Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Comics Review: New Mutants #95

Written By Louise Simoson
Pencils By Rob Liefeld
Inks By Joe Rubinstein
Colors By Brad Vancata

Hey kids look, it's a comic book by Rob Liefeld! Run! No, no, no. I kid. This turned out to me a very good issue. Also, no I am not pulling your leg dear reader. As a crossover called X-Tinction Agenda, A few members of the New Mutants (that has to be some of the laziest titles given to a comic. I bet the Marvel team were sitting around thinking of a title for a spin off X-Men book with some new mutants. Then BAM! The book will be called New Mutants. Marvel creators and editors them gave high fives and then went out for beer.) I lost track of what I was saying. Oh, yeah. The review.

Boom Boom, Rictor Warlock and Storm (who is a little kid here) are taken away to Genosha. It's a small island that has become a powerful country because they take the mutants that are born there and whatever their powers may be, they erase their memories then put them to work as slaves. All for the glory that is Genosha. The country of Genosha has crossed paths with the X-Men before and now they want to settle the score.

Cable is pissed that his students are missing so he calls the original X-Men who are now a mutant group called X-Factor. (Try and stay with me on this one.) Cyclops gets the news that his brother Havok may have been with the Genoshan's and want to get to the bottom of this mystery. Back in Genosha, we are told that the villain who has taken the New Mutants and Storm hostage is a man named Cameron Hodge. He was injured by the X-Men and had his mind put inside a giant metal robot body that totally looks like ED-209 from Robocop.

Hodge's plan is to mind wipe the New Mutants and make them slaves to Genosha and take the alien Warlock and steal his powers. This will allow Hodge to shape shift at will but will kill Warlock in the process. Like Hodge really cares. He's the villain for crying out loud. With some luck, and a little help from Warlock who manages to sneak out, Storm and the New Mutants escape. Warlock is recaptured but Boom Boom goes back to save him only to see him die. The issue ends with President Ronald Reagan telling X-Factor to come to see him at the White House.?!?

Overall, I did enjoy the story. It pulled me in and didn't get too hammy. You really did feel bad for Warlock when he bit the big one. Even if the way his dialogue was written. Boy did it suck. Now lets talk the art here by Rob Liefeld. It was good. I know you didn't think that i would say that but it was. I think this is before the time when he just stopped giving a damn and when Bob Harris (who was the X-books editor at the time) kept him in check. The story was fluid without space being wasted. Big props to Rubinstein who inked this. I have  a feeling he really cleaned up the art here.

-Tash Moore

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Comics Review: Amazing Spider-Man #296

Written by: David Michelinie
Art by: Alex Saviuk

Coming with a blast from the past! We here at The Verbal Mosh have decided to take a trip to ye olden days of comics and bring to you some of the best stories of yesteryear. Here's my first contribution with the first issue from The Amazing Spider-Man Omnibus by Dave Michelinie and Todd McFarlane, well he gets involved later, but for now let's open up this behemoth of a book and get started! 

This ish opens up with Spider-Man walking through the streets as something he's never been before. A pedestrian!!! But why?! Why is Spider-Man walking around the streets of Manhattan and not swinging high above the buildings? Well, that's a simple answer, he's web shooters are out...oh. Almost forgot that kind of stuff happens. On his lonely wet walk home in the rain, Peter decides its time to make some changes to his shooters. Once finally home, he brainstorms some ideas, one being a warning device that'll tell him when the fluid is low. Another is making them out of plastic so they wouldn't trip the metal detectors at airports when he goes on jobs for the Bugle. Then he drifts off into a much earned and needed sleep.

And right across town at a research facility, someone else is getting some sleep. One of Spideys greatest foes, Doctor Otto Octavius, Doc Ock! But what's this, he doesn't have his robotic arms, and the doctor overseeing him says Ock wants to change. Well would you look at that. Otto's falling into sleep and even dreaming. He's dreaming of his very first encounter with Spider-Man so many years ago. Smacking him around, throwing him out the window. Alls good in Ock's world until he gets a tap on his shoulder. It's a giant Spider-Man!!! And he got revenge by flicking Ock through a wall! The vitals on In Ock's body are spiking, but the real strange part is, even his mechanical arms are reacting, and they're stored somewhere away from Otto! He wakes up screaming from his nightmare and falls into Dr. Jeffersons arms crying...aaaaaaand it just got weird.

