Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Verbal Mosh Episode 221

There's a spank-ering, and a paddle-ing, and a can of whoop butt.
On this episode of The Verbal Mosh, we review: Justice League #20, Aquaman #20, Flash #20, Superman #20, Green Lantern #20, Superior Spider-Man #10, Fantastic Four #8, Scarlet Spider #17, and Daredevil #26. Tune in to hear this episode of free right here or on our Facebook page.
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Monday, May 27, 2013

Movie Review: Star Trek: Into Darkness

Star Trek Into Darkness
Directed by J.J. Abrams
Starring: Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, and more.

I finally got around to seeing the latest Star Trek movie: Into Darkness. This was fantastic. I highly enjoyed the character developments of Spock and Captain Kirk. All of the main crew members of the Enterprise were great. I can't choose any favorites because the whole ensemble worked so well together. I happen to be not so familiar with the Star Trek universe and all it's characters, so I had no idea what to expect from the main villain in this movie. Khan was such an intense and cool character. He's such a mystery because at times, he seemed like a sympathetic character that was perhaps, maybe misunderstood. Not until later in the movie do you realize just how evil the guy is.

I just loved seeing the Enterprise fly at warp speed. The Enterprise getting attacked was a powerful scene to be watching people get sucked out into the vacuum of space and seeing how defenseless were the ship and crew. This movie was such a thrill to watch and I was very engrossed into all of the action and the friendships and love the crew had for each other.

The plot focuses on a character called Khan. Captain Kirk and his crew are out to capture/kill him for his attacks and his threat to the whole universe.

My only gripe, and it's a very small one, with the movie was the cameo by Leonard Nemoy. Spock says he doesn't want to divulge information to his younger self about the future because he wants him to come to his own conclusions, revelations and experiences but it's a moot point as he then tells his younger self about Khan and what a threat the guy is!

Still, this was a great movie. It had a great combination of action, adventure, heart and even comedy. The visual effects were brilliant. I saw this movie in the late evening and I didn't feel tempted to fall asleep once!


Friday, May 24, 2013

Tash's Pick of the Week: Wonder Woman #20

Moon Over Mayhem
Written By Brian Azzarello
Art By Cliff Chiang & Goran Sudzuka

Wonder Woman as my pick of the week? Stranger things have happened. But to be totally fair with you dear reader this book has been a gem in the New 52 fold since issue #1. Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang have breathed new life into a property that others just seemed that they could not.

Wonder Woman is no longer made from clay but the daughter of Zeus. More of a love child really as Zeus just walks the mortal plane knocking women up. (What an ass.) Zeus is murdered by his son Apollo. Apollo has taken the throne and a human woman named Zola has the last child of Zeus. The child is said to kill Apollo then rule over the kingdom. Wonder Woman has decided to protect the Mother (Zola) and the child (Zeke) at all cost.

I love that in this series Diana (Wonder Woman) is really a strong warrior and a friend. She is presented to be headstrong and very caring. In previous incarnations she seems a little to much on being just a warrior. Anyway in this issue with fantastic art by Cliff Chiang and Goran Sudzuka sees Moon showing up on earth to kill the baby. Just like when my cat Randy won't have any part of my rubbing him when it's hot outside, Woman Woman ain't having it.

Cool fight scenes abound and it's on. Wonder Woman wins the fight with a kick to Moon's wiggy region (You knew she'd win. Who's name is on the cover again?)  As Zola, her baby and Wonder Woman's half brother Lennox are making a break for it they run into Apollo's first born son and he too wants the baby dead. Lucky for Zola, Lennox (who's skin is like stone) has been dying to punch something all night.

Thumbs up all around for this book. I had the pleasure of meeting Cliff Chiang at C2E2 last year and he assured me and all the fans of this books they play to stick around for a lone time. Amen, brother.

-Tash Moore

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Comics Review: Iron Man #10

Written by: Kieron Gillen
Art by: Dale Eaglesham

This week I'm bringing you a look into the mind of Kieron Gillen and The Secret Origin of Tony Stark! Last issue we learned that the damn traitor robot 451 not only double crossed the people of the planet he was on, but double crossed Stark as well. BUT THAT'S NOT ALL FOLKS!!! He's also been a part of Tony's life since before he was even born!!! WHAAAAAAT THEEEEEEE???!!! How the hell can that be? When the hell did he come in? Why the hell HIS family? Let's find the hell out in this review!

