Zola in issue one. Cap is pissed and he's making one last stand to rescue Ian.

This was balls to the walls fun. Action and it's showed just why you never want to go to war with Cap. Unless Bendis is writing him (See Age of Ultron, or as i call it Windows Vista.) Cap always has a never say die attitude.He'd go through hell and back to do that right thing. Watch out Zola.

-Tash Moore

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Comics Review: Superior Spider-Man #6

Written by: Dan "El Hombre" Slott
Art by: Humberto "Strong Jaw" Ramos

What a ride last issue was, amirite?! I mean, Otto KILLED Masecre! And this one opens up at city hall, with a weird series if tweets from @screwballed. Go try following it, maybe it's a real account! Mayor Jameson is announcing that he's closing down The Raft for good! He doesn't want that revolting place on his doorstep. Then, a flash! A woman in a...street luge outfit and skates...and a dude in a jester costume, ok seriously villains need to come up with better shticks than this! Anyways, they've come to wreck some havoc on the press conference, and they're doing it LIVE!!! Jester straight pies Jameson in the face, OWNED! Then the roller chick PANTS him, BURN! Then they skate off leaving an online fan base nearly pissing themselves in laughter.

One of those in the online fan base is Peter Octavius. Or wait, Otto Parker. that's not right. Doc-Man, eh I give up. He literally does the Mwa-Ha-Ha laugh that every villain does, ever. Mwa-Ha-Ha. Soon after, Spidey gets called to city hall. Jameson wants him to hunt down the terrific duo if Screwball and Jester, well he's got better things to do than catch a bunch of clowns. Right away Jonah accuses the Web-Head of being in league with them since he doesn't want to apprehend them, good ol' J.J.! Otto eventually breaks and decides he's gonna help out and try to catch the two.

Cut to Avengers Tower. Caps considering getting rid of Spider-Man on the team. He's changed in the last couple weeks, he's brutalized his foes and even killed one. Thor even says himself when they fought Electro together, Spider-Man was wild, erratic and arrogant. Ironic Thor would call someone else arrogant, but that's a story for another review kids. Wolverine is the only one who's backing up Spidey. Everyone in that room has done some things they're not proud of. Hurt some people, gotten some blood on their hands. We shouldn't judge one member based of a couple gruesome mistakes he's made. They should sit and wait it out. That decision may just come back for Logan in a way he's just not ready for.

Otto gets to the campus of ESU just in time to meet up with Anna Maria Marconi, his tutor. She gets heckled by some college level jerks as she gets out of her car, stuff she just blows off her shoulder like it's nothing. Meanwhile, the real, dead Peter is swirling in Otto's mind every time he replays another memory from his childhood. Pete's seeing firsthand what caused Otto to become to evil man he turned into.

Back in reality, Otto actually offers to teach those punks a lesson but Anna simply tells him to forget about it. She's been told much worse things in her life. She also tells him the real reason why she called to meet him. She's arranged a second meeting with "Peter" and the Schnoz! The very teacher he offended his first day back at ESU! Halfway through their lunch, his Spider Patrol App goes off telling him one of his Spider-Bots spotted Screwball and Jester and Otto leaves the table in a rush, upsetting both The Schnoz and  Anna.

Otto rushes to the location his app told him, making a quick stop at those two douche bags before dealing with the two clowns. They start streaming love when Spidey finds them and it's a brawl right from the gate! Otto punches Screwball in the boob, quickly that's retaliated with a cheap shot to the no-no place of Otto by the Jester. In the words of Eric Cartman, "Dude...what the f**k? You don't shoot people in the d**k!"

With the world laughing at him, the tag-team start pelting Otto with paint balloons. In pure rage, Spidey rips the eyes out if his mask and the gloves are off. Anna sees what hell Otto caused the bullies. Their car is totaled and they're both trapped in the car! To what end will Otto go to for his revenge? Back to Otto's fight, he bashes the two against a pipe, then unleashes the Spidey fists of fury. All of this violence, driven by Otto's shitty childhood, that Peter was being flung through all of them and couldn't make it out into the real world, until it was too late. Some people can't take a joke, mumbles Screwball all broken, beat and scarred. Jameson's loving it, MJ knows it's not Peter in there, and even Wolverine decides the games are over.