The next morning back at Peter's house, he's made some of the adjustments he needed on his web shooters. Or at least mapped them out they'd cost WAY too much money. Can't make money if you're not working, might as well call the Bugle and see what's up. The receptionist says they're up to their necks in Spidey pics, unless Pete's got one that has the Wall Crawler in a heated fight, they don't want it. Lucky for Peter, he IS the Web Head, unfortunately for Peter, he IS the Web Head. Time to head outside and look for trouble, but this one damn night, New York has NOTHING going on. Back at the facility holding Doc Ock, they're trying again with curing Otto and making him good. More drugs, more dreams. This time, Otto sees himself on the streets if New York except everyone but him is a spider person! Web Heads and Wall Crawlers EVERYWHERE. Ock gets so scared he runs away, and straight into a giant web! That can only mean one thing, a giant spider has just caught her prey!!! This nightmare is so extreme, and Otto's arms reacted so much to it, they actually broke themselves free!

They're out in the streets tearing it up and of course this catches the attention of Spider-Man. He tries to throw a Spider Tracer on them but misses, no worry, he's got a good idea where they're off to. Back at the facility, Ock is weeping over his dream again when suddenly the arms break through the wall. Scared, Otto sends them away. He doesn't want to be a criminal anymore. He doesn't want the arms. Then the cops show up and shoot at the arms, but Otto thinks they're shooting at him. He realized that truly no one wanted to help him. That everyone still thinks he's bad, well then, might as well be bad! Doc Ock is back, he exclaims! Well...shit.

Spidey shows up just in time to realize he's late, and couldn't even catch a pic for the Bugle. Meanwhile, a group of thugs rejoice over a successful robbery. Those thugs just happen to be ex-minions of Doc Ock. And their hideout just happens to be one of Ock's lairs. And speaking of the good doctor, he shows up and strikes fear back into the hearts of his ex-cronies, and they welcome him back with shaken voices. All this and even a day later, Spider-Man can't seem to find the good doctor. The only thing left to do now is to lure in the octopus. He swings over to the Bugle and convinces the editor Katheryn Cushing to have the Bugle help in Spidey's hunt for Otto. Pete's not done building his team though, he acquires the help of Otto's doctor at the Psych Ward, Dr. Jefferson. Although he's against tricking Otto, he agrees.

The trap was simple, print a story in the Bugle saying Dr. Jefferson is writing a book to tell all about Otto's sickness and dreams and such. In a rage, Otto races to the psych hospital to capture Jefferson, only to be cornered by special forces officers. They are nothing to him, they can't stop him. But, the Amazing Spider-Man can! Stopping Otto dead in his tracks, frozen like ice! But don't celebrate too early, although Ock's frozen scared like a little girl, his arms are programmed for this exact situation. To protect Ock in case he's bitchly frozen by Spider-Man. So his arms are going all crazy and Peter tells everyone to get out, it's a lot safer if those arms only had one target. He runs into the basement and the arms follow, carrying a frozen Otto Octavius. Sidey realizes that if he hurts Ock, the arms will do anything to get away, so he breaks a pipe and the gas starts covering Otto, the arms then bust a hole in the ceiling and escape before anyone could catch him.

The issue ends with Pete selling his fight pictures to the Bugle, that'll finally finance his new web shooters, and he won't have to deal with Doc Ock for a while, yayayay! Yeah, ok. When does that ever happen? Ock has already devised a plan. Since he can't confront Spider-Man without freezing up, and Spider-Man's base of operations is Manhattan, Otto will just have to destroy New York!!! 

It feels good reading these old issues and seeing what it was like back then. The lack of technology, and how still a book can come together beautifully. I love it, and can wait to bring you guys more from this massive collection. Till next week!

-Matt Milanes

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Comics Review: Uncanny X-Men #270

Written By Chris Claremont
Pencils By Jim Lee
Inks By Art Thibert & Scott Williams
Colors By Gynis Oliver

It's a mighty marvel event that didn't leave you wanting in the ending department. Okay, well maybe just a little bit. As you can tell Havok is on the cover and he's blowing up to holy hell the X-Men logo. Which I must say looks pretty sweet.

This issue starts off with Cable and his New Mutants teams training at the X-Mansion. When Jean Grey shows up with a much younger Storm (Thanks to Nanny) they get some training in with the New Mutants. The New Mutants are still pretty pissed because they along with the rest of the world thought they were dead. Which was pretty much Storms idea to keep the team in the dark so they could strike out at their enemies. Which now that I really think about it, seems like something the bad guys would do.