It opens up as Tony finishes watching the movie of his father. Howard left a message for Tony, from long in the past. Telling him where he really came from, with 451 standing right next to him. 451 tells Tony that he understands its hard to listen to, and no matter what we tell ourselves "No one is a self-made man." A shocked Stark just sits in the chair confused, worried, baffled. He doesn't know what to do, what to believe, WHO to believe. Then it goes to a flashback on his parents. His mother has finally gotten the morning sickness. Both parents are very excited, guessing they haven't had the best of luck with having children in the past. But one week later, their doctor tells them some very disturbing news. The child would most likely not come to term. This brings on the alcohol, of course. A depressed Howard Stark resorting to his bottle and glass, as usual. Gears turning in his head wondering if there's something he could do. He travels to three Earth locations before heading to some, not so oftenly treaded lands. All of them not giving him any good options, until he reaches the Last-Chance Bar. There, he is directed to Nevada to meet with this man...who turns out to be an alien. The man/alien tells Howard that he knows a way to save his child. There's some sweet tech that's owned by a nearby family who also own a casino. The tech can help Stark with any problem he's got. Awesome, now to get there. Where's this casino you ask? Oh, no where important, its just an alien casino on Area 51!!!

The alien tells Stark that the sweet tech is actually 451, but they need one hell of a team to bust him out. Not a problem, Stark knows people. He recruits his heist team, consisting of Jimmy Woo, and FBI agent, a woman by the name of The Bear, a demolitions expert, Nessa the Kitten, the card shark, "Dum Dum" Dugan, working for the C.I.A., and Lieutenant "Thunderbolt" Thadeus Ross, a U.S. Special Forces soldier who will eventually become the Red Hulk. Well, looks like we've got a hell of a team together. Time to break this damn robot out so he can help Howard's wife have this baby! The big wig alien owners of the casino call in the man/alien who helped Stark earlier. His name is Rollo. The big boss accuses Rollo of helping the humans, since there're so many of them in the casino at once. Rollo admits to helping them and giving them access codes to the upstairs location of 451. In a hurry, they all rush there, not knowing that Stark and his team are in disguise. Rollo tells the boss that everyone was supposed to meet in a warehouse outside the casino, so he could get his cut. Big Boss dude man bro guy and his cronies, along with Rollo all head over to that warehouse. Now with all the danger gone, Stark's team can start busting 451 out of his holding cell. Some big ass explosions later, and a getaway ship piloted by none other than Stark's wife, the team has their guy/bot/dude/bro/guy/thing. The explosion can be seen from the warehouse, naturally the boss knows he's been dooped multiple times. Simple solution, ex off the rat. Rollo is gotten rid of with a swift bullet to the head. 

That's the last we see of the flashback. Back to present day 451 and Tony. 451's computer tells him they're ready for warp, they're headed to a far away planet of some sort. 451 assures Stark that he'll see everything was done for a reason, even destroying an entire planet and everyone on it. Hitting Tony with some sleeping gas, telling him as he drifts off to think of it as this: his parents loved him. ALL his parents loved him. And the ship blasts into deep warp space.

Iron Man has been real good these last couple issues. God Killer was great, and this secret origin is turning out to be one hell of a ride. I'm enjoying Gillen's run on it and its only 10 issues in. And I don't know about you guys, but I'm sure glad Greg Land isn't on the book any more, but this is all a tale for another time. Its been great and I can not wait to see where this is going to take Stark, and to find out what the hell happened with his mother. I wonder if Stark is some kind of robo-baby and THAT'S why he's so smart. Who knows?! Only Kieron Gillen, and we'll find out next month! But until next week, readers!

-Matt Milanes

The Verbal Mosh Episode 220

We're at each other's throats and it's all because of Dick Grayson in his sexy underwear!
On this week of The Verbal Mosh, we review: Conan the Barbarian #16, Supergirl #20, Batgirl #20, Nightwing #20, Age of Ultron #8, FF #7, and Wolverine and the X-Men #29.
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Saturday, May 18, 2013

A look back at my Top Ten DCnU 52 Books(Groan!!!)

Top 10 DCnU Books I'm Stoked For

Well the new DCnU takes root this September and while I'm buying a ton of DC books, here are the top ten books that I can't wait to get my hands on.
Tash's Note from 2013. Some of these books held up pretty well. Most didn't. Let's all look back at how wrong or how right i was about the New 52 relaunch.

Grifter #1
Art by CAFU
Cover by CAFU and BIT

(What I said back then)
Now don't ask me why I want to read this, but I do. I think it has something to do with the fact that I did like the Wild C.A.T.S cartoon as a kid. Yes I thought that Grifter was cooler than Gambit. Plus it's got art by Cafu which is always a win. I really enjoyed his work on Captain Atom.
(What I now know)
Wow, this did not last long as a book I would pay money for. The book just never connected with myself or it's audience. So much so that Rob Leifield took over the book at one point. Note to DC comics, when Rob Leifield takes over a book that's pretty much the creative down turn for it. The less said the better.

DC Universe Presents #1
Cover by RYAN SOOK

(What I said back then)
Olivia and I really love Deadman.We felt he was great in Brightest Day. I haven't read anything from Paul Jenkins in sometime. But I know that he is a very strong writer and to know that Bernard Chang is drawing this book along with Ryan Sook covers is a can't miss.
(What we now know)
Not a bad comic really. It wasn't a total knock out the park but it didn't suck. Nice art by Bernard (Nard Dog?) Chang and a solid story by Paul Jenkins really had me enjoy it for the first half. But once the book broke out into the rest of the DCnU I lost interest. I bet if you find this in trade form it could be a nice gem.

