Thursday, May 2, 2013

Olivia's Pick of the Week: Morning Glories #26

Morning Glories #26
writer: Nick Spencer
artist: Joe Eisma

Season 2 begins!!!

It's kind of odd to call the story arcs seasons, almost like the creators are trying to elevate their work from being more than a comic... but call it whatever you want, this had some really good storytelling in it.

Morning Glories is a title that you can easily get confused with while reading. Heck, in the beginning of Season 1, I could barely remember a lot of the characters' names. Throw in all the time travel and various sub-plots, and it's a lot to take in. Issue #26 re-focuses mainly on Casey's story, hence the cover, and you can easily follow how her life is starting to play out. It's a very striking cover, too, with the soft colors and big, bold eyes of Casey.

Casey is having dinner with Abraham, the guy most of the new kids at Morning Glories Academy have been trying to save. This is an older Casey than we are used to. Abraham tries to hit on her, but she reminds him that technically she's still as old as his son. There are, also, older scenes from Casey's past where she is getting ready for her first day at high school and her father is trying to connect with her and talk to her about any trepidation she might feel about it all. Casey is a really strong character though and doesn't think much about it. As Casey moves through time, she begins to take on an all-new persona as a disguise in order to play it low key and infiltrate the system. She winds up looking a lot like Georgina from M.G.A. At the end of the issue, the story comes full circle and you see that she comes to be her younger self's teacher in high school which is so trippy to think about.

The artwork remains very consistent. That's such a great thing because it allows the plot to twist and grow. All of the characters are so complex with their own secrets and agendas. It's good reading. This is not a book you can just pick up randomly and follow because of all the plots and histories that you learn in regards to the various characters throughout, but what's happening in this issue is so clearly told and easy to follow that I think Season 2 Issue #26 is a good jumping on point for new readers. It was a wonderful shock to see how Casey's character is developing. I'm also more and more curious about Abraham, as I feel we have yet to get a good picture about who exactly is this man.

This is a darn good issue.

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