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A look back at my Top Ten DCnU 52 Books(Groan!!!)

Top 10 DCnU Books I'm Stoked For

Well the new DCnU takes root this September and while I'm buying a ton of DC books, here are the top ten books that I can't wait to get my hands on.
Tash's Note from 2013. Some of these books held up pretty well. Most didn't. Let's all look back at how wrong or how right i was about the New 52 relaunch.

Grifter #1
Art by CAFU
Cover by CAFU and BIT

(What I said back then)
Now don't ask me why I want to read this, but I do. I think it has something to do with the fact that I did like the Wild C.A.T.S cartoon as a kid. Yes I thought that Grifter was cooler than Gambit. Plus it's got art by Cafu which is always a win. I really enjoyed his work on Captain Atom.
(What I now know)
Wow, this did not last long as a book I would pay money for. The book just never connected with myself or it's audience. So much so that Rob Leifield took over the book at one point. Note to DC comics, when Rob Leifield takes over a book that's pretty much the creative down turn for it. The less said the better.

DC Universe Presents #1
Cover by RYAN SOOK

(What I said back then)
Olivia and I really love Deadman.We felt he was great in Brightest Day. I haven't read anything from Paul Jenkins in sometime. But I know that he is a very strong writer and to know that Bernard Chang is drawing this book along with Ryan Sook covers is a can't miss.
(What we now know)
Not a bad comic really. It wasn't a total knock out the park but it didn't suck. Nice art by Bernard (Nard Dog?) Chang and a solid story by Paul Jenkins really had me enjoy it for the first half. But once the book broke out into the rest of the DCnU I lost interest. I bet if you find this in trade form it could be a nice gem.

#8 (ETA by Olivia)
The Flash #1
Art and cover by FRANCIS MANAPUL
(What we said then)
What can I say? I'm a fan of Francis Manapul's art. I love the way he incorporates watercolors into his work, which I just have a soft spot for in general, and I am eager to see if he can juggle writing along with his sequential.
(What we now know)
Other than once in a blue you get a guest artist that isn't Francis Manapul. In reality this is the best damn comic that DC puts out each and every month. Manapul and Buccellato always deliver a fast (Pun) pace story with lots of fun. Throw back factor is that it's a pretty book to just stare at.

Superboy #1
(What we said then)
I would just sit and look at the art of RB Silva for hours on end. I think that he is a perfect fit to draw Superboy. The cover catches my eye also. Now as for the writer Scott Lobdell, I remember hearing that name being attached to the X-Books in the 1990's. I've never really read anything that he has done, but I'm really stoked about this book. I think that the Eric Canete cover does a lot to pull you in.
(What we now know)
Great all around book. Lobdell did a great job tying this to his work on Teen Titans. The story felt seamless and RB Silva was hitting his mark with his clean pencil lines. We all now know that Scott Lobdell has been given the main Superman book and with new writer Justin Jordan ( no relationship to Hal) the book's story has suffered somewhat.

Justice League #1
Written by GEOFF JOHNS
Art and cover by JIM LEE and SCOTT WILLIAMS
(What we said then)
This book is going to be big. I am going to read this on the ability of Geoff Johns. I have a feeling that he can write a really witty and fun super team book. It only helps that Jim Lee is drawing it. This is how the JLA should be. The best heroes of the DCU moving in and kicking all types of evil ass.
(What I sadly know now)
This book fucking sucks. It's DC's answer to the Avengers. "Yo, Batman, It's me. Superman. Wanna hang around a goofy ass table and talk for six issues then hug?" Batman would then get tears in his eyes and cry. For his mom and dad. Because Batmen do cry. Or something. I think Bendis beat Geoff Johns in a dirty alley then stole his Green Lantern hat then just started handing in scripts pretending to be Geoff. OK this isn't true but it would make sense as to why this books makes me want to beat myself in the face with a large blunt object.