#8 (ETA by Olivia)
The Flash #1
Art and cover by FRANCIS MANAPUL
(What we said then)
What can I say? I'm a fan of Francis Manapul's art. I love the way he incorporates watercolors into his work, which I just have a soft spot for in general, and I am eager to see if he can juggle writing along with his sequential.
(What we now know)
Other than once in a blue you get a guest artist that isn't Francis Manapul. In reality this is the best damn comic that DC puts out each and every month. Manapul and Buccellato always deliver a fast (Pun) pace story with lots of fun. Throw back factor is that it's a pretty book to just stare at.

Superboy #1
(What we said then)
I would just sit and look at the art of RB Silva for hours on end. I think that he is a perfect fit to draw Superboy. The cover catches my eye also. Now as for the writer Scott Lobdell, I remember hearing that name being attached to the X-Books in the 1990's. I've never really read anything that he has done, but I'm really stoked about this book. I think that the Eric Canete cover does a lot to pull you in.
(What we now know)
Great all around book. Lobdell did a great job tying this to his work on Teen Titans. The story felt seamless and RB Silva was hitting his mark with his clean pencil lines. We all now know that Scott Lobdell has been given the main Superman book and with new writer Justin Jordan ( no relationship to Hal) the book's story has suffered somewhat.

Justice League #1
Written by GEOFF JOHNS
Art and cover by JIM LEE and SCOTT WILLIAMS
(What we said then)
This book is going to be big. I am going to read this on the ability of Geoff Johns. I have a feeling that he can write a really witty and fun super team book. It only helps that Jim Lee is drawing it. This is how the JLA should be. The best heroes of the DCU moving in and kicking all types of evil ass.
(What I sadly know now)
This book fucking sucks. It's DC's answer to the Avengers. "Yo, Batman, It's me. Superman. Wanna hang around a goofy ass table and talk for six issues then hug?" Batman would then get tears in his eyes and cry. For his mom and dad. Because Batmen do cry. Or something. I think Bendis beat Geoff Johns in a dirty alley then stole his Green Lantern hat then just started handing in scripts pretending to be Geoff. OK this isn't true but it would make sense as to why this books makes me want to beat myself in the face with a large blunt object.

Swamp Thing #1
Art and cover by YANICK PAQUETTE
(What we said then)
It's no secret that Scott Snyder can write a good horror story. He does it every month in the pages of American Vampire. It's been sometime since there was a really good swamp thing comic on the racks that didn't try to retell the Alan Moore stuff over and over again. I also spent like 5 minutes looking at the awesome Yanick Paquette cover. It's good stuff.
(What we know now)
Scott Snyder has become the man at DC. So his work on a low tier book like Swamp Thing could not last long. But for the 18 issues that he crafted made every other run before him look like crap. It was full of action, which the Alan Moore issues lack (don't act like they didn't). A stunning book to read thanks to Yanick Paquette. You have run that is worthy of a Omnibus format.  

Nightwing #1
Art and cover by EDDY BARROWS and JP MAYER
(What we said then)
I read an interview with Kyle Higgins and he spoke about how he was a fan of the Dixon/McDaniel run on this book. So am I. I was going to buy it for the simple fact that it was Nightwing, but Higgins won me over with his love for Dick Grayson. Eddy Barrows comes off a run of Superman which wasn't all that great. But to be honest it was the writing on that book which sucked. When I saw Eddy's name attached to this book I knew it was a no brainer to pick this up.
(What we know now)
Yes in 2013 the Batman/Spider-Man mix up this is Nightwing still gets me. I still like this book and don't have any real complaints. I just wish Nightwing would get out of Gotham. But on the other hand I really like his snazzy uniform with the red other then blue. But Nightwing is getting close to being Spidey, seeing as how writer Kyle Higgins made him broke and all. Quick, NIghtwing better save some cash so he can make some web flu-.... Still a fun book to sit down and read. Now if only we could keep him out of the Batman family crossovers.

Superman #1
Breakdowns and cover by GEORGE PEREZ
(What we said then)
At first I was like: George Perez? But the more I think about it, the man is good. Okay, I take that back, he is AWESOME. I'm even digging the new costume. Jesus Merino will be doing the art over Perez's breakdowns which can only mean that we'll get some strong storytelling out of this one. It's also great to have George Perez doing a monthly book again.
(What we know now)
It's better than what we saw when Big Blue was walking around America. To do what? Help some black kids play basketball. I'd like to see Superman go up against the Harlem Globetrotters. Those guys never lose. Even if they keep playing the same team. What was I talking about? This book had a retro feel to it. Long pages of story and dialogue made this read like a sliver age Marvel title. Too bad Perez didn't stick around for anything longer then 6 issues. His New 52 Man of Steel really stood out.

