Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Comics Review: Thor God of Thunder #8

Written by: Jason Aaron
Art by: Esad Ribic

Firstly, happy Mother's Day to all you momma comic readers out there! And congrats for all the struggling students just skating out of finals these couple weeks, myself included. Having all that said, lets get this book opened and started.

Right away this is one of the best covers of the book/year. A powerful Gorr restraining a helpless Young Thor in crucified position. Incredible cover, gave me chills. Anywho, last issue we had Young Thor working on the Godbomb, while present Thor and Thodin were zooming through space to reach Gorr to whoop all types of ass.

Still a few billion light years away, they run out of beer. What?! No more beer?!?! Ahhhh jeez, trips over. All the while, Young Thor is still getting all whipped up and beaten on the plane of the Godbomb. That is until he gets fed up and tries to get all hulky, but then catches a swift foot to the face by a woman. Thaaaaaat's right, a woman handed Thor's ass right back to him. And not just one, three! They smack him up a bit and let him know that every time he thinks it's a good idea to act a fool, Gorr crucifies another god. So he needs to sit his ass down, and shut his ass up.

Gorr's son comes down to the site later in the day, even telling Thor that the big sphere he saw in the last issue is indeed a bomb. He says how there'll be a world without fear of damnation, or worry about pleasing gods. Thor tries telling the kid to just escape. Leave, and never come back. He's still young enough to grow up with better morals and live a good life. That doesn't go over so well, the kid don't wanna leave. All of this, with Gorr closely watching near by.

Back to present Thor and Thodin, making good progress through space...and that's all they give us for now. BACK to Young Thor! The slaves get every seventh day off, as a joke to god resting on the seventh day. The slaves are conversing about a secret plan they've got. They want to destroy the bomb! In the midst of all this plotting, we find out that those women who manhandled Thor are actually his grand daughters! After all, he WAS brought to the future. Anyways, the slaves have got a bomb of their own and who takes it for the glory and game and mainly principle of the matter? Thor. Duh, who didn't guess that. He's racing against time itself to get this bomb to the Godbomb.

Running as fast as he can towards the Godbomb, tackling Gorr's guard dogs as he goes and for the first time, summoning thunder from the skies. Proving to his grand daughters that he is indeed, Thor. Son of Odin. Heir to Asgard. God of Thunder. He throws the bomb and hits Gorr's death machine. A loud boom rings out that even the other Thors feel it on their ship.

We're now introduced to these creatures in space called Starsharks. Why?, you ask. Only for plot and to show resent Thor getting smacked with one. By who?!, you ask. Young Thor himself! How did he get to the ship?!?!?!, you ask. Well, we don't know yet.

All three Thors are now united. Ready for war against Gorr and his army, whatever he may have. They draw near to his planet so the three begun preparations for battle. Amoring up and weaponizing themselves. Young Thor even attempts to grab Mjolnir, but it is quickly retrieved by it's rightful owner. Young Thor will just have to make do, and by that, I mean he's gonna just grab a big ass hammer on a stick. They arrive and Young Thor calls out to Gorr that they may have words with him. Only to hear from present Thor that the time for words are over, now it's time to let the hammers talk.

And right about then is where my mind exploded. For those of you who don't use the Marvel AR app, there's a great one on this issue with Dan Slott, writer of The Superior Spider-Man. He's raving about this is his absolute favorite Marvel NOW title and honestly, I can see why. This has been a roller coaster of a time traveling ride from the start. One story spanning thousands of years. Incredible story telling, fantastic art by Mr. Ribic. I truly, sincerely hope this creative team is together for a long time. I'll be back next week as I hope you guys will be too.

Matt Milanes

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