Next issue we have the Avengers having their own War Zone with Spider-Man. How will Otto take the news of being kicked off the team of Earth's Mightiest Heroes? Will he bitterly walk away, or will he, most likely, fight it because he's not gonna take anymore rejection in his life. How will he stand up against the very best of the best? How will the Avengers be able to deal with Spider-Man AND their ever growing ordeal with the X-Men? Find out next issue of Superior Spider-Man!!! Until next week loyal readers!

Matt Milanes

The Verbal Mosh Episode 212

We're catching up with our batch of comics. On this episode of The Verbal Mosh, we review: Chew #32, Conan the Barbarian #14, Justice League #18, Wonder Woman #18, Action Comics #18, Supergirl #18, Nightwing #18, Invincible #101, All New X-Men #9, Savage Wolverine #3, Indestructible Hulk #5, Superior Spider-Man #6, and Daredevil #24. You can hear it right here or for Free on our Facebook page.
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Monday, March 25, 2013

The Verbal Mosh Episode 211

Back to a new episode of The Verbal Mosh! We're talking about comics!
On this week's show: Before Watchmen Ozymandias #6, Batman and Robin #18, Batman #18, Age of Ultron #2, Thor God of Thunder #6, Fantastic Four #5, and Wolverine and the X-Men #26. You can tune in here or also on our Facebook page.
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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Olivia's Pick of the Week: Superboy #18

Superboy #18
Written by Tom DeFalco and Tony Lee
Art by RB Silva and Rob Lean
Cool Cover by Brett Booth

This is a really great comic. H'El is not on Earth. ;) And Superboy has finally gotten himself a reality check. The money he stole, when he was setting himself up in a fancy apartment, has got to be returned. He's going to turn himself over to the authorities as well. It's really interesting to see Superboy's dual nature because the part of him that took the money and spent thousands of it already, I would say, would be the Luthor in him while the part that's returning the money would be the good nature of Superman that's part of him.

Superboy doesn't get much of a chance to turn himself in though because a giant villain named Plasmus (with an awesome accent) bursts through the bank in order to rob it. I laughed SO much because I was thinking the villain had this cool accent like Arnold Schwarzenegger and then the next panel I read, Superboy is telling the guy to get out of here with his Arnold Schwarzenegger accent! Too funny. I love the design for Plasmus, too. He's got a great face that vaguely reminds me of a Balrog.

There's another villain called Dr. Psycho... Psyche... Psycheco... I remember the customer getting her fortune read completely bumbling the guy's name. His power is that when he's giving customers these whack fortune tellings, he's really stealing their account information and pin numbers, etc. He happens to be in the vicinity of where Superboy is battling it out with Plasmus and he's drawn to Superboy's TK powers. They literally suck him in and he's pulled into the mind of Superboy. He has a great time of it because when he's with Superboy, his own powers become stronger. He flies out of Superboy's head in a great panel where Plasmus punches Superboy and Psycho is essentially punched in the head too. There's fantastic storytelling and art in this comic.

Psycho tries to get back into Superboy's mind, but there he's met with the sight of Luthor and it looks like (come the next issue) Superboy is going to finally learn about the man that makes up the other half of his DNA. (Dum. dum. dummmmm. This is awesommmmme.)

This issue had absolutely entertaining dialogues and I'm really enjoying where the story-line is going. This book gets thumbs up all around and you should check it out for yourself.