Animal Man #1
Written by JEFF LEMIRE
(What we said then)
Jeff Lemire is the reason that I am buying this bar none. Jeff just knocked it out of the park with his run on Superboy. I haven't seen anything from Travel Foreman since his work on Iron Fist. And I must say that he did a bang up job on the cover. I would gladly fork over the $2.99 for this book.
(What we know now)
This should be #1 on this list. Lemire and crew has crafted modern day comic book gold. I nor you should have anything to say in a negative light about this book. Let's just leave it at that.

Batman #1

(What we said then)
From what I'm told Scott Snyder did just an awesome job on Detective Comics when Dick Grayson was Batman. Now he gets to take on the one true Batman. I think that Scott Synder is a fantastic writer and this book is going to be balls to the walls fun to read. The big score is that DC has got Greg Capullo to do the art. Greg did a really great job with Haunt for Image comics, but he felt it was time to move on to bigger and better projects. I haven't read  the regular Batman title since Tony Daniel took over writing and drawing it (boo). If I only read one Batman title I'd rather make it this one.
(What we know now)
It's a touchdown! Other than the issues with Andy Kubert this has been a great run on Batman. Court of Owls was fun and Death of the Family freaked me out. Snyder has left his mark and the Dark Knight, who happens to be my favorite DC hero. I hear plans are to keep these two on this project until issue #50. I look forward to this long run. This reminds me of Moench and Jones. Minus the uber horror feel. The best Batman since Snyder on Detective Comics.

-Tash Moore 

Friday, May 17, 2013

The Verbal Mosh Epissode 219

"Don't do that. Don't do that."
Ha Ha Hee Hoh!
On Episode 219 of The Verbal Mosh we review: Superboy #20, Batman and Robin #20, Uncanny Avengers #8, and Batman #20. Tune in right here or on our Facebook page.
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Olivia's Pick of the Week: Thor: God of Thunder #8

Thor: God of Thunder #8
writer: Jason Aaron
artist: Esad Ribic

What, what, WHAT?!!! Two Thor reviews back to back. Yeah... that's right.

This was my Pick of the Week for several reasons. First, I love the works of Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic individually and together I think they do a bang-up job. The humor is fantastic. It's like a comedy act like the Three Stooges but it's the three Thors and they drink ale, compare beards and kick butt with their big ol' hammers.

This issue continues with the story-line of the God-bomb. Gorr's son was a creepy little thing. Not only because of his dark, soulless eyes but because of how he could man-handle Thor. Really young Thor meets his grand-daughters. More importantly, Thor gets a chance to destroy the god-bomb. His own bomb was so much smaller than the God-bomb, I don't know how he or any of the other gods could think it would do any damage and it doesn't. We'll have to wait and see the next issue if the power of three Thor's will be enough to put an end to Gorr and his God-bomb. Maybe Thor will keep coming out of different periods in time and it'll be a Thor army that takes down Gorr, something akin to the battle scenes in the Lord of the Rings movies. No matter what, I'm sure it will be fantastic as this book continues to be one of my favorite reads.


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Comics Review: Thor God of Thunder #8

Written by: Jason Aaron
Art by: Esad Ribic

Firstly, happy Mother's Day to all you momma comic readers out there! And congrats for all the struggling students just skating out of finals these couple weeks, myself included. Having all that said, lets get this book opened and started.

Right away this is one of the best covers of the book/year. A powerful Gorr restraining a helpless Young Thor in crucified position. Incredible cover, gave me chills. Anywho, last issue we had Young Thor working on the Godbomb, while present Thor and Thodin were zooming through space to reach Gorr to whoop all types of ass.

Still a few billion light years away, they run out of beer. What?! No more beer?!?! Ahhhh jeez, trips over. All the while, Young Thor is still getting all whipped up and beaten on the plane of the Godbomb. That is until he gets fed up and tries to get all hulky, but then catches a swift foot to the face by a woman. Thaaaaaat's right, a woman handed Thor's ass right back to him. And not just one, three! They smack him up a bit and let him know that every time he thinks it's a good idea to act a fool, Gorr crucifies another god. So he needs to sit his ass down, and shut his ass up.

Gorr's son comes down to the site later in the day, even telling Thor that the big sphere he saw in the last issue is indeed a bomb. He says how there'll be a world without fear of damnation, or worry about pleasing gods. Thor tries telling the kid to just escape. Leave, and never come back. He's still young enough to grow up with better morals and live a good life. That doesn't go over so well, the kid don't wanna leave. All of this, with Gorr closely watching near by.

Back to present Thor and Thodin, making good progress through space...and that's all they give us for now. BACK to Young Thor! The slaves get every seventh day off, as a joke to god resting on the seventh day. The slaves are conversing about a secret plan they've got. They want to destroy the bomb! In the midst of all this plotting, we find out that those women who manhandled Thor are actually his grand daughters! After all, he WAS brought to the future. Anyways, the slaves have got a bomb of their own and who takes it for the glory and game and mainly principle of the matter? Thor. Duh, who didn't guess that. He's racing against time itself to get this bomb to the Godbomb.