While Jean and Storm are having coffee and talking about what it's like to be dead then alive again they get attacked. (Isn't that the way it always is in these X-Men books?) By who you might ask? Why, it's just the Genosha Magistrates. Operating illegally on U.S. soil no less. Banshee, Cable and Forge are trapped underground in the X-Mansion training facility. Cable looks kid of odd here. I guess that's just because he's not drawn by his father/creator Rob (You don't need feet) Liefeld.

To add to the problems the group of Genoshan Magistrates are lead by Havok?!?! Say what? Somehow the bad guys now have Havok on their side. Storm and the New Mutants are taken down by Havok. They in turn are taken and transported by to Genosha. The ending has Cable with his weird glowing eye thing vow to "Get the people responsible." Yes Cable, that'll strike fear into the hearts of men. Next I review as issue of New Mutants by Rob Liefeld.It'll be great. Or not.

-Tash Moore

Olivia's Pick of the Week: Animal Man #21

Animal Man #21
written by: Jeff Lemire
art by: Steve Pugh

Animal Man is dealing with a nomination for his film: Tights. I really enjoyed the reactions people were having to a.) the nomination and b.) the fact that Animal Man hasn't been seen in public for quite some time. He is still dealing with the grief from losing his son, after all. The comments made about him felt very genuine because they ranged from supporters of Animal Man to condescending haters. Interspersed is the news about animals that have gone missing. This is important as later on Animal Man, in efforts to come out of his grief, will do something pro-active in his life and try to help find these missing animals. Not only is there Cliff's death, the nomination for Tights, but Ellen, his wife, moved out and took their daughter, Maxine, with them.

Ellen is unsure how to handle Maxine. Maxine is going the under-cover super-hero route as she has essentially taken over being Animal Man from her father. But all that business makes Ellen upset which is why she has to hide it from her. Maxine's still talking to Socks and she's hell-bent on finding and bringing back her brother, Cliff. She can feel with her powers connected to the Red that Cliff's soul is still out there somewhere. It's sweet how she clings to that, but I can't help but feel unsure about what her efforts will bring about, as I remember back to the very early issues where Maxine first discovers her powers and brings her dead and now skeletal pets back to life. I can't imagine this ordeal will go about smoothly.

Maxine makes a deal with the Totems of the Red. She will learn from them and be their new avatar (only at night) and they will help her find her brother.

Animal Man eventually comes face to face with the man/creature that has been stealing all the animals around town. The guy kind of reminds me of Anton Arcane or one of his rot monsters. He's just so freakish and huge. He'd been performing cruel surgeries on the animals he stole. In the blink of an eye, he disappears, though. Animal Man has finally been sighted and is bombarded with fans, paparazzi, and the like.

I like the combination of issues that are being addressed. Animal Man's world may have stopped for a  moment but the rest of the world keeps right on turning. I enjoy his brooding so much more than I enjoy Batman brooding over the loss of his son Damian, where he's punching people out and screaming his head off like a maniac.

The art is done well, too. It compliments the story. This was a fantastic issue. You have to follow the story from issue one to get a clear sense of the complexities of the characters, but even so... This was good.


Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Verbal Mosh Episode 225

Woah! There are some trippy books this week that get reviewed. Conan the Barbarian is Rip Van Winkle. Invincible has warped into Infinite "Invincible" Vacations. Batman is still angry and alone.
On Episode 225, we review: Invincible #103, Conan the Barbarian #17, Wonder Woman #21, Supergirl #21, Batman and Batgirl #21, Age of Ultron #10, Uncanny Avengers #9, Superior Spider-Man #12, Fantastic Four #9, and Indestructible Hulk #9. Just hit the link to listen for free right here! You can also here this new episode for free on our Facebook page.
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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Tash's Pick of the Week: Batman #21

Written By Scott Snyder
Pencils By Greg Capullo
Inks By Danny Miki
Colors By FCO Plascencia

I love Batman. But then if you've been following this site, well you already knew that. Didn't you? My pick of the week is Batman #21. (Duh!) This is a re-telling of Batman's origin. Think year one but the number comes before the year. Get it? Well neither do I, but this was still a fun book to read.

We begin in present day Gotham. It looks like crap. Well it always seems to look like that but even more so now. It's almost like an urban war zone. You know how bad things in Gotham have gotten when Batman is riding around on a motorcycle. WITH HIS SLEEVES CUT OFF!! Way to trailer-trash it up there, Bruce.

