Friday, May 24, 2013

Tash's Pick of the Week: Wonder Woman #20

Moon Over Mayhem
Written By Brian Azzarello
Art By Cliff Chiang & Goran Sudzuka

Wonder Woman as my pick of the week? Stranger things have happened. But to be totally fair with you dear reader this book has been a gem in the New 52 fold since issue #1. Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang have breathed new life into a property that others just seemed that they could not.

Wonder Woman is no longer made from clay but the daughter of Zeus. More of a love child really as Zeus just walks the mortal plane knocking women up. (What an ass.) Zeus is murdered by his son Apollo. Apollo has taken the throne and a human woman named Zola has the last child of Zeus. The child is said to kill Apollo then rule over the kingdom. Wonder Woman has decided to protect the Mother (Zola) and the child (Zeke) at all cost.

I love that in this series Diana (Wonder Woman) is really a strong warrior and a friend. She is presented to be headstrong and very caring. In previous incarnations she seems a little to much on being just a warrior. Anyway in this issue with fantastic art by Cliff Chiang and Goran Sudzuka sees Moon showing up on earth to kill the baby. Just like when my cat Randy won't have any part of my rubbing him when it's hot outside, Woman Woman ain't having it.

Cool fight scenes abound and it's on. Wonder Woman wins the fight with a kick to Moon's wiggy region (You knew she'd win. Who's name is on the cover again?)  As Zola, her baby and Wonder Woman's half brother Lennox are making a break for it they run into Apollo's first born son and he too wants the baby dead. Lucky for Zola, Lennox (who's skin is like stone) has been dying to punch something all night.

Thumbs up all around for this book. I had the pleasure of meeting Cliff Chiang at C2E2 last year and he assured me and all the fans of this books they play to stick around for a lone time. Amen, brother.

-Tash Moore

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