Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Verbal Mosh Episode 217

They're all a bunch of jerks!
That seemed to be the common theme in this week's stack of comic books. For Episode 217, we're reviewing Before Watchmen Comedian #6, Flash #19, Superman #19, Batman Incorporated #10, Superman Family Adventures #12, Invincible #102, Uncanny Avengers #7, Fantastic Four #7, FF #6, Scarlet Spider #16, and Wolverine and the X-Men #28. Check this new Episode out right here or it can be heard on our Facebook page.
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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Tash's Pick of the Week: Thief of Thieves #13

Plot by Robert Kirkman
Written by James Asmus
Drawn By Shawn Martinbrough

The Kirkman book that isn't Invincible or about zombies. Just a fun comic book that makes you mad when you reach that last page. When last we left off Redmond and his totally dumb ass son Augustus are trying to save his girlfriend Emma from the Colombian drug runners.  Emma has been an inside woman with the FBI and they bail her out. Augustus and Redmond are caught in the crossfire and the Feds know that they are there.

Redmond starts to panic. Mostly because he's he's so used to having a plan at sticking to it. Redmond starts to spaz and Augustus ( who is normally a fuck up) is the one who is quick on his. He pulls the fire alarm making all the people who live in the building exit. In the confusion the Feds lower their weapons and Redmond and son escape.

Things get even crazier when Redmond and his son part and decide that until they know more about if Emma is a snitch or not, they should stay away from each other. Emma is a snitch and she is throwing people under the bus. We'll not everybody. She never talks about Redmond or Augustus. So that's pretty positive (only to Redmond and Augustus).

Redmond goes home to rest and relax then gets attacked. He's beaten and thrown into a car. Redmond wakes up and has a hood over his head. He and his son are tied to chairs Ala Pulp Fiction. A crazy Colombian named Lola and he kills two of his own men with a machete. Because Lola's operation is compromised because of Redmond and his son, Lola is going to make them work for him going forward.

All in all, I love the solid story and artwork. It'd be cool if this book came out twice a month but hey, you can't have everything. Kudos to how the different writers are able to keep the beat with the basic plot that Kirkman has laid out. I want to see how Redmond gets out of this one.

-Tash Moore

The Verbal Mosh: The Avengers Unlocked Part 2

Here's the second part of the video, by Matt Milanes, reviewing Marvel's Phase 1 Cinematic Universe: Avengers Assemble.
In this portion of the video, Matt gives you an in-depth look at the secret files that are a part of the bonus features of this collection. You get to hear about Tony Stark and Captain America. Check it right here or on our Facebook page.
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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Comics Review: Savage Wolverine #4

Written and Art by: Frank Cho

The buddy cop comic book so good, Kevin Smith would direct it, returns this week with another magnificent issue. So far, Wolverine and Shanna have made themselves a bomb. They want to use this bomb to destroy the machine that's keeping them trapped on the island. Unfortunately for them, that machine also keeps a huge monster captive, and he wouldn't be too happy about being held prisoner for so long. So imagine what he'd do if he got out. Shanna's also presumed dead and taken by the natives and Amadeus Cho. She's been separated from Logan, and good golly Ms. Molly is he pissed. He wants to blow the damn thing up and get off the island as soon as he can. Oh, did I mention he doesn't know about the prisoner? Lets get started.

The native and Amadeus have Shanna, dead, and are waking through the jungle like it's no ones business. Finally reaching their destination, Cho realizes they've come to a very old tree covered in vines and bares a striking resemblance to...Man-Thing?! He was also thought to be long gone, but apparently, there's another. The setup is a ritualistic looking location. Right under the Man-Thing is a pit large enough for a body. Seems like a sacrificial area. Schweet. They place Shanna into the pit and the tribe elder dude guy starts praying to the gods for divine power. Then he just straight stabs Man-Things schnoz with Shanna's knife. Green oozey muck starts pouring out of the nose and into the pit, completely engulfing Shanna, only for her to rise up and walk out of it. It worked, the damn crazy idea worked!