Running as fast as he can towards the Godbomb, tackling Gorr's guard dogs as he goes and for the first time, summoning thunder from the skies. Proving to his grand daughters that he is indeed, Thor. Son of Odin. Heir to Asgard. God of Thunder. He throws the bomb and hits Gorr's death machine. A loud boom rings out that even the other Thors feel it on their ship.

We're now introduced to these creatures in space called Starsharks. Why?, you ask. Only for plot and to show resent Thor getting smacked with one. By who?!, you ask. Young Thor himself! How did he get to the ship?!?!?!, you ask. Well, we don't know yet.

All three Thors are now united. Ready for war against Gorr and his army, whatever he may have. They draw near to his planet so the three begun preparations for battle. Amoring up and weaponizing themselves. Young Thor even attempts to grab Mjolnir, but it is quickly retrieved by it's rightful owner. Young Thor will just have to make do, and by that, I mean he's gonna just grab a big ass hammer on a stick. They arrive and Young Thor calls out to Gorr that they may have words with him. Only to hear from present Thor that the time for words are over, now it's time to let the hammers talk.

And right about then is where my mind exploded. For those of you who don't use the Marvel AR app, there's a great one on this issue with Dan Slott, writer of The Superior Spider-Man. He's raving about this is his absolute favorite Marvel NOW title and honestly, I can see why. This has been a roller coaster of a time traveling ride from the start. One story spanning thousands of years. Incredible story telling, fantastic art by Mr. Ribic. I truly, sincerely hope this creative team is together for a long time. I'll be back next week as I hope you guys will be too.

Matt Milanes

Monday, May 13, 2013

Trade Central Station: The Unwritten Volume 7

The Unwritten Volume 7: The Wound
By Mike Carey and Peter Gross
Collecting issues #36-41

It's been nice getting back into this story. Be sure to check out our archives for reviews of the previous volumes. We meet some new characters in this volume which add a wonderful dynamic.

There's a symbiotic relationship between everyone and Leviathan. He feeds off of the stories that are told by people and the stories gives them strength and power, too. There's a great power in belief. Leviathan had been injured from the previous encounter with Tom and Pullman in Volume 6. Tom has been trying to heal Leviathan by performing in front of huge crowds, reading acclaimed masterpieces such as "Tales of Willowbank Wood." He's doing this, primarily to find a way of rescuing Lizzie Hexam, who had been absorbed into Leviathan previously. The trouble is that there is someone who is making this all very difficult for Tommy. He's making Leviathan's wound even worse. Lucas Filby is the occult leader of the Church of Tommy. He is adamant that Tom is Tommy, their savior. The thing he claims that will kill everyone is the death of the story, which links back to the corruptive work the Cabal had done to twist stories to their own profit. He saw that first-hand as he used to work for the Cabal, too. At the same time, he's got caged up a variety of creatures from stories that he can use for his own manipulative purposes. His means of helping the situation is taking the gauntlet that was once a part of Pullman and using it to break people down so they can be absorbed directly into Leviathan, just like Lizzie had been and so many others. On top of that, he's intent on setting off a bomb in order to prove that Tom is Tommy.

Detective Sandra Patterson is such a great character. She's working the missing persons case that's linked to Lucas Filby. She tries to go undercover but her cover gets blown. She is able to get a mole into the Church of Tommy recruitment meetings via Daniel Armitage who came from England because of a message he received from Leviathan. Sandra is so cool because the entire time you, as the reader, are let known that she has a disability though you don't know what it is. It isn't until nearing the end, you find out that she's dyslexic. She touches Pullman's gauntlet and gets sucked in but spit back out as Leviathan doesn't seem to be able to understand her, just as she can't understand sentences. In the end, she tells Tom that she has a message from Lizzie to him. It's good that he gets someone who can help him as Lizzie is gone and it looks like Richie has grown fed up with him.

Another key point to the story is the part that's been following Pauly Bruckner. We learn the back-story as to how he came to look like a rabbit. He meets the children he spawned with another fairytale creature back when he was still climbing the endless stairs. In a twist of fate, Pauly is transformed back into his human self. All his strife may come to naught as the "wave" approaches that will obliterate all life. It is beautifully illustrated as the oncoming of a great whiteness like a bare sheet of paper.

Rufus Dayglo did the finishes for issue #36. The back of the volume has samples of the layouts from that issue from Peter Gross and I like comparing both styles. I absolutely love the fluid work of Peter Gross, but there's a nice grit to Rufus' work that really suits Pauly's character and story. Yuko Shimizu's covers continue to be gorgeous. There's a nice theme that runs through this collection with the imagery of melting, reflecting the wound from the stories and from Leviathan.

I liked the prophesying unicorn. It's creepy what's happening to Richie and fascinating, too, because he wants to be the star of his own story and not continue to be the side-kick in Tom's story. It's been really great the way all the parts to this story have been connecting and how it continues to grow. This is a really great book to read.