Flashback to young Bruce when he first came back to save Gotham. He immendity runs afoul of the Red Hood gang. After rescuing some of the more wealthier citizens of Gotham City from the Red Hood gang, Bruce escapes and even gives the Red Hood gang the middle finger. I'll admit this made me smile just a bit. It shows that Bruce is still a pretty brash young man.

Bruce goes back to the base of operations in Crime Alley. A man shows up named Philip Kane. Turns out he's really Bruce's Uncle. His mom's brother to be exact. He's merged the Wayne and Kane companies into Wayne Enterprise. Philip wants Bruce to come back to run the company because the city has always been trusting of the Wayne's and not the Kane's. (Hey, that rhymed and you know it did.) Bruce is all like "No way, dude. I got a war on crime to fight and win!" or something like that.

The main story ends with Philip Kane talking with Edward Nygma ( The Riddler) as they plot how to get Bruce to come back to run this new company, or kill him. Either one really works for them.

In the back-up by Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque Bruce is in Latin America and is being shown the art of driving a getaway car. The teacher is a man named Don Miguel and he and Bruce are on the run from John Q. Law. Bruce escapes the cops but beats up his teacher and leaves him for the fuzz. Seems Don Miguel was killing cops just for the fun of it. Wow, with a student like Bruce and the way he snitches I'd try to milk him for some retirement money for when I get out of jail. What was I saying again? Oh Yeah, good story and even better art. I bet Greg Capullo has a gun to Danny Miki's head shouting " Dude don't screw up my pencil lines or I'll beat you." Or not.

-Tash Moore

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Comics Review: Avenging Spider-Man #22

Written by: Christopher Yost
Art by: David Lopez

    The cover of this mag shows both Spidey and Frank Castle at the ready. Otto's got his hand ready to shoot some shenanigans and Castle's looking like he's prepared to draw. How can these two possibly fight? Granted the first time they met, Castle wanted to cap Peter, but that was Peter! Oh wait, THAT'S why they're about to fight, cuse Otto probably did some A-Hole stuff and picked a fight. Well, there's only one way to find that out. Time to open up this book and figure it out. 

    We open up to inside the Superior Spider-Man's mask, Otto's been keeping up with local crimes in the city with his Spider-Bots. Pickpocketing, beneath his attention. Car Jacking, insurance will cover it. Send some pics to the cops, let them deal with it. But purple smoke followed by people running out of a bank, now that's something to be concerned about. No one looks hurt, and there's awkward animals and aliens walking about the bank. It gets even more awkward when there's lack of Spider Sense. It has to be the work of a one, Mysterio! That illusion creating bastard! I wonder if calling himself MysteRION is any illusion in itself. Hmmm. A short fight ensues before he escapes in his escaping smoke thing stuff that he does when he loses a fight. Damn that Quentin Beck, sneaky bum. He escapes to the roof where Spidey catches up to him anyway and continues to rough up this punk. Even slashing him with those fancy new talons, which as you all know, inject the nano bots into the blood of the receiver. But then the man in the fishbowl asks who's Beck? That must mean the man is an imposter, and that just pisses Otto off since a "great villain" like Mysterio was once on a Sinister Six team LED by Doc Ock. But right as Spider-Man is about to let this phoney have it, a bullet whizzes right through Mysterio's head!!! WTF?!?!

New Challenger Arrived: The Punisher!!! Confused by Castle's motives, Otto saves Mysterio from the incoming brigade of bullets meant to kill the fishbowl. But right before Mysterio can get what's coming to him, he disappears into smoke. Now Punisher's got Spider-Man to deal with. Enraged, Otto jumps at Franks throat, before triggering the booby-trapped rooftop loaded with flash grenades. Frank pins down Spidey with a heavy boot to the neck and gives him a very serious message. He tells him that he's seen the line he's crossed. Killing Massacre, beating Jester and Screwball to a bloody pulp. That violent life, leave it now. Before it consumes him.

Naturally, Otto doesn't take anyone's advice, and after recovering from the flash grenades, picks his ass up and gets right back into the hunt for Mysterio. He's gotta find him before Castle does because Castle will just kill him. But why the sudden and so extreme care for Mysterio? He tracks down the hunt and right as he swings in for the interception, the Hobgoblin cuts him off!!! And not that cheap winged imposter either, this is the original Hobgoblin. Now the story's getting real juicy!