Immediately she freaks and starts questioning everyone, mostly by force. A quick game of catch up brings her to speed about the prisoner and how insanely bad of an idea it is to let it out. All talk is interrupted by a blaring alarm. Wolverine has reached the temple gate. An incredible page of violence commences with Logan shearing sides, stabbing through people, and even slashing eye balls. All of the warriors set to protect the temple. Blood everywhere in a way that only Frank Cho can master. With one guard left, Wolverine gives her the option to stop blowing her little horn and run. Well, that horn called on some big ass gorilla guys that just want to eff stuff up. The next two pages needed no words, it's just pure, awesome, beautiful looking violence. Just when you think it's over for Logan cuse he's been slammed under the hand of one gorilla, he just cuts some of it's fingers off. Almost crushed by another's fist? Just stab his eye out. Some slices here, slashes there, and the fights over. Three dead gorillas, a list of broken bones and body parts, and one pissed off Wolverine later, we have peace. Sort of.

Shanna's running full on Amazonian Woman to catch up to Logan to warn him of the prisoner, and he just continues walking to the machine ever so unknowingly. He pulls out the bomb, she's running faster. Sweat pouring down. Heart rates going faster. WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO?!?!?! Well while we panic, Shanna's gonna do the right thing and launch a spear at Wolverine. Hilariously enough, this hits him in the same exact hole that he's been getting stabbed in ALL SERIES. "Ugh, that's never gonna heal right." I can imagine his frustration.

*sigh of relief* Alls safe in the savage land and Wolverine can go home! YAYAYAYAYAY that is, until some lights shine. The door opens up revealing that the prisoner was let free anyways, regardless of everyone's efforts to stop it. That prisoner is also...The Hulk?!?! *sigh of one shitting themselves*

Month after month this book continues to amaze me. The art is beyond beautiful, the writing is impeccable. This book is damn near perfection. I love how some parts are written like the first ever Wolverine series. A nice homage to Millar. Definitely a good book, and if you're not buying it every month, YOU'RE CRAZY! And you should go back track the handful of issues and put this on your pull list. Until next week guys!