Saturday, May 11, 2013

Movie Review: Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3
Directed by Shane Black
Starring Robert Downey Jr,. Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle, Guy Pierce.


Oh, it's so wonderful to have some continuity.

Tony Stark starts out narrating the film as he looks back to how he's gotten to the point where he is right now. That starting point is New Year's Eve 1999 in Switzerland. Young Tony looked tanner and a little more soft around the edges. He was still sleeping around with various women. The woman on this particular night is, as Tony puts, a botanist. She's starting up this program called Extremis which will allow limbs to re-grow. Her studies are conducted on a ficus plant. At this point, the plot is cleverly set up because you see that this scientist is still having kinks to work out in her project because the whole thing explodes. Tony scribbles out a formula to help her in her work, but that jumps the gun a bit. Another important plot point is the snubbing of the director of A.I.M., Aldrich Killion, who wanted to work with Tony but gets stood up.

Well, now the story kicks in to where Tony is after the Avengers movie left him. He's working on newer versions of his suit. He's living with Pepper Potts. He's dealing with anxiety attacks and PTSD from the alien invasion in the Avengers movie. There's a new villain called the Mandarin. He's got his eyes set on killing the president of the U.S. and fueling the war on terror, all out of a mansion in Miami, but the audience doesn't know that right away. As a personal vendetta against the Mandarin, he threatens to kill the guy because his faithful bodyguard gets knocked into a coma after a giant bomb goes off at Grauman's Chinese Theater. Nobody knows how these attacks are happening because they haven't been able to find a bomb device at the scene of crime. Aldrich gets snubbed again but this time by Pepper Potts, too.

Pepper and Tony's relationship is a little rocky. He wants to protect her. He can't live without her, but he makes the huge mistake of letting the Mandarin know where he and Pepper live so that they come in, guns a-blazing in their helicopters and bring the whole place crumbling down. Pepper and the botanist make nice but it's a trap, as the woman works for Aldrich and A.I.M. who we later find out IS the Mandarin. "The Mandarin" is a front played by a junkie/actor while Aldrich is able to pull the strings from behind the curtain. Tony's suit gets busted up and he tinkers around with it in Tennessee as he tracks down clues as to what's behind the Mandarin's bombs. They haven't been able to find a device because the people are the bombs. They are veterans who've lost limbs and are injected with Extremis by A.I.M.

Pepper gets held hostage and is injected with Extremis. Tony tries to save her. War Machine, from the previous Iron Man movies, gets a re-design as Iron Patriot. He's trying to help fight the Mandarin too, but his suit gets hijacked by the Mandarin and used to kidnap the president. Eventually he gets his suit back. He and Tony fight the Extremis soldiers. They save the president but Tony can't save Pepper. It happens so quickly, there isn't much time to reflect on it especially since the threat of the Mandarin is still there. Because of that, I had a gut feeling that that wasn't the last of Pepper Potts and it wasn't. It was great because I sat there feeling like 'oh, there's yet another damsel in distress that needs to be saved by her super-hero lover.' Pepper survives her near death experience because she had Extremis injected into her. She winds up saving Tony. That was so awesome! Violent too, and I liked how she commented that is was so violent and out of character. It lightened the mood after all that intense fighting.

Tony decides to start all his Iron Man work over from scratch, to the huge relief of Pepper. He's going to cut back on the distractions so he can pay her more attention. He is able to get rid of the Extremis formula in Pepper and he goes one step further and removes the shrapnel in his chest. All is good. Now, you have to stay in your seats until past the credits. We get more of Tony narrating and we see that he's lying on a sofa as if he were talking to a psychiatrist. The doctor is none other than Bruce Banner. He's fallen asleep though while Tony was talking. Undeterred, Tony begins telling his story once again and Banner wants to get back to his nap. It was funny. I liked the entire movie. It was funny and dark, filled with lots of action. Beforehand, I was unsure how I was going to feel about the movie. Tony isn't my favorite Marvel character because of how cocky he can be but his anxiety from falling from the sky from the previous alien invasion made me much more sympathetic to the character. He thought he was going to die and never see Pepper again. I can't stress enough how much I loved the continuity. It's really refreshing to see.

So, if you haven't done so yet, you should check out this movie for yourself. War Machine was great. So was "The Mandarin." Stan Lee's cameo was the only thing oddly stuffed into the movie.

It was a good time at the movies and that trailer for the next Thor movie looked so sweet.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Tash's Pick of the Week: Animal Man #20

Written By Jeff Lemire
Pencils By John Paul Leon & Timothy Green III
Inked By Joseph Silver

I think I have said just about every positive thing you can say about this comic book. I finished reading this issue of Animal Man and knew from the fantastic storytelling and artwork that this was the best damn thing I had read that week. The icing on the cake was the sweet, sweet cover by one Jae Lee. ( No relation to Stan.)

