Friday, April 12, 2013

Tash's Pick of the Week: Action Comics #19

Written By Andy Diggle
Pencils By Tony S. Daniel
Inks By Batt

It's my turn for the pick of the week and i choose Action Comics #19. Normally this book just makes my head spin, but thanks to new writer Andy Diggle i can really get into this story. Clark Kent and Lois Lane are hanging out on assignment for the Daily Planet in a middle eastern country. In the DCnU it's called Qurac. (Cough, Iraq,Cough.) Lois and Clark get really up close. It's looks like Lois is drinking some hooch and is making a move on Kent. Clark has to rebuff her, well because he's the man of steel if you get my drift.

Clark is also called away by an informant that has information about a peace summit that might be broken up. By what you ask? Some giant robots. Clark jumps into his Superman duds and goes to fight with the Robots. I really enjoyed how Superman was was thinking that he didn't start the fight but he sure as hell was going to finish it. I like how Andy Diggle's Man of Steel isn't afraid of getting into a fight.

But there's more to the plot then we know at first. Lex Luthor is shown and in true old school villain mode. Luthor is shown to be smarter then Superman. Lex knows right off the bat that he can't go toe to toe with Superman. So what's the next best thing to do?  You come at him indirectly. While fighting the giant metal robots they inject him with a very small amount of Krytonite. It's so small that Superman can't even detect it when he returns home to the United States.

Back home Superman is flying out and about Metropolis and get a pain that causes him to hit the ground.  Superman has Kyrtonite poisoning! Great issue from start to finish. Instead of the Grant Morrison head spin, you get balls to the walls Superhero action with great character . I totally dug the interaction between Clark and Lois. The art was good as well. Normally I can't stand the art of Tony Daniel. But thanks tot he inks of Batt the art look clean and sharp. I can't wait to see how the next issue lives up to this. I have high hopes. Don't let me down DC editorial. (Too Late)   Great book that was loads of fun.

-Tash Moore

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