Monday, March 11, 2013

Comics Review: All New X-Men #8

Written by: Brian Michael Bendis
Art by: David Marquez

We're catching up with Angel and Warren flying high and being free in all their angelic like...uhm...glory and stuff. Angel almost tells Warren about how he died and I'm sure no ones ever been happier to hear an explosion. A sigh of relief for explosions. The Avengers tower has been hit! Hell, Warren's just shocked to see they've moved out of a mansion. A whole TOWER! George Jefferson would be proud, they got that deluxe apartment! Ok, enough. HAIL HYDRA!!!

Don't worry readers, I'm not with a communist...or with Hydra. But they are attacking Avengers Tower! It's two Angel's vs their forces and boy is this an entertaining couple pages. I absolutely loved the back to back full pages of how the two Angels are handling the attack. On one side we have still human Warren smart mouthing the soldiers all while asking himself rhetorical questions, barely escaping attack. Then, on the other we have preset day Angel assuring Warren he'll keep him safe......cuse if Warren dies then there's no Angel. I scratch your back, you stay alive so I can exist. It goes something like that, right? The next couple pages are packed with Angelic action. Literally tearing through the mechs, dodging bullets and rockets. Tons-o-fun! But it's all fun and games until a Warren gets shot. He gets hit an is falling while Hydras lady leader woman guy dude person's got him locked in her sights.

All looks from for the young Warren just as the Avengers come home! And, like most people since the dawn of time, aren't too cool with people attacking their turf. Warren's caught and with one KRAKABOOM, Hydra is halted. As the adrenaline comes down and everyone is coming down from the fight, Cap notices there's two Angels.

Back to the Jean Grey school and Captain America would like to have some words with his long time friend and ally Hank McCoy. As they more than likely argue, Iceman and Kitty are left behind watching, and hilariously mimicking their conversation. Guessing, and very accurately at that, the conversation going on between Beast and Cap. Just then, shocking everyone and their mothers, young Scott Summers walks over to Steve and tells him straight up he knows the situation between his older self and the Avengers. He hopes he's given the chance to help make it right. Then walks away. He walks away! From Captain America!!! Just like that. Complete and total BAWS! Even Logan's impressed.

As the Avengers fly off, an alarm starts blaring. It's Warren trying to use the time cube. Although he doesn't know how to use it, he's trying to make it work so he can go back home. He says he was outvoted and never wanted to stay in the first place. A very powerful page has Warren screaming and crying at his teammates. Saying how when they get back, he knows now he has to just get the hell away from "you people." Then his face just goes blank and he asks what's for lunch. That's it, he's completely lost each and every single last one of his marbles. They're gone. Until Jean steps out, with a new hairdo, revealing she tapped his mind to calm him down. She walks away telling the group she can read their minds and not to worry, she's in total control. So that can only mean worry beyond reason, she has absolutely no control.

An incredible read this week. I blew through it in minutes, yet it was enough to review. I'm loving everything about this book. The story, the art, the colors. Speaking of art it's all been strong on this book since the start. The colors especially have been my favorite. They've been very strong and bold from in every issue. The brights are super bright, and the darks are creepily dark. It's great, I can't stop raving about this book. Keep it up team! Until next week!

Matt Milanes

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