Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Comics Review: Uncanny X-Men #3

Written by: Brian Michael Bendis
Pencils and Colors by: Chris Bachalo

We start this issue off with the new Australian mutant, Eva back in her school days. She's doing a presentation in class about how Captain America is her hero, not because he fights crime or stops the bad guys, but because he hasn't flipped his apple cart after waking up from being frozen for so many years. She wants to be just like Cap, but Australian ^_^ alls happy, until you turn the page. Ahh jeez, The Avengers are facing off against the X-Men at Eva's front door step. Well...THAT escalated quickly. The Avengers wants to bring in Scott and Emma for questioning, and charge them for the murder if Charles Xavier. Scott thinks Steve's got some answering to do as well. To back this up, Emma basically puts the blame on Tony Stark. Had Iron Man not tried to destroy it on the moon, it wouldn't have broken and went into the X-Men. I'm not being reminded why I sided with the Avengers last summer.

So Summers actually asks for a minute to talk it over with his X-Men, seriously?! A time out?!?! Scott lets Magik know that when Cap throws his shield, to teleport them back home. With a change of costume, Cyclops gets some cojones and decides to talk big to the Avengers. How he's not going to stand an watch anymore how mutants gets treated unfairly. In this world, mutants are guilty until proven innocent and he's not going to allow that no more.

After some back and forth from Scott, Captain Marvel, and even Eva herself, Hawkeye gets fed up and aims an arrow straight at Scott's face. Tensions are high and even Magik and Black Widow draw their weapons. Things kick off when Scott tells Cap and the Avengers to go to hell. Not too many people are fans of being told to go to hell. As both teams attack, Eva stops the Avengers in their tracks.

With mere minutes to spare, the X-Men take the advantage and bail from the fight. With Eva saying her goodbyes to her worried mother, Scott delivers a message to a bystander holding a tablet recording the fight.

The second the team arrives back at the new Charles Xavier school, Scott knows they were set up, but by who? The A-Team that showed up wasn't staking out that location. They're the response team, someone had to have told them the X-Men were going. Well the search didn't last long, Magneto fesses up to selling out the team.

His idea actually isn't all that bad. If he told Scott what he was doing, and if the Avengers by chance had a telepath on their team, they'd know Magneto was double crossing them. But if he sells out his own team for a minute, he gains full trust of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Avengers, making them think Magneto is double crossing the X-Men. *deep breath* you follow me?

Scott tells the students to go back to their dorms and settle in for the night, the staff is going on a field trip. That trip is back over to New York, at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. The team of four: Cyclops, Emma Frost, Magik and Magneto appear in New York and Scott calls "To me, my X-Men."

This book is getting better and better with every issue. This Avengers/X-Men conflict is incredible and I love how it's still showing the aftermath of it even today, a year later. Not gonna lie, I feel like Bachalo's color selection isn't too wide, but it's still a good looking book. When there's action, he's sure to bring you big wide panels and lots of small ones to fit in all the important dialogue. Good job from every last person involved in this boo this week. Can't wait to see were else this is going to go. Until next week readers!!!

Matt Milanes

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