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Comics Review: Uncanny X-Men #3

Written by: Brian Michael Bendis
Pencils and Colors by: Chris Bachalo

We start this issue off with the new Australian mutant, Eva back in her school days. She's doing a presentation in class about how Captain America is her hero, not because he fights crime or stops the bad guys, but because he hasn't flipped his apple cart after waking up from being frozen for so many years. She wants to be just like Cap, but Australian ^_^ alls happy, until you turn the page. Ahh jeez, The Avengers are facing off against the X-Men at Eva's front door step. Well...THAT escalated quickly. The Avengers wants to bring in Scott and Emma for questioning, and charge them for the murder if Charles Xavier. Scott thinks Steve's got some answering to do as well. To back this up, Emma basically puts the blame on Tony Stark. Had Iron Man not tried to destroy it on the moon, it wouldn't have broken and went into the X-Men. I'm not being reminded why I sided with the Avengers last summer.

So Summers actually asks for a minute to talk it over with his X-Men, seriously?! A time out?!?! Scott lets Magik know that when Cap throws his shield, to teleport them back home. With a change of costume, Cyclops gets some cojones and decides to talk big to the Avengers. How he's not going to stand an watch anymore how mutants gets treated unfairly. In this world, mutants are guilty until proven innocent and he's not going to allow that no more.

After some back and forth from Scott, Captain Marvel, and even Eva herself, Hawkeye gets fed up and aims an arrow straight at Scott's face. Tensions are high and even Magik and Black Widow draw their weapons. Things kick off when Scott tells Cap and the Avengers to go to hell. Not too many people are fans of being told to go to hell. As both teams attack, Eva stops the Avengers in their tracks.

With mere minutes to spare, the X-Men take the advantage and bail from the fight. With Eva saying her goodbyes to her worried mother, Scott delivers a message to a bystander holding a tablet recording the fight.

The second the team arrives back at the new Charles Xavier school, Scott knows they were set up, but by who? The A-Team that showed up wasn't staking out that location. They're the response team, someone had to have told them the X-Men were going. Well the search didn't last long, Magneto fesses up to selling out the team.

His idea actually isn't all that bad. If he told Scott what he was doing, and if the Avengers by chance had a telepath on their team, they'd know Magneto was double crossing them. But if he sells out his own team for a minute, he gains full trust of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Avengers, making them think Magneto is double crossing the X-Men. *deep breath* you follow me?

Scott tells the students to go back to their dorms and settle in for the night, the staff is going on a field trip. That trip is back over to New York, at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. The team of four: Cyclops, Emma Frost, Magik and Magneto appear in New York and Scott calls "To me, my X-Men."

This book is getting better and better with every issue. This Avengers/X-Men conflict is incredible and I love how it's still showing the aftermath of it even today, a year later. Not gonna lie, I feel like Bachalo's color selection isn't too wide, but it's still a good looking book. When there's action, he's sure to bring you big wide panels and lots of small ones to fit in all the important dialogue. Good job from every last person involved in this boo this week. Can't wait to see were else this is going to go. Until next week readers!!!

Matt Milanes

Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Verbal Mosh Episode 210

itunes pic
It's mayhem!!!!!
This is a special episode of The Verbal Mosh. Olivia hosts the show alone and she talks about a knitting web-comic, Worsted for Wear, and Harry Potter. There's even a short yarn review. Crazy.
Listen to the show for free right here or on our Facebook page
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Monday, March 11, 2013

Tash's Pick of the Week: Animal Man #18

Written By Jeff Lemire
Drawn By Steve Pugh

This issue has a really nice cover by Jae Lee. It tells us that this will be the most tragic day in the life of Buddy Baker. Only time will tell from here. I’ve really gotten use to Steve Pugh doing the art for this book. It seems like so long ago that I didn’t really care for it. Boy how I change with the times. This story splits off the Swamp Thing with Animal Man being sent back in the past to save the life of his family and daughter, Maxine.

Animal Man makes his way to the barn where his daughter was taken over by the demons that were working for Anton Arcane. Some really tense panels here as Animal Man isn’t going to go down without a fight. He’s hellbent of protecting his family as any man in his situation would. While battling the Demons Animal Man is down, but thankfully with the help of Sock the cat ( I didn’t make this up, I swear.) Maxine learns how to use her power from the red to heal the people who have been infected with the Rot from Anton Arcane.