Matt Milanes

Monday, April 22, 2013

Wrestlemania 29 Review

As I'm sure, you've all watched the Super Bowl of wrestling last weekend. And if you haven't, well its okay, not everyone can be cool or loved. I don't judge, as do most of your parents. For those who weren't there and couldn't see it, I'm here to bring you the play-by-play of the show itself. My first time ever at the new Giants and Jets stadium, MetLife Stadium and boy let me tell you, it was a beautiful place. The stadum packed in over 80,000 people into it and every last voice was heard that night. Every match, from the 3-Man Tag Team, to the best match of the night, Undertaker vs. CM Punk, to the main event, The Rock vs. John Cena. The theme for the night was "coming home" as you all know, WrestleMania got its start in gold ol' New York at Madison Square Garden, and since then had been there multiple times. The event has become so big now though, that the last couple years, its been forced to move to stadiums that can fit the crowd it brings in. The set for the place was phenominal, there was a huge Statue of Liberty above the ring and the ramp was at the base of the Brooklyn Bridge, which was in front of the Empire State Building. A truly beautiful set, with a powerful strong message, reconstruction and strength for New York and New Jersey after the devistation of Hurricane Sandy last October.
    The first match of the night was the 3-Man Tag-Team Match between Sheamus, Randy Orton and The Big Show vs. The Shield. This was a very entertaining match and it set of the mood for WrestleMania just perfectly. High flying fighting, like every match should be. It ended painfully though, Sheamus was getting his ass handed to him and was crawling over to Big Show, before Orton literally steals the tag, shocking Big Show. Then Orton goes and loses the match. How was Senor Big respond to this? Gives Randy a nice good boot to the face after the bell is rung. Just for fun, let's give Sheamus a foot to the face as well, why the hell not? Great match, filled with hard hitting dudes, and betrayal. The next match was against a guy I used to watch when I was younger, Mark Henry. Strongest man in the world, the title he's been given. He went face to face against a guy new to me, and a quick favorite of mine. His name was RyBack and man oh man was this guy massive. Muscles sitting on muscles, and a catch prase that suggests an appetite, "Feed! Me! More!", he was robbed of a win. Personally that's just what I think, but they gotta follow the script. Oh, man, did I just blow that for you guys?
    The following match was a Tag-Team match for the belts. Team "Hell No" which consists of Kane, another childhood favorite of mine and Daniel Brian. For those who don't know, but may have seen some meme's, he's the guy who doesn't speak...unless he's chanting YES! YES! YES! or NO! NO! NO! They squared off Dolph Ziggler and Big E. Langston. When Kane came out, the entire place went dark except for the fire lights around the stadium, just like I remember as a kid. Even the letters around the stadium reading MetLife turned a firey red. The same intor music he's had since the beginning left a creepy chill running down my spine. In the end, team Hell No came out the victors of this match. The following match up was yet again, another childhood favorite of mine and even one I got to meet a couple years ago at a book signing. Chris Jericho vs. a brand new wrestler fighting in his first ever WWE match, Fandango. Coming out to an extravagent dance number with many beautiful woman. Good ol' Y2J wasn't going to allow that and come out to some boring into though. Sporting a very colorful, light up jacket, Jericho makes his intro with fireworks just as bright as that very jacket. A very exciting match, but it ended in disappointment. This was a high flying match if any. Right from the get, Jericho leaping and running around going full on assault on the poor Fandango. After missing a Lionsault, and some failed Walls of Jericho's Fandango finally got the WWE veteran in a three count and won his first WrestleMania match, and first WWE match period.
    The following match had a very interesting intro. It was Alberto del Rio vs. Jack Swagger. Swagger brought with him an uncomfortable racist guest. His name was Colter and he went on about how when walking through the streets of New York, everyone was only speaking Spanish, Greek, Italian, everything but English. Needless to say, the response to that speech in New Jersey was a sea of boo's. Not as much as for John Cena, but we'll get to that later. Swagger got a very early advantage on the Mexican wrestler, Del Rio but that wasn't going to stop anyone. Submission after submission from both ends, it ended in Swagger finally tapping out and giving up. Alberto del Rio destroyed the dream of Swagger's America. Now I'm not Mexican but I sure was happy to see him win that match. He also walked away with the World Heavyweight Championship title. Good yob meng, good yob.
    Night has been falling for quite some time now at this point, and the Statue of Libery above the ring never looked more beautiful. The lights on the Empire State Building and the Brooklyn Bridge began to light up and gleam in the cold night. A beautiful set day and night. And then, the match everyone has been waiting for. The Undertaker, winning of 21 Wrestlemanias, loser of none, and CM Punk. Punk's intro song is by Living Colour, Cult of Personality and the WWE even got the band to come to Jersey and play live as he made his intro. The band has never sounded better, I'm considering it a concert I don't care if it was only one song. The solo's were fast and on point and those drums big and loud. Then the lights go out and the floor opens up at the top of the ramp. The screens turn an electric blue, and smoke begins to form at the enterance. Fire erupts from the Brooklyn Bridge and The Undertaker comes up from Hell...or the under part of the ramp, but Hell sounds cooler. So we're going with Hell. Coolest part of the