Thursday, April 4, 2013

R.I.P Carmine Infantino 1925-2013

I heard from Olivia that the great Carmine Infantino passed away and I say with a tear in my eye that this is indeed a sad day. He was a true giant in the comics industry. I could say without Carmine there would be no awesome redesign for the Silver Age Flash. Showcase #4 introduced a new generation of kids to the new DC and a new Flash that would usher in the Silver Age of comics. Boy, I can only image how awesome it must have been to be a kid and see that cover and the wonder of just what was going on inside. While Carmine Infantino may be gone I myself still have the memory of being 14 years old and the new Spider-Man comics hadn't come out yet. So I paid $7.99 for a five issue reprint of his run on the Flash strip with John Broome. I read the whole thing in on sitting. Well, okay maybe more then once. Carmine maybe gone, but I'll always have that lazy afternoon,The Flash and Carmine's beautiful pencils.

-Tash Moore

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