Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Comics Review: Avenging Spider-Man #17

Written by: Chris Yost
Art by: Paco Medina

This week we've got another issue from the great Spidey Team-Up book! We've got "Peter" Otto is having a day with the kids of the Future Foundation, and what a better mix than a bunch of ratchet ass children and Otto Octavious?! So lets open it up and get started.

It opens up with a man with no face bursting into an office to show another man a report that came in. It's about a target, guess they're a hit agency or something of that nature. And the target is in the Baxter Building!

Spidey as Otto meets the meet the team in charge in place of the Fantastic Four for the first time and he thinks they've asked him to help with a mission. Well, they had something else in mind, a little more on the I'm-a-16-year-old-girl-this-is-my-first-job kind of side. Yeah...he's babysitting the Future Foundation...greeeeaaaaaat!

So it's going just normal in the beginning, and by normal I mean all hell is breaking loose. Kids are playing with silly string, the Spidey light thing, all the fun stuff, until Otto comes across one lonely kid. He's in his room working on something that he's not too interested in showing other people. Naturally, this means Otto wants to know what it is! And at the exact moment he finds out, the kids actually want him to teach them some stuff, like seriously kids?! NOW?!?! Quickly brushing them off, Web-Head heads to a vault in the Baxter Building, uninterrupted until a big ass bounty hunter robot comes for him!

The crews doing a great job of holding them off, activating all security measures set up be Reed Richards to protect them. We learn from a random white guy from the beginning of the book, the one that comes with every secret government group, that they're from the future. Apparently, the Future Foundation is credited with destroying the universe, not something that TOO many people WANT to be credited for, and for that, they must go to future jail. Think of it like extreme crime prevention, like that good Tom Cruise movie Minority Report. This guy even knows Otto's secret! To prevent THAT from coming out, he starts a hellish fight again. Even taking off the head of the bounty hunter robot! They bring another one from the past, but he gets kicked out of a window after like 3 seconds. Since the fighting's getting them nowhere, Spider-Man decides NOWS the time to talk it out.

Being a villain and all, and this kid being pretty damn evil, you know with the whole destroy the universe thing, Otto knows how to deal with him. Whispers some sweet nothing's into the kids ear and before you know it, he's swearing not to go through with the plan. Well what do ya know, that events been erased from time! Yayayayayay!!!

Future people gtfo, big ass robots left on 6th ave, and everyone's happy. Well, except the FF who have come home to a messy house and hyper kids. Spidey's quick to leave as well hmmmmmm. It ends at his underwater lab, Otto has stolen from Reed Richards, the dreaded Sandman!!!!!! And close!

These last could AvSM with Otto have been pretty entertaining. First with the X-Men and the giant spider, now with the Future Foundation. Very entertaining, and incredible work by Paco Medina on the art of this book. I don't think I've read anything drawn by him that I didn't like. Next ish we've got Thor involved in the team up mix, can't wait!!! Till next week readers!

Matt Milanes

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