Friday, May 17, 2013

Olivia's Pick of the Week: Thor: God of Thunder #8

Thor: God of Thunder #8
writer: Jason Aaron
artist: Esad Ribic

What, what, WHAT?!!! Two Thor reviews back to back. Yeah... that's right.

This was my Pick of the Week for several reasons. First, I love the works of Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic individually and together I think they do a bang-up job. The humor is fantastic. It's like a comedy act like the Three Stooges but it's the three Thors and they drink ale, compare beards and kick butt with their big ol' hammers.

This issue continues with the story-line of the God-bomb. Gorr's son was a creepy little thing. Not only because of his dark, soulless eyes but because of how he could man-handle Thor. Really young Thor meets his grand-daughters. More importantly, Thor gets a chance to destroy the god-bomb. His own bomb was so much smaller than the God-bomb, I don't know how he or any of the other gods could think it would do any damage and it doesn't. We'll have to wait and see the next issue if the power of three Thor's will be enough to put an end to Gorr and his God-bomb. Maybe Thor will keep coming out of different periods in time and it'll be a Thor army that takes down Gorr, something akin to the battle scenes in the Lord of the Rings movies. No matter what, I'm sure it will be fantastic as this book continues to be one of my favorite reads.


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