This issue brings on guest penciller John Paul Leon, who I feel would be a bigger name in the industry if he just drew more comics. But he doesn't so you take what you can get. John is a awesome artist and this issue tells the tale of Red Thunder. Red Thunder is the film that Animal Man starred in when the new Animal Man title first launched with the New 52.

The issue reads as if you are watching the movie. Buddy Baker (Animal Man) plays a hero named Red Thunder. After he saves someones life, the whole heroic act gets uploaded to YouTube. (Or a reasonable parody.) Red Thunder becomes an internet hit. He takes on an agent and his crappy life is turned around. Other than the fact that his wife has left him for another man and she's taken his son with her.

With his life a series of talk shows and hanging out with startlets, he runs afoul a movie studio head and stops him from taking advantage of young lady. The studio head honcho then sues Red Thunder and he is dropped by his agent. (Isn't that the way it always is.)

His agent also tells him that they now own the rights to the name Red Thunder and his uniform. Left with nothing he fakes his own death and returns to the shadows to help people as a dark and silent hero. (Sounds original, if you don't count Batman.) I kid, this book had me pumped the whole time I was reading it.

The ending was very strange. You have Buddy Baker sitting in a hotel room watching the Red Thunder film still mourning the loss of his son Cliff and he gets a phone call. It's from his agent and he's just been nominated for the Oscars for best actor! What a strange and cool way to end this issue. I'll be back to put over another DC title so tune in later this week for more reviews and more of my typos. (They are done on purpose!)

-Tash Moore

The Verbal Mosh Episode 218

Thoughts while re-watching The Avengers movie: It's a comic book movie! It doesn't have to make sense. winking
On this week's episode of The Verbal Mosh, we review: Aquaman #19, Green Arrow #20, Action Comics #20, Age of Ultron #7, All New X-Men #11, Superior Spider-Man #9, Indestructible Hulk #7.
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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Comics Review: Talon #7

Plot By Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV
Written By James Tynion IV
Art By Guillem March

Hey, Don't tell anybody this....but Bane is in this issue. Like you didn't know that from the damn cover. But we'll get to that in just a bit. Talon manages to keep his pants on and escape from the security island help by the court of owls. With the help of the Talon grandson gone good guy. (See my review for Talon #6 for the deets.)

Back at Sebastian Clark's hideout, we along with Casey learn that Sebastian was the former Grand Master of the court of owls. We learn from the very begging that Sebastian is the reason that Calvin is a Talon and Sebastian set Calvin up. Sebastian even tricked Calvin into doing the one thing he never ever wanted to do. Return to Gotham. Speaking of Gotham, when Talon gets back to the city he runs into Batman.

Seeing as how it is Gotham, I was thinking to myself, "When the hell is Batman going to show up?" Well he did and hey, look it only took eight months. What really makes me laugh is Batman pulls the tough guy act with Talon. Talon don't take guff from anybody. Not even the Batman. Talon escapes and runs off the confront Sebastian Clark.

Batman's all like "I'll get even with you yet, Calvin Rose. Or something like that. Hey don't ask me, I didn't write this book. (Thank God because it would be filled with Typos.) The ending was pretty sweet when Talon shows up and finally gets face to face with Sebastian. Sebastian spills the beans and then has his enforcer kick Talon's ass. It's none other than Bane. As if the cover didn't tip you off. Join me next moth to see if Talon can keep his pants on and it Bane can kick his addiction. To adventure I mean.