Arcane’s bratty little nephew William shows up (first appearing the the pages of Swamp Thing) to lend a hand for the Rot. Maxine and Animal Man are too late and Animal Man’s son Cliff jumps in to save the life of his father. Animal Man gets William away from his son while the creeps infected with the Rot have no problem killing William. Feeling that somehow Anton his tricked and betrayed the Rot.

Cliff is has protecting his dad, Animal Man and is fatally wounded. Buddy holds his dying son in his arms and mourns. Powerless Animal Man and his family look on as Cliff succumbs to his wounds. I really didn’t see this coming and this we crazy. You saw the cover and was like “Oh sure, tragic, right.” After all the hell he went through you kind of got the feeling that Animal Man would get through this whole storyline without a hitch.

I don’t really know how I feel about Cliff being killed off. I didn’t see that happening. But I’ll give credit to the whole creative team that for once a comic book lived up to the cover and made you really give a damn. Heart wrenching stuff and I recommend that people that really loves amazing comics read this book. Makes you really think at what price victory?

-Tash Moore

Comics Review: All New X-Men #8

Written by: Brian Michael Bendis
Art by: David Marquez

We're catching up with Angel and Warren flying high and being free in all their angelic like...uhm...glory and stuff. Angel almost tells Warren about how he died and I'm sure no ones ever been happier to hear an explosion. A sigh of relief for explosions. The Avengers tower has been hit! Hell, Warren's just shocked to see they've moved out of a mansion. A whole TOWER! George Jefferson would be proud, they got that deluxe apartment! Ok, enough. HAIL HYDRA!!!

Don't worry readers, I'm not with a communist...or with Hydra. But they are attacking Avengers Tower! It's two Angel's vs their forces and boy is this an entertaining couple pages. I absolutely loved the back to back full pages of how the two Angels are handling the attack. On one side we have still human Warren smart mouthing the soldiers all while asking himself rhetorical questions, barely escaping attack. Then, on the other we have preset day Angel assuring Warren he'll keep him safe......cuse if Warren dies then there's no Angel. I scratch your back, you stay alive so I can exist. It goes something like that, right? The next couple pages are packed with Angelic action. Literally tearing through the mechs, dodging bullets and rockets. Tons-o-fun! But it's all fun and games until a Warren gets shot. He gets hit an is falling while Hydras lady leader woman guy dude person's got him locked in her sights.

All looks from for the young Warren just as the Avengers come home! And, like most people since the dawn of time, aren't too cool with people attacking their turf. Warren's caught and with one KRAKABOOM, Hydra is halted. As the adrenaline comes down and everyone is coming down from the fight, Cap notices there's two Angels.

Back to the Jean Grey school and Captain America would like to have some words with his long time friend and ally Hank McCoy. As they more than likely argue, Iceman and Kitty are left behind watching, and hilariously mimicking their conversation. Guessing, and very accurately at that, the conversation going on between Beast and Cap. Just then, shocking everyone and their mothers, young Scott Summers walks over to Steve and tells him straight up he knows the situation between his older self and the Avengers. He hopes he's given the chance to help make it right. Then walks away. He walks away! From Captain America!!! Just like that. Complete and total BAWS! Even Logan's impressed.

As the Avengers fly off, an alarm starts blaring. It's Warren trying to use the time cube. Although he doesn't know how to use it, he's trying to make it work so he can go back home. He says he was outvoted and never wanted to stay in the first place. A very powerful page has Warren screaming and crying at his teammates. Saying how when they get back, he knows now he has to just get the hell away from "you people." Then his face just goes blank and he asks what's for lunch. That's it, he's completely lost each and every single last one of his marbles. They're gone. Until Jean steps out, with a new hairdo, revealing she tapped his mind to calm him down. She walks away telling the group she can read their minds and not to worry, she's in total control. So that can only mean worry beyond reason, she has absolutely no control.

An incredible read this week. I blew through it in minutes, yet it was enough to review. I'm loving everything about this book. The story, the art, the colors. Speaking of art it's all been strong on this book since the start. The colors especially have been my favorite. They've been very strong and bold from in every issue. The brights are super bright, and the darks are creepily dark. It's great, I can't stop raving about this book. Keep it up team! Until next week!