intro though, there were people painted red, made to look like prisoners of Hell, reaching out at The Undertaker as he came out, as to bring him back into Hell with them, making him a fellow prisoner. Even as he made his way into the ring you could still see them reaching out, wanting to crawl out and pull him back. Very creepy looking from my seat, I can imagine what it looked like for the kids down in the seats and on TV. The match was fast paced from the start, both men beating the unholy hell out of each other. Punk fighting a very high flying fight, jumping off ropes and turnbuckles. Even launching himself to the Spanish announcer table (of course, its always the Spanish one to go first) except it didn't break. Punk ended up landing on his ass, no literally, sitting on the table as Undertaker slid off to avoid being hit. Towards the end of the match, everyone was waiting for that infamous dead man's sit thing that the Undertaker does and when he finally did it, I felt the fesar of God in me. He sat up and stared right into the soul of  CM Punk and if looks could kill, Punk would have holes in his face by now. It ended with The Undertaker victorious, as it should have. This match was for Paul Bearer, Undertakers original promoter and I believe scripted as his father. Maybe. I think. Anywho, he died earlier this year and the WWE used that to fuel the fued between these two. Congrats on another year continuing the streak, I hope it is never broken and The Undertaker may retire with that incredible accomplishment under his much deserved belt.
    The match I was personally waiting for the Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar. Triple H was always my favorite wrestler from when I was a young kid, and having two losing WrestleMania's in a row (against The Undertaker at that) he was due for a winning Mania, and especially in my home state. I was pumped of course. After losing against Lesnar at Summer Slam, Triple H wanted a rematch, but Brock would only agree if it meant Triple H would retire if losing. Nothing we haven't seen before, a career on the line. A No Holds Barred match meaning no ring outs, no disqualifications. Winning is determined by submission or pin fall. Anyone who knows Triple H knows, this is exactly his specialty. The peak of the match was on the outside, Brock grabs the steel steps and wails on his opponent with them repeatedly, even tossing the steps into the ring. Triple H using one of his iconic weapons, the sleadge hammer. Knocking Brock around like a rag doll around the ring. Eventually, Brock was slamming Triple H on those steps in the ring, only to be put quickly in the Kamora arm lock. The very lock Brock put on Triple H multiple times throughout the year, the move that broke his arm twice! While in the lock, Brock stands up, Triple H wraped around him, and slams him again but BOOM, another arm lock. This cycle goes on for about 3 times before Brock finally realizes he should roll over after the slam. The ending on the match was perfect though, Triple H drags a broken, beaten Lesnar over to the steps, climbs up on top and executes his finisher move ON the steps! The Pedigree, slamming Brock's face into the steps and going for the pin. The 9-year old inside of me was losing all sanity at that point. It was great watching a childhood hero win on the greatest stage in sports entertainment in my home state. 
    Finally, the main event of the night. A match that most people believed would never happen...since last year it was titled the "Once in A Lifetime" match. The Rock vs. John Cena rematch. Last WrestleMania, The Rock defeated Cena marking the first, and supposed, only time I'd ever root for him. This year was the second, and still hopefully last, time I'd do the same. Last years loss crushed Cena inside and outside the ring. Leading to a divorce and loss after loss at more pay-per-views and regular TV events. Cena wanted this win more than anything. The two monsters clashed like Titans, exchanging hit for hit. The ending of the match became a battle for the finsher move. Failed attempt after failed attempt, each man trying to land the Rock Bottom and the Attitude Adjustment. The place went nuts when The Rock pulled off the People's Elbow, the most electrifying move in sports entertainment, and all that other jazz people call it. Even Cena mocked the move, only to be reversed by The Rock...sorta. Expecting a reversal, Cena reversed the reversal. The ending of the match was another battle for the finisher, Cena twisting out of the Rock Bottom, and The Rock quickly hopping down from the Attitude Adjustment until finally, someone lands it. Cena fully plays out the Attitude Adjustment and the crowd goes silent. They know what's coming, the pin. 1-2-3 and its now over. The Rock loses the rematch of the year. All year, Cena had been teasing that he's turning heel, and judging by the boo's of the entire stadium, he got what he wanted. People hate this man, but he doesn't go heel. He actually shakes The Rock's hand and peaces up with him. He leaves the ring doing that stupid salute thing he does, leaving The Rock in the ring stunned. Eventually he goes out and they both leave together after seeing off the crowd. Lights come up, shows over.
    This was my first WrestleMania in actual attendance, and I can't even count how many me and my brother have ordered on TV. It was an experience I'll never forget, a show that'll never lose its spark. The lights, the sounds, the sweat, the tears, the roars of the crowd. One thing I will say though, if The Undertaker DOES have another WrestleMania match, I'm kind of tired of seeing the opponent try to Tombstone him and do his famous hands over chest pin. Triple H did it two years ago and CM Punk did it this year. The show was amazing start to finish, no match was boring, and unlike last year, no match was 7 seconds long. I'm looking at you, Sheamus. Right at you. Being there brought me a feeling I wish will never be exceeded, but also a feeling I hope to soon have again.

