Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Comics Review: Savage Wolverine #4

Written and Art by: Frank Cho

The buddy cop comic book so good, Kevin Smith would direct it, returns this week with another magnificent issue. So far, Wolverine and Shanna have made themselves a bomb. They want to use this bomb to destroy the machine that's keeping them trapped on the island. Unfortunately for them, that machine also keeps a huge monster captive, and he wouldn't be too happy about being held prisoner for so long. So imagine what he'd do if he got out. Shanna's also presumed dead and taken by the natives and Amadeus Cho. She's been separated from Logan, and good golly Ms. Molly is he pissed. He wants to blow the damn thing up and get off the island as soon as he can. Oh, did I mention he doesn't know about the prisoner? Lets get started.

The native and Amadeus have Shanna, dead, and are waking through the jungle like it's no ones business. Finally reaching their destination, Cho realizes they've come to a very old tree covered in vines and bares a striking resemblance to...Man-Thing?! He was also thought to be long gone, but apparently, there's another. The setup is a ritualistic looking location. Right under the Man-Thing is a pit large enough for a body. Seems like a sacrificial area. Schweet. They place Shanna into the pit and the tribe elder dude guy starts praying to the gods for divine power. Then he just straight stabs Man-Things schnoz with Shanna's knife. Green oozey muck starts pouring out of the nose and into the pit, completely engulfing Shanna, only for her to rise up and walk out of it. It worked, the damn crazy idea worked!

Immediately she freaks and starts questioning everyone, mostly by force. A quick game of catch up brings her to speed about the prisoner and how insanely bad of an idea it is to let it out. All talk is interrupted by a blaring alarm. Wolverine has reached the temple gate. An incredible page of violence commences with Logan shearing sides, stabbing through people, and even slashing eye balls. All of the warriors set to protect the temple. Blood everywhere in a way that only Frank Cho can master. With one guard left, Wolverine gives her the option to stop blowing her little horn and run. Well, that horn called on some big ass gorilla guys that just want to eff stuff up. The next two pages needed no words, it's just pure, awesome, beautiful looking violence. Just when you think it's over for Logan cuse he's been slammed under the hand of one gorilla, he just cuts some of it's fingers off. Almost crushed by another's fist? Just stab his eye out. Some slices here, slashes there, and the fights over. Three dead gorillas, a list of broken bones and body parts, and one pissed off Wolverine later, we have peace. Sort of.

Shanna's running full on Amazonian Woman to catch up to Logan to warn him of the prisoner, and he just continues walking to the machine ever so unknowingly. He pulls out the bomb, she's running faster. Sweat pouring down. Heart rates going faster. WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO?!?!?! Well while we panic, Shanna's gonna do the right thing and launch a spear at Wolverine. Hilariously enough, this hits him in the same exact hole that he's been getting stabbed in ALL SERIES. "Ugh, that's never gonna heal right." I can imagine his frustration.

*sigh of relief* Alls safe in the savage land and Wolverine can go home! YAYAYAYAYAY that is, until some lights shine. The door opens up revealing that the prisoner was let free anyways, regardless of everyone's efforts to stop it. That prisoner is also...The Hulk?!?! *sigh of one shitting themselves*

Month after month this book continues to amaze me. The art is beyond beautiful, the writing is impeccable. This book is damn near perfection. I love how some parts are written like the first ever Wolverine series. A nice homage to Millar. Definitely a good book, and if you're not buying it every month, YOU'RE CRAZY! And you should go back track the handful of issues and put this on your pull list. Until next week guys!

Matt Milanes

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