Thursday, March 7, 2013

Comics Review: Talon #5

Plot By Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV
Written By James Tynion IV
Drawn By Guillem March

Once again it's that time of the month. Hey, at least Talon has pants on this time. Time to take time out my super busy (lazy) schedule to talk about Talon. A book that has the Iron Man hilt to it. (meaning we don't talk about it on the show, kinda like fight club only you know fight club was really good.) Calvin Rose aka Talon hangs out with his best friend and they fight each other in the basement of a bar. Wait, sorry i got a Little mixed there.

Calvin has been taking things very easy. After his knock down drag out fight with the evil super Talon in last issue, Calvin has been relaxing with his girl Casey and her daughter. Calvin is not looking forward to getting back out there and going toe to toe with the Court of Owls anytime soon.

Sebastian Clark who is kind of like Calvin's Alfred tells Calvin they need to continue to make moves against the Court while they are weak. While Calvin would be more then happy with just a normal life. But duty calls and Calvin is sent to a giant rock which acts as a fortress for the court in the middle of Gotham. This felt odd. If Calvin was trying to stay out of the reaches of the Court why in the hell would he go back to Gotham City?
I mean i can see it making a little sense but it just kinda threw me off. Know myself I'd just head for the hills.

Batman and Nightwing are in this book too. It was funny because Nightwing is helping Batman to make security repairs in the Batcave and Batman's acting like the whole "Death of the Family" story didn't take place. Batman sounds like an editor over at the house of ideas. Nightwing acts all hurt and leaves but Batman notices that the Court is slowly but surely coming out of the shadows once again.

This also have the super Talon in here. He's been tracking Calvin since the last issue and has followed him to Gotham City. Seeing as how he's having problems locating Calvin he decides he going to have some fun. What does he do for fun? Why he rings a couples doorbell and kills them in cold blood. See to be honest, it doesn't sound all that cool when you type it but if you would have been able to see the cool art for it by the awesome Guillem March you would know what i mean. It's awesome stuff.

The issue ends in a big screw job. Calvin goes underwater to break into the Court of Owls giant rock only to walk into a trap. Turns out that this rock is the fortress of John Wycliffe (not of the fugees fame). John just happens to be the current Grand Master of the Court of Owls. That said Calvin is surrounded by Talons and this Grand Master is going to school him in Kung Fu........or not. Be here for all the spin kicks next moth.

-Tash Moore

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