-Matt Milanes

The Verbal Mosh Episode 216

It's a larger batch of new comics this week. We're covering Lil' Depressed Boy #16 (He's so dang depressing), Chew #33, Conan the Barbarian #15 (Conan the Whipped), Justice League #19 (Check it), Wonder Woman #19, Supergirl #19 (When a girl becomes a woman), Age of Ultron #6 (We have a plan. No... wait... a plan will come to us), Captain America #6, Superior Spider-Man #8, Savage Wolverine #4, and Daredevil #25. Hit the link to listen for free on our Podomatic page or our Facebook page.
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Friday, April 19, 2013

Olivia's Pick of the Week: Thor God of Thunder #7

Thor: God of Thunder #7
writer: Jason Aaron
artist: Esad Ribic

Part 1 of Godbomb. The godkiller, Gorr, is creating a giant, god-killing bomb. I guess he was tired of hacking down one god at a time. He truly is taking the villainous and cowardly way out.

This was a fantastic issue. I really enjoyed the interactions between young Thor and old Thor as they will need to team up in order to take down Gorr. Old Thor has had one heck of a life and it was fascinating to hear him briefly recount some of his crazy past moments that have yet to come for young Thor. I liked how the two of them are the same person but with slightly different demeanor and personality due to experiences had and not had but the core of who Thor is shined through in both gods.

Old Thor, or as we fondly refer to him on this show as "Thodin", has a big break come through. For centuries, Gorr's mad hounds had clouded and caged over Asgard so that Thodin thought he would die a prisoner on the throne as the last god standing. But with the arrival of young Thor, it seems the skies have cleared up and the two Thor's are taking this opportunity, even if it could be a trap, to take charge and bring one last fight to Gorr.

The librarian who presides over all the records of everything in the universe is trying to sort through what he can from his own last encounter with Gorr and there in the library, a god, in a very cowardly fashion, reveals how he has helped Gorr to create a bomb to kill all gods because as he sees it, it's all pointless to fight Gorr anyway. Oh, the drama!

Time traveling can turn really convoluted and confusing but everything in this series has been laid out so clearly from the get-go, that it's easy to understand and enjoyable learning the different plot points that happen throughout times that are integral to this story-arc.

I think Esad Ribic did fantastic work, once again. His art is consistent, clear and just plain lovely to look at. Top-notch work all around. This is a great book.


Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Verbal Mosh: Avengers Unlocked Part 1

Hi, everybody!
Here's Part 1 of a 3 part review of Marvel's Phase 1 Cinematic Universe: Avengers Assemble, from Matt, one of our regular contributors over
In this clip, Matt gives you a close-up look at the packaging of the box, the general display and some of the special bonus material provided.
Be sure to check back for parts 2 and 3 of this in-depth look at Marvel's Phase 1 Cinematic Universe! This uber awesome video can be seen right here and on our Facebook page.

The Verbal Mosh Episode 215

And it's to talk about this week's batch of new comics! On Episode 215, we're reviewing Uncanny Avengers #6, Superboy #19, Batman and Robin #19, Batman #19, Batgirl #19, Age of Ultron #5, and Fantastic Four #6. Tune in here or also on our Facebook page.
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Friday, April 12, 2013

Tash's Pick of the Week: Action Comics #19

Written By Andy Diggle
Pencils By Tony S. Daniel
Inks By Batt

It's my turn for the pick of the week and i choose Action Comics #19. Normally this book just makes my head spin, but thanks to new writer Andy Diggle i can really get into this story. Clark Kent and Lois Lane are hanging out on assignment for the Daily Planet in a middle eastern country. In the DCnU it's called Qurac. (Cough, Iraq,Cough.) Lois and Clark get really up close. It's looks like Lois is drinking some hooch and is making a move on Kent. Clark has to rebuff her, well because he's the man of steel if you get my drift.

Clark is also called away by an informant that has information about a peace summit that might be broken up. By what you ask? Some giant robots. Clark jumps into his Superman duds and goes to fight with the Robots. I really enjoyed how Superman was was thinking that he didn't start the fight but he sure as hell was going to finish it. I like how Andy Diggle's Man of Steel isn't afraid of getting into a fight.

But there's more to the plot then we know at first. Lex Luthor is shown and in true old school villain mode. Luthor is shown to be smarter then Superman. Lex knows right off the bat that he can't go toe to toe with Superman. So what's the next best thing to do?  You come at him indirectly. While fighting the giant metal robots they inject him with a very small amount of Krytonite. It's so small that Superman can't even detect it when he returns home to the United States.

