Sunday, March 24, 2013

Olivia's Pick of the Week: Superboy #18

Superboy #18
Written by Tom DeFalco and Tony Lee
Art by RB Silva and Rob Lean
Cool Cover by Brett Booth

This is a really great comic. H'El is not on Earth. ;) And Superboy has finally gotten himself a reality check. The money he stole, when he was setting himself up in a fancy apartment, has got to be returned. He's going to turn himself over to the authorities as well. It's really interesting to see Superboy's dual nature because the part of him that took the money and spent thousands of it already, I would say, would be the Luthor in him while the part that's returning the money would be the good nature of Superman that's part of him.

Superboy doesn't get much of a chance to turn himself in though because a giant villain named Plasmus (with an awesome accent) bursts through the bank in order to rob it. I laughed SO much because I was thinking the villain had this cool accent like Arnold Schwarzenegger and then the next panel I read, Superboy is telling the guy to get out of here with his Arnold Schwarzenegger accent! Too funny. I love the design for Plasmus, too. He's got a great face that vaguely reminds me of a Balrog.

There's another villain called Dr. Psycho... Psyche... Psycheco... I remember the customer getting her fortune read completely bumbling the guy's name. His power is that when he's giving customers these whack fortune tellings, he's really stealing their account information and pin numbers, etc. He happens to be in the vicinity of where Superboy is battling it out with Plasmus and he's drawn to Superboy's TK powers. They literally suck him in and he's pulled into the mind of Superboy. He has a great time of it because when he's with Superboy, his own powers become stronger. He flies out of Superboy's head in a great panel where Plasmus punches Superboy and Psycho is essentially punched in the head too. There's fantastic storytelling and art in this comic.

Psycho tries to get back into Superboy's mind, but there he's met with the sight of Luthor and it looks like (come the next issue) Superboy is going to finally learn about the man that makes up the other half of his DNA. (Dum. dum. dummmmm. This is awesommmmme.)

This issue had absolutely entertaining dialogues and I'm really enjoying where the story-line is going. This book gets thumbs up all around and you should check it out for yourself.


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