Thursday, April 25, 2013

Tash's Pick of the Week: Thief of Thieves #13

Plot by Robert Kirkman
Written by James Asmus
Drawn By Shawn Martinbrough

The Kirkman book that isn't Invincible or about zombies. Just a fun comic book that makes you mad when you reach that last page. When last we left off Redmond and his totally dumb ass son Augustus are trying to save his girlfriend Emma from the Colombian drug runners.  Emma has been an inside woman with the FBI and they bail her out. Augustus and Redmond are caught in the crossfire and the Feds know that they are there.

Redmond starts to panic. Mostly because he's he's so used to having a plan at sticking to it. Redmond starts to spaz and Augustus ( who is normally a fuck up) is the one who is quick on his. He pulls the fire alarm making all the people who live in the building exit. In the confusion the Feds lower their weapons and Redmond and son escape.

Things get even crazier when Redmond and his son part and decide that until they know more about if Emma is a snitch or not, they should stay away from each other. Emma is a snitch and she is throwing people under the bus. We'll not everybody. She never talks about Redmond or Augustus. So that's pretty positive (only to Redmond and Augustus).

Redmond goes home to rest and relax then gets attacked. He's beaten and thrown into a car. Redmond wakes up and has a hood over his head. He and his son are tied to chairs Ala Pulp Fiction. A crazy Colombian named Lola and he kills two of his own men with a machete. Because Lola's operation is compromised because of Redmond and his son, Lola is going to make them work for him going forward.

All in all, I love the solid story and artwork. It'd be cool if this book came out twice a month but hey, you can't have everything. Kudos to how the different writers are able to keep the beat with the basic plot that Kirkman has laid out. I want to see how Redmond gets out of this one.

-Tash Moore

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