Back home Superman is flying out and about Metropolis and get a pain that causes him to hit the ground.  Superman has Kyrtonite poisoning! Great issue from start to finish. Instead of the Grant Morrison head spin, you get balls to the walls Superhero action with great character . I totally dug the interaction between Clark and Lois. The art was good as well. Normally I can't stand the art of Tony Daniel. But thanks tot he inks of Batt the art look clean and sharp. I can't wait to see how the next issue lives up to this. I have high hopes. Don't let me down DC editorial. (Too Late)   Great book that was loads of fun.

-Tash Moore

The Verbal Mosh Episode 214

On this episode of The Verbal Mosh, we talk about how e'r'body loves Harry Potter... kidding! We've got comics we discuss including: Green Arrow #19, Green Lantern #19, Animal Man #19, Age of Ultron (This book makes no dang sense) #4, Indestructible Hulk #6, Superior Spider-Man #7, and All New X-Men #10. Listen here or for FREE on our Facebook page.
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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Comics Review: Talon #6

Plot by Scott Snyder & James Tynion IV
Written By James Tynion IV
Drawn By Guillem March

Well this was a fun issue of Talon. I know some people don't like reading it. (Hint, Hint, Wink, Wink) But i had a pretty good time with all the plot twist and turns. So lets get down to the review shall we?

Calvin Rose (good Talon) is on a giant rock and trying to get close to the Grandmaster of the Court of Owls. While skulking in the tunnels he begins to fight with three other Talons who guard the rock island. Two are pretty much total bad asses, but the youngest one of the group can't do anything without falling on his face.

Calvin knows he can't beat the three of them straight up so he makes a run in the tunnels with the youngest Talon not far behind. Casey Washington is stuck behind with Sebastian Clark at his penthouse and is having some strange feelings about him. Something just doesn't sit right with her. To be honest, he hasn't seemed on the up and up since the first time i saw him back in issue one.

We get a little interlude where the Super Talon sees Batman and wants to start a fight. But the Court strongly disagrees with him. They remind him that they have implanted cryo bombs in his head to keep him in line. Super Talon sits down and in gruesome fashion starts to dig into his own skull to pull them out.

Calvin is taken hostage by Bad Talon #3 (hey, it's hard to keep track of all these damn other Talons) and meets the Grandmaster of the Court of Owls. The Grandmaster tells Calvin that he's been working for the Court this whole time. Calvin all like "No Way, Man. And the Grandmaster is like " Oh, yes way, dude!"
The big ending is that myself ( the reader) and Casey Washington stumble upon the fact that Calvin's good friend Sebastian Clark is really the former Grandmaster of the Court of Owls!!!

Intriguing stuff to behold. Now this book totally has my interest. Plus I wanna see how Batman's involved from this point forward. Well I'll be back next month to see Sebastian say it ain't so and Talon put on pants and stops acting like Nightwing lite.

-Tash Moore

Thursday, April 4, 2013

R.I.P Carmine Infantino 1925-2013

I heard from Olivia that the great Carmine Infantino passed away and I say with a tear in my eye that this is indeed a sad day. He was a true giant in the comics industry. I could say without Carmine there would be no awesome redesign for the Silver Age Flash. Showcase #4 introduced a new generation of kids to the new DC and a new Flash that would usher in the Silver Age of comics. Boy, I can only image how awesome it must have been to be a kid and see that cover and the wonder of just what was going on inside. While Carmine Infantino may be gone I myself still have the memory of being 14 years old and the new Spider-Man comics hadn't come out yet. So I paid $7.99 for a five issue reprint of his run on the Flash strip with John Broome. I read the whole thing in on sitting. Well, okay maybe more then once. Carmine maybe gone, but I'll always have that lazy afternoon,The Flash and Carmine's beautiful pencils.

