Thursday, March 28, 2013

Tash's Pick of the Week: Captain America #5

Written By Rick Remender
Pencils By John Romita Jr.
Inks By Tom Palmer & Scott Hanna

I really can't remember how many damn times this title has been rebooted. What are we like on the seventh volume of Captain America? Oh well, this was still a really great comic to read. Cap is still running around in Dimension Z and has Zola's son Ian riding shotgun with him. Captain America has been down for a long time now. That's prison lingo for being away from Friends and family. Hey, it's my review so let me spice it up a bit.

Zola's full grown daughter in this book is taught to believe that Captain America has has killed Ian and that he is coming for Zola next. Well we all know that's just not true. Cap has done the hero like thing and taken Ian under his wing and raised him as his own. Zola also believes that Captain America has killed the boy.

No BS in this issue. It's lots of action which Remender does a very good job of writing without getting bogged down with dialogue like some writers do (Cough, Bendis, Cough.) Captain America leads an assault on Zola's giant fortress which is named....wait for it....Zolandia. Who Say's that villains in comic books have a power problem.

Captain America comes into battle with Ian's older sister and the $h!t is on. Great work by John Romita Jr. penciling out the fight, but it's Scott Hanna who does some heavy lifting with the inking. These two have been on of my favorite one, two punches in comics since I started reading back in 1994. Well the battle at Zolandia going down the drain when Captain America goes one on one with Zola's daughter fight and she kicks his ass. Beaten to a pulp Cap is thrown off a cliff.

Ian is upset that with his pappy being thrown off a cliff and is taken back in by Zola but not of his own free will. Zola is super upset because now his Son has been raised in the image of his most hated enemy. Which if you've been reading means Captain America, Not his on again off again buddy the Red Skull (See Uncanny Avengers). The issue ends with Captain America at the bottom of the Cliff and using a blade to cut of the AI that was implanted in him by Zola in issue one. Cap is pissed and he's making one last stand to rescue Ian.

This was balls to the walls fun. Action and it's showed just why you never want to go to war with Cap. Unless Bendis is writing him (See Age of Ultron, or as i call it Windows Vista.) Cap always has a never say die attitude.He'd go through hell and back to do that right thing. Watch out Zola.

-Tash Moore

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