Matt Milanes

The Verbal Mosh Episode 209

One day late. Don't blame us. Blame the snow. Or blame it on the rain, baby.
We've got comics to talk about!
Before Watchmen Rorschach #4, Superman #17, Superman Family Adventures #10, Green Arrow #18, Green Lantern #18, Swamp Thing #18, Age of Ultron #1, All New X-Men #8, and Superior Spider-Man #5. Listen for free right here or on our Facebook page.
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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Olivia's Pick of the Week: FF #4

FF #4
writer: Matt Fraction
artist: Mike Allred

I loved this story. The cover on this, drawn by Mike Allred, speaks volumes about just how fantastic this story is.

This issue starts out with the discussion about getting rid of Doom and it's a frank and wise discussion about whether such a thing should be possible. A good chunk of the story focuses on the molloids who have a crush on She-Hulk, and whom they refer to as "The Jen." Upon discovering that she'll be going on a date with an old fling, they feel jealous and insecure and want to make sure her date goes poorly so she can be all theirs.

Spear-heading their exploits is Bentley. They keep trying to ruin Jen's date, but at each turn, they make it little bit by little bit an even better date. It all builds to the anticipation of the kiss at the end of the date. It's tough luck for the molloids, but it calls for some serious contemplation for Bentley if he ever wants to be successful at being bad.

There's a moment in the story that I, also, really enjoyed having to do with Johnny. Not everyone is ready to fall in step with the guy. Medusa feels like that isn't the Johnny she knows. It's nice to hear some doubt, after all, they're moving forward based on what the guy says happened to the rest of the Fantastic Four without any kind of corroboration. I would be very skeptical of the guy. He's old and very blue, for heaven's sake! That's certainly not the Johnny I'm familiar with.

It's fantastic art done by the Allred's. I love the quality of the lines and the simplicity of the colors. It was a very enjoyable story.


Trade Central Station: Saga Vol. 1

We're coming to you guys with a new episode of Trade Central Station!
Saga Volume 1 written by Brian K. Vaughan and art by Fiona Staples.
Robots having sex. Mutilated ghost children. A child, an idea that could be Hope but is named Hazel instead. Listen as we discuss and review the plot of this six issue trade. And be sure to find more reviews at our website: Tune in to here this review for free or on our Facebook page.

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Comics Review: Talon #5

Plot By Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV
Written By James Tynion IV
Drawn By Guillem March

Once again it's that time of the month. Hey, at least Talon has pants on this time. Time to take time out my super busy (lazy) schedule to talk about Talon. A book that has the Iron Man hilt to it. (meaning we don't talk about it on the show, kinda like fight club only you know fight club was really good.) Calvin Rose aka Talon hangs out with his best friend and they fight each other in the basement of a bar. Wait, sorry i got a Little mixed there.

Calvin has been taking things very easy. After his knock down drag out fight with the evil super Talon in last issue, Calvin has been relaxing with his girl Casey and her daughter. Calvin is not looking forward to getting back out there and going toe to toe with the Court of Owls anytime soon.

Sebastian Clark who is kind of like Calvin's Alfred tells Calvin they need to continue to make moves against the Court while they are weak. While Calvin would be more then happy with just a normal life. But duty calls and Calvin is sent to a giant rock which acts as a fortress for the court in the middle of Gotham. This felt odd. If Calvin was trying to stay out of the reaches of the Court why in the hell would he go back to Gotham City?
I mean i can see it making a little sense but it just kinda threw me off. Know myself I'd just head for the hills.

Batman and Nightwing are in this book too. It was funny because Nightwing is helping Batman to make security repairs in the Batcave and Batman's acting like the whole "Death of the Family" story didn't take place. Batman sounds like an editor over at the house of ideas. Nightwing acts all hurt and leaves but Batman notices that the Court is slowly but surely coming out of the shadows once again.