-Tash Moore

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Comics Review: Morbuis #3

Written by: Joe Keatinge
Art by: Richard Elson
    Oops. Michael Morbius, the living vampire just bit the neck off Noah St. Germain, the crime boss of the toughest gang in Brownsville, the current hideout of Michael since breaking out of the Raft.* He's been pretty known lately for making REALLY bad decisions. He's surrounded by gang members, and his bloodlust got the best of him. Ahhh jeez. All hell breaks loose and guns get pulled out, words start getting lost in the commotion, innocent friends of Michael, Becky and Henry, affiliated with the gang, are now caught in the middle. Morbius is holding his own against the gang members, dodging bullets and kicking asses, just like any good vampire should do. I'm talking to you, Stephenie Meyer. He even tells the gang he can help save Noah's life, since he's a doctor. Noah's girlfriend thinks he's bluffing, but decides to slow everything down anyway. How, you ask? She grabs a gun and blows a bullet right through his throat.  *See ASM-699 (There's that editor feeling again!!!)
    Becky and Henry made it to a safe location, back at her hideout/home/abandoned area place. She asks Henry if he's learned that hanging with Noah was wrong and he only gives her a "kinda", explaining that everything was pretty alright until HER friend, Michael, showed up. She even has a painting of him on her wall, under the impression that he'd change the way things were in Brownsville. She hopes that their next idea will work, because they're now out of options.
    Michael finally wakes up from his gunshot wound, hanging feet up by chains and being beat by a couple gang members. Michael tries to tell them that he's a blood expert and can help Noah from dying, how convenient. Noah's woman tells him that she's going on a major stretch trusting him to help save Noah, but its all she's got. His partners in the room are a one armed army vet, who never really got any field experience, and some other kid dude guy thing. Every element against him, Michael doesn't think there's much time left for Noah.
    Back to Becky and Henry, they're on their way into a diner, little do they know, they're being watching by Noah's men. His girlfriend tells the watch man that if anything bad happens on her end, she wants those two dead. No matter how many innocent people are around watching. Michael's slowly trying to stitch up Noah's neck from the bite, with his bloodlust creeping up slowly again. He's hungry and tempted to just take another bite and finish him off. He learns from the one armed handyman...heheheh...get it? HANDyman! Ok, I'm done. He learns that Noah's real name isn't exactly Noah St. Germain, its Dave Brill, he disappeared and came back all buffed out and tattooed. Like a boss. So boss, that he actually wakes up! Grabs the help by the neck and slams his face into the table. Michael kicks it into overdrive but instead of a bloodlust, he just slams the shit out of Noah back down onto the operating table. Well, that doesn't go over too well either since Noah's not moving anymore...or breathing. Not only that, but the closest thing to an actual medical assistant Michael has, is dead as well. "Not again." Michael blurbs out as Noah's girlfriend comes into the room asking what he meant by that. He tells her he did everything he could, and her reaction to that is letting him know that his friends are dead now!
    This book has felt like it's been out a lot longer than a short three months. I personally wish it came out a little more frequent than once a month, but hey, what can you do? Its a great story, Joe's an amazing writer from what I've read. He's brought Morbius into a new modern world without much trouble with transitioning. The art is strong and the colors are bold. I'm already waiting eagerly for next months issue. Glad this is on my pull list! That wraps up this week's bit on my thoughts, hope you all enjoy your hauls, until next week!

Olivia's Pick of the Week: FF #5

FF #5
Written by Matt Fraction
Art by Michael Allred and Laura Allred

In this issue of FF, there's a lot of fun stuff going on. Well, what's not so fun for the characters is that it looks like Old Johnny Storm has lost his marbles.

Darla Deering puts on a little fashion show trying to figure out how best to protect her head and still be fashionable. The little Atlantis tykes figure out how to put out the fires set by mad Johnny. There's an abundance of wonderful dialogue and character interactions. One of my favorite lines in this issue is said by Johnny in the fashion of the children's story "See Spot Run." We're introduced to a new student to be joining the other kids in the Future Foundation, the son of Medusa and Black Bolt. There's a little stand-off-ish vibe around him at first but he seems to fit in well with everyone else for the moment.

I love the pacing of this comic. There's a lot happening with the different characters but I never feel like it's too much. The plot takes lovely unexpected turns. I can't tell where things are going (unlike other books) and I love finding it all out as I continue to read. I, also, enjoy the balance of attention given to the various characters which can be tough to juggle when it comes to "team books", but Matt Fraction handles it all very well. Michael Allred's art is great. His work has a lot of personality and I think his character expressions are fantastic. This title continues to be an entertaining, good time.