Swamp Thing #1
Art and cover by YANICK PAQUETTE
(What we said then)
It's no secret that Scott Snyder can write a good horror story. He does it every month in the pages of American Vampire. It's been sometime since there was a really good swamp thing comic on the racks that didn't try to retell the Alan Moore stuff over and over again. I also spent like 5 minutes looking at the awesome Yanick Paquette cover. It's good stuff.
(What we know now)
Scott Snyder has become the man at DC. So his work on a low tier book like Swamp Thing could not last long. But for the 18 issues that he crafted made every other run before him look like crap. It was full of action, which the Alan Moore issues lack (don't act like they didn't). A stunning book to read thanks to Yanick Paquette. You have run that is worthy of a Omnibus format.  

Nightwing #1
Art and cover by EDDY BARROWS and JP MAYER
(What we said then)
I read an interview with Kyle Higgins and he spoke about how he was a fan of the Dixon/McDaniel run on this book. So am I. I was going to buy it for the simple fact that it was Nightwing, but Higgins won me over with his love for Dick Grayson. Eddy Barrows comes off a run of Superman which wasn't all that great. But to be honest it was the writing on that book which sucked. When I saw Eddy's name attached to this book I knew it was a no brainer to pick this up.
(What we know now)
Yes in 2013 the Batman/Spider-Man mix up this is Nightwing still gets me. I still like this book and don't have any real complaints. I just wish Nightwing would get out of Gotham. But on the other hand I really like his snazzy uniform with the red other then blue. But Nightwing is getting close to being Spidey, seeing as how writer Kyle Higgins made him broke and all. Quick, NIghtwing better save some cash so he can make some web flu-.... Still a fun book to sit down and read. Now if only we could keep him out of the Batman family crossovers.

Superman #1
Breakdowns and cover by GEORGE PEREZ
(What we said then)
At first I was like: George Perez? But the more I think about it, the man is good. Okay, I take that back, he is AWESOME. I'm even digging the new costume. Jesus Merino will be doing the art over Perez's breakdowns which can only mean that we'll get some strong storytelling out of this one. It's also great to have George Perez doing a monthly book again.
(What we know now)
It's better than what we saw when Big Blue was walking around America. To do what? Help some black kids play basketball. I'd like to see Superman go up against the Harlem Globetrotters. Those guys never lose. Even if they keep playing the same team. What was I talking about? This book had a retro feel to it. Long pages of story and dialogue made this read like a sliver age Marvel title. Too bad Perez didn't stick around for anything longer then 6 issues. His New 52 Man of Steel really stood out.

Animal Man #1
Written by JEFF LEMIRE
(What we said then)
Jeff Lemire is the reason that I am buying this bar none. Jeff just knocked it out of the park with his run on Superboy. I haven't seen anything from Travel Foreman since his work on Iron Fist. And I must say that he did a bang up job on the cover. I would gladly fork over the $2.99 for this book.
(What we know now)
This should be #1 on this list. Lemire and crew has crafted modern day comic book gold. I nor you should have anything to say in a negative light about this book. Let's just leave it at that.

Batman #1

(What we said then)
From what I'm told Scott Snyder did just an awesome job on Detective Comics when Dick Grayson was Batman. Now he gets to take on the one true Batman. I think that Scott Synder is a fantastic writer and this book is going to be balls to the walls fun to read. The big score is that DC has got Greg Capullo to do the art. Greg did a really great job with Haunt for Image comics, but he felt it was time to move on to bigger and better projects. I haven't read  the regular Batman title since Tony Daniel took over writing and drawing it (boo). If I only read one Batman title I'd rather make it this one.
(What we know now)
It's a touchdown! Other than the issues with Andy Kubert this has been a great run on Batman. Court of Owls was fun and Death of the Family freaked me out. Snyder has left his mark and the Dark Knight, who happens to be my favorite DC hero. I hear plans are to keep these two on this project until issue #50. I look forward to this long run. This reminds me of Moench and Jones. Minus the uber horror feel. The best Batman since Snyder on Detective Comics.

-Tash Moore 

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