Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Comics Review: Morbuis #3

Written by: Joe Keatinge
Art by: Richard Elson
    Oops. Michael Morbius, the living vampire just bit the neck off Noah St. Germain, the crime boss of the toughest gang in Brownsville, the current hideout of Michael since breaking out of the Raft.* He's been pretty known lately for making REALLY bad decisions. He's surrounded by gang members, and his bloodlust got the best of him. Ahhh jeez. All hell breaks loose and guns get pulled out, words start getting lost in the commotion, innocent friends of Michael, Becky and Henry, affiliated with the gang, are now caught in the middle. Morbius is holding his own against the gang members, dodging bullets and kicking asses, just like any good vampire should do. I'm talking to you, Stephenie Meyer. He even tells the gang he can help save Noah's life, since he's a doctor. Noah's girlfriend thinks he's bluffing, but decides to slow everything down anyway. How, you ask? She grabs a gun and blows a bullet right through his throat.  *See ASM-699 (There's that editor feeling again!!!)
    Becky and Henry made it to a safe location, back at her hideout/home/abandoned area place. She asks Henry if he's learned that hanging with Noah was wrong and he only gives her a "kinda", explaining that everything was pretty alright until HER friend, Michael, showed up. She even has a painting of him on her wall, under the impression that he'd change the way things were in Brownsville. She hopes that their next idea will work, because they're now out of options.
    Michael finally wakes up from his gunshot wound, hanging feet up by chains and being beat by a couple gang members. Michael tries to tell them that he's a blood expert and can help Noah from dying, how convenient. Noah's woman tells him that she's going on a major stretch trusting him to help save Noah, but its all she's got. His partners in the room are a one armed army vet, who never really got any field experience, and some other kid dude guy thing. Every element against him, Michael doesn't think there's much time left for Noah.
    Back to Becky and Henry, they're on their way into a diner, little do they know, they're being watching by Noah's men. His girlfriend tells the watch man that if anything bad happens on her end, she wants those two dead. No matter how many innocent people are around watching. Michael's slowly trying to stitch up Noah's neck from the bite, with his bloodlust creeping up slowly again. He's hungry and tempted to just take another bite and finish him off. He learns from the one armed handyman...heheheh...get it? HANDyman! Ok, I'm done. He learns that Noah's real name isn't exactly Noah St. Germain, its Dave Brill, he disappeared and came back all buffed out and tattooed. Like a boss. So boss, that he actually wakes up! Grabs the help by the neck and slams his face into the table. Michael kicks it into overdrive but instead of a bloodlust, he just slams the shit out of Noah back down onto the operating table. Well, that doesn't go over too well either since Noah's not moving anymore...or breathing. Not only that, but the closest thing to an actual medical assistant Michael has, is dead as well. "Not again." Michael blurbs out as Noah's girlfriend comes into the room asking what he meant by that. He tells her he did everything he could, and her reaction to that is letting him know that his friends are dead now!
    This book has felt like it's been out a lot longer than a short three months. I personally wish it came out a little more frequent than once a month, but hey, what can you do? Its a great story, Joe's an amazing writer from what I've read. He's brought Morbius into a new modern world without much trouble with transitioning. The art is strong and the colors are bold. I'm already waiting eagerly for next months issue. Glad this is on my pull list! That wraps up this week's bit on my thoughts, hope you all enjoy your hauls, until next week!

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