Thursday, March 7, 2013

Olivia's Pick of the Week: FF #4

FF #4
writer: Matt Fraction
artist: Mike Allred

I loved this story. The cover on this, drawn by Mike Allred, speaks volumes about just how fantastic this story is.

This issue starts out with the discussion about getting rid of Doom and it's a frank and wise discussion about whether such a thing should be possible. A good chunk of the story focuses on the molloids who have a crush on She-Hulk, and whom they refer to as "The Jen." Upon discovering that she'll be going on a date with an old fling, they feel jealous and insecure and want to make sure her date goes poorly so she can be all theirs.

Spear-heading their exploits is Bentley. They keep trying to ruin Jen's date, but at each turn, they make it little bit by little bit an even better date. It all builds to the anticipation of the kiss at the end of the date. It's tough luck for the molloids, but it calls for some serious contemplation for Bentley if he ever wants to be successful at being bad.

There's a moment in the story that I, also, really enjoyed having to do with Johnny. Not everyone is ready to fall in step with the guy. Medusa feels like that isn't the Johnny she knows. It's nice to hear some doubt, after all, they're moving forward based on what the guy says happened to the rest of the Fantastic Four without any kind of corroboration. I would be very skeptical of the guy. He's old and very blue, for heaven's sake! That's certainly not the Johnny I'm familiar with.

It's fantastic art done by the Allred's. I love the quality of the lines and the simplicity of the colors. It was a very enjoyable story.


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