-Tash Moore

Friday, May 3, 2013

Comics Review: Scarlet Spider #16

Written by: Christ Yost
Art by: Khoi Pham
                “You have to leave she’s coming back everyone will die you have to leave go to Mexico like you wanted she’ll kill them all I was wrong I was wrong I’m so sorry please please you have to leave Houston.” This is a note that opens up this issue, sent to Kaine Parker by a J. Carpenter. This man is contacting him all the way from Brooklyn. Who’s “she” and why is it so grave that not even the Scarlet Spider can stop it. I mean, he stopped Carnage!...well, he made it worse, but he HELPED! Anyways, it’s a very creepy letter that I can’t wait to see panned out. In the meantime, let’s crack this one open trying not to get distracted by the beautiful cover by Ryan Stegman, a homage to…Ryan Stegman redoing the Superior Spider-Man #1 cover with Scarlet Spider thrown in there, and see what this book has in store.
                Kaine wakes up in his hotel room and automatically knows something is up. Something bad is about to happen. Its not floating, meditation Aracely, it’s not Otto beating up powerless villains in New York, its not a gang war happening on the streets of Houston, his new home, not even that creepy ass looking man spider living inside of him constantly wanting to eat. No, it is Wally and Donald dressed as cowboys. Reminding Kaine that they’re going to a rodeo. Contrary to popular belief of Houston being urban, they like to dress how the world thinks they dress for a day. Kaine very much doesn’t want to go, but somehow gets…roped…into going. See what I did there? Oh man, I’m a hoot!
                So Kaine’s being a super hard ass cuse apparently it’s the cool thing to be when you don’t wanna be at a rodeo, and in comes Annabelle. She’s looking super cowgirl fine in a shirt tied under her chest showing off her stomach, tight fitting jeans and a cowboy hat, and slowly Kaine’s starting to think maybe he wasn’t crazy for coming. Then he opens his mouth. Straight up telling Annabelle that he’s basically not excited to be there at all and that sets her off real good. She runs away crying, she’s so disappointed that the man she really likes just hates the stuff she’s into. He finally catches up to her just in time to see her big ol’ ex-boyfriend Ray being all…ex-boyfriend-y. All aggressive and pushy on her, telling her they need to talk and he’s being very tough towards Kaine. Hah, little does he know, there’s a monster inside of him that would love nothing more than to devour Ray, and just as Kaine is hinting on letting that thing out, there’s a massive rumble through the stadium.
                Beware the dreaded ARMADILLO!!! Wait, the hell? Armadillo?! Houston’s getting desperate for villains, anyway, he’s chosen the worst possible time to crash the party, Kaine’s showing in this issue that he’s got a bit of that Parker Luck that ever so closely follows Peter. He is a big ol’ thing, not gonna lie, and could probably do some serious damage except…he doesn’t wanna thrash the place. He’s actually drunk and he’s yelling to a recent girlfriend on his. They must’ve just broken up, because he’s a mess. Carrying on about being a rodeo star like how she wants. Jesus Christ, this can’t be real. Cops are getting ready to put him down when the Scarlet Spider himself arrives atop a bull with a lasso made on his webs. They both get smacked up a bit, with Armadillo drunkenly swinging his claws around very dangerously seeing how sharp they are. He’s also babbling on the whole time how his love is real, and why his girlfriend left him. Right as Kaine’s landing the final blow, Diasy, Armadillo’s girlfriend actually shows up. She runs over to him and tells him that she’s sorry about leaving him and she wants him back just the way he is. They get all lovey dovey, kiss and make up. La-dee-dah and now that THAT’S over and done with, Kaine can get back to Annabelle and sort things out. And by sort things out, I mean knock Ray on his ass with a shift punch in the jaw. Oh, and also not even talking much to Annabelle, just grabbing her and making out. That’s how you get things done Kaine, good job.
                The issue ends with a woman from the hotel showing Annabelle that letter from the beginning of the book, asking her if she could find out where it came from. Sure thing Annabelle says, except her meaning of finding out is burning it so it never existed. A very creepy way of starting the issue, and an even creepier way of ending it. What could she be up to, and what lies ahead for our protagonist Kaine Parker? Yost has been giving us bang up issue after bang up issue. One of my favorite books I’m buying right now, can’t wait to see where this goes. That’s all I gotta say for now, until next week readers!
-Matt Milanes

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Olivia's Pick of the Week: Morning Glories #26

Morning Glories #26
writer: Nick Spencer
artist: Joe Eisma

Season 2 begins!!!

It's kind of odd to call the story arcs seasons, almost like the creators are trying to elevate their work from being more than a comic... but call it whatever you want, this had some really good storytelling in it.

Morning Glories is a title that you can easily get confused with while reading. Heck, in the beginning of Season 1, I could barely remember a lot of the characters' names. Throw in all the time travel and various sub-plots, and it's a lot to take in. Issue #26 re-focuses mainly on Casey's story, hence the cover, and you can easily follow how her life is starting to play out. It's a very striking cover, too, with the soft colors and big, bold eyes of Casey.

Casey is having dinner with Abraham, the guy most of the new kids at Morning Glories Academy have been trying to save. This is an older Casey than we are used to. Abraham tries to hit on her, but she reminds him that technically she's still as old as his son. There are, also, older scenes from Casey's past where she is getting ready for her first day at high school and her father is trying to connect with her and talk to her about any trepidation she might feel about it all. Casey is a really strong character though and doesn't think much about it. As Casey moves through time, she begins to take on an all-new persona as a disguise in order to play it low key and infiltrate the system. She winds up looking a lot like Georgina from M.G.A. At the end of the issue, the story comes full circle and you see that she comes to be her younger self's teacher in high school which is so trippy to think about.

The artwork remains very consistent. That's such a great thing because it allows the plot to twist and grow. All of the characters are so complex with their own secrets and agendas. It's good reading. This is not a book you can just pick up randomly and follow because of all the plots and histories that you learn in regards to the various characters throughout, but what's happening in this issue is so clearly told and easy to follow that I think Season 2 Issue #26 is a good jumping on point for new readers. It was a wonderful shock to see how Casey's character is developing. I'm also more and more curious about Abraham, as I feel we have yet to get a good picture about who exactly is this man.

This is a darn good issue.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Avengers Unlocked: Part 3

Hey, everyone! Here's the final installment for Matt's review of Marvel's Phase 1 Cinematic Universe: Avengers Assemble.
In part 3, Matt reviews the final pieces of bonus material included in this collection. He takes a look at the files on Thor and the Hulk. Tune in right here or you can see it on our Facebook page.
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