This also have the super Talon in here. He's been tracking Calvin since the last issue and has followed him to Gotham City. Seeing as how he's having problems locating Calvin he decides he going to have some fun. What does he do for fun? Why he rings a couples doorbell and kills them in cold blood. See to be honest, it doesn't sound all that cool when you type it but if you would have been able to see the cool art for it by the awesome Guillem March you would know what i mean. It's awesome stuff.

The issue ends in a big screw job. Calvin goes underwater to break into the Court of Owls giant rock only to walk into a trap. Turns out that this rock is the fortress of John Wycliffe (not of the fugees fame). John just happens to be the current Grand Master of the Court of Owls. That said Calvin is surrounded by Talons and this Grand Master is going to school him in Kung Fu........or not. Be here for all the spin kicks next moth.

-Tash Moore

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Comics Review: Avenging Spider-Man #17

Written by: Chris Yost
Art by: Paco Medina

This week we've got another issue from the great Spidey Team-Up book! We've got "Peter" Otto is having a day with the kids of the Future Foundation, and what a better mix than a bunch of ratchet ass children and Otto Octavious?! So lets open it up and get started.

It opens up with a man with no face bursting into an office to show another man a report that came in. It's about a target, guess they're a hit agency or something of that nature. And the target is in the Baxter Building!

Spidey as Otto meets the meet the team in charge in place of the Fantastic Four for the first time and he thinks they've asked him to help with a mission. Well, they had something else in mind, a little more on the I'm-a-16-year-old-girl-this-is-my-first-job kind of side. Yeah...he's babysitting the Future Foundation...greeeeaaaaaat!

So it's going just normal in the beginning, and by normal I mean all hell is breaking loose. Kids are playing with silly string, the Spidey light thing, all the fun stuff, until Otto comes across one lonely kid. He's in his room working on something that he's not too interested in showing other people. Naturally, this means Otto wants to know what it is! And at the exact moment he finds out, the kids actually want him to teach them some stuff, like seriously kids?! NOW?!?! Quickly brushing them off, Web-Head heads to a vault in the Baxter Building, uninterrupted until a big ass bounty hunter robot comes for him!

The crews doing a great job of holding them off, activating all security measures set up be Reed Richards to protect them. We learn from a random white guy from the beginning of the book, the one that comes with every secret government group, that they're from the future. Apparently, the Future Foundation is credited with destroying the universe, not something that TOO many people WANT to be credited for, and for that, they must go to future jail. Think of it like extreme crime prevention, like that good Tom Cruise movie Minority Report. This guy even knows Otto's secret! To prevent THAT from coming out, he starts a hellish fight again. Even taking off the head of the bounty hunter robot! They bring another one from the past, but he gets kicked out of a window after like 3 seconds. Since the fighting's getting them nowhere, Spider-Man decides NOWS the time to talk it out.

Being a villain and all, and this kid being pretty damn evil, you know with the whole destroy the universe thing, Otto knows how to deal with him. Whispers some sweet nothing's into the kids ear and before you know it, he's swearing not to go through with the plan. Well what do ya know, that events been erased from time! Yayayayayay!!!

Future people gtfo, big ass robots left on 6th ave, and everyone's happy. Well, except the FF who have come home to a messy house and hyper kids. Spidey's quick to leave as well hmmmmmm. It ends at his underwater lab, Otto has stolen from Reed Richards, the dreaded Sandman!!!!!! And close!

These last could AvSM with Otto have been pretty entertaining. First with the X-Men and the giant spider, now with the Future Foundation. Very entertaining, and incredible work by Paco Medina on the art of this book. I don't think I've read anything drawn by him that I didn't like. Next ish we've got Thor involved in the team up mix, can't wait!!! Till next week readers!

Matt Milanes

Monday, March 4, 2013

The Verbal Mosh Episode 208

A short episode today as we review: Uncanny Avengers #4, Before Watchmen Dr. Manhattan #4, Aquaman #17, Flash #17, and Batman Incorporated #8.
Dr. Manhattan is the great equalizer. For all the explicit female depictions in comics, there we have Dr. Manhattan's blue member. Hear this new episode right here or also on our Facebook page.
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