Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Comics Review: Iron Man #10

Written by: Kieron Gillen
Art by: Dale Eaglesham

This week I'm bringing you a look into the mind of Kieron Gillen and The Secret Origin of Tony Stark! Last issue we learned that the damn traitor robot 451 not only double crossed the people of the planet he was on, but double crossed Stark as well. BUT THAT'S NOT ALL FOLKS!!! He's also been a part of Tony's life since before he was even born!!! WHAAAAAAT THEEEEEEE???!!! How the hell can that be? When the hell did he come in? Why the hell HIS family? Let's find the hell out in this review!

It opens up as Tony finishes watching the movie of his father. Howard left a message for Tony, from long in the past. Telling him where he really came from, with 451 standing right next to him. 451 tells Tony that he understands its hard to listen to, and no matter what we tell ourselves "No one is a self-made man." A shocked Stark just sits in the chair confused, worried, baffled. He doesn't know what to do, what to believe, WHO to believe. Then it goes to a flashback on his parents. His mother has finally gotten the morning sickness. Both parents are very excited, guessing they haven't had the best of luck with having children in the past. But one week later, their doctor tells them some very disturbing news. The child would most likely not come to term. This brings on the alcohol, of course. A depressed Howard Stark resorting to his bottle and glass, as usual. Gears turning in his head wondering if there's something he could do. He travels to three Earth locations before heading to some, not so oftenly treaded lands. All of them not giving him any good options, until he reaches the Last-Chance Bar. There, he is directed to Nevada to meet with this man...who turns out to be an alien. The man/alien tells Howard that he knows a way to save his child. There's some sweet tech that's owned by a nearby family who also own a casino. The tech can help Stark with any problem he's got. Awesome, now to get there. Where's this casino you ask? Oh, no where important, its just an alien casino on Area 51!!!

The alien tells Stark that the sweet tech is actually 451, but they need one hell of a team to bust him out. Not a problem, Stark knows people. He recruits his heist team, consisting of Jimmy Woo, and FBI agent, a woman by the name of The Bear, a demolitions expert, Nessa the Kitten, the card shark, "Dum Dum" Dugan, working for the C.I.A., and Lieutenant "Thunderbolt" Thadeus Ross, a U.S. Special Forces soldier who will eventually become the Red Hulk. Well, looks like we've got a hell of a team together. Time to break this damn robot out so he can help Howard's wife have this baby! The big wig alien owners of the casino call in the man/alien who helped Stark earlier. His name is Rollo. The big boss accuses Rollo of helping the humans, since there're so many of them in the casino at once. Rollo admits to helping them and giving them access codes to the upstairs location of 451. In a hurry, they all rush there, not knowing that Stark and his team are in disguise. Rollo tells the boss that everyone was supposed to meet in a warehouse outside the casino, so he could get his cut. Big Boss dude man bro guy and his cronies, along with Rollo all head over to that warehouse. Now with all the danger gone, Stark's team can start busting 451 out of his holding cell. Some big ass explosions later, and a getaway ship piloted by none other than Stark's wife, the team has their guy/bot/dude/bro/guy/thing. The explosion can be seen from the warehouse, naturally the boss knows he's been dooped multiple times. Simple solution, ex off the rat. Rollo is gotten rid of with a swift bullet to the head. 

That's the last we see of the flashback. Back to present day 451 and Tony. 451's computer tells him they're ready for warp, they're headed to a far away planet of some sort. 451 assures Stark that he'll see everything was done for a reason, even destroying an entire planet and everyone on it. Hitting Tony with some sleeping gas, telling him as he drifts off to think of it as this: his parents loved him. ALL his parents loved him. And the ship blasts into deep warp space.

Iron Man has been real good these last couple issues. God Killer was great, and this secret origin is turning out to be one hell of a ride. I'm enjoying Gillen's run on it and its only 10 issues in. And I don't know about you guys, but I'm sure glad Greg Land isn't on the book any more, but this is all a tale for another time. Its been great and I can not wait to see where this is going to take Stark, and to find out what the hell happened with his mother. I wonder if Stark is some kind of robo-baby and THAT'S why he's so smart. Who knows?! Only Kieron Gillen, and we'll find out next month! But until next week, readers!

-Matt Milanes

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