The goblin reveals that he was the one who put the new Mysterio up to his tricks. And now that he's captured, Spider-Man must decide. Stay with the Goblin until authorities arrive and let The Punisher kill Mysterio, or leave Goblin to inevitably escape and save a much lesser dangerous villain from death. Great power, great responsibility, huh? He chooses to save Mysterio. Arriving just in the nick of Spidey time to save him from another bullet, only to knock him out cold to shut him the hell up. Now to deal with Castle. Laying out an ass whooping not seen since Jester and Screwball, Spider-Man webs up Castle to a wall and tells him that line he thought was crossed? Was the only thing that just saved Frank from the death he himself dishes out. Gives him some simple rules, stay out of each others way, there's no problems. Then he swings off. Leaving Castle to enter another passage in his War Journal. He tells himself he's not sure what's happened to "Peter", but he approves. He also knows what life that brings, and when he steps over the edge, Frank'll be waiting.

Back at Spider-Man's lair/lab/shag pad. He's devising a new plan to deal with the Hobgoblin making replacement villains, and a harsh plan. A plan of his own. A plan involving...captured villains?!?!?! That's why he wanted Mysterio alive so badly! He's adding him to his list. Along with The Sandman, The Chameleon and Electro. Spider-Man is rebuilding Doc Ock's Sinister Six to control himself!

What an amazing issue to end the series on. A great team-up book from the start. I'm glad to say I own the series back from issue 1. Can't wait to see where this Sinister Six ends up, and I'm very excited for Superior Spider-Man Team-Up. I mean Avenging Spider-Man 2. Eh whatever, I'm buying it. Until next week readers! 

-Matt Milanes

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Verbal Mosh Episode 224

We're back with an all new bunch of comics to talk about. We saw Man of Steel this weekend, too, and a review will be up soon on our
This week's books include: Superman Unchained #1, Superboy #21, Batgirl #21, Nightwing #21, American Vampire The Long Road to Hell, Thor God of Thunder #9, and Wolverine and the X-Men #31. Click here to here to hear it or check out our Facebook page.
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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Movie Review: Man of Steel

Man of Steel
directed by Zack Snyder
starring: Amy Adams, Lawrence Fishburne, Henry Cavill, Kevin Costner, Christopher Meloni, Diane Lane, etc.

I went to the theater on Saturday to go see Man of Steel. I didn't have any expectations for the movie. One thing it had going for it was that Superman didn't have a mullet. It's interesting that he didn't have an "S" curl, either, but it wasn't wanting. The plot is that Krypton is destroyed. Kal-El survives, but so does General Zod and his crew. Zod wants to turn Earth, where Kal has found refuge, into a new Krypton and Kal-El/Clark Kent/Superman has got to stop him in order to save humanity.

This movie was, generally, good and fun to watch. There were several points, however, that took me out of the movie that felt disjointed from the rest of the film. But first, the good:

I really enjoyed the actor who played Superman, Henry Cavill, and the child that played his younger self. They had similar bright eyes that made it believable for me to think of them as the same person.

I quite liked the flashbacks of Clark's childhood. It focused on a few key moments in Clark's life that heavily impacted his moral beliefs as an adult.

Amy Adams as Lois Lane did a good job, and she didn't even need the dark hair. Since they changed the look of one character, I was happy to see consistency in the form of a non-Caucasian Perry White, played by Lawrence Fishburne.

I loved General Zod's second in command, Faora-Ul. She knew had to kick some serious butt! It was awesome, especially the scene with her lecturing Superman on his fighting capabilities.

Zod was awesome, too.

I really liked the scope of the action in the film. The destruction of buildings and earth was so intense that I felt like I was watching a live-action Dragon Ball Z with the way the characters would get smacked around from one point to another.

I loved the scene where Superman is in custody. It's just so funny how nice he is during it all.

What I didn't like:

I didn't really care for the depiction of Krypton. There was something about the flying creatures, the special effects and the general atmosphere that felt like I was watching a completely different movie.

I really disliked Russell Crowe as Jor-El. I think that role would have been better played by someone less famous. I kept looking at him as Russell Crowe, not Jor-El. What made it worse was that when he plays back his messages to Kal on the ships, he looked too solid for me to believe that he was merely a message. It was too jarring.

I absolutely hated the people of Metropolis: Oh look! Buildings are collapsing all around me! Let me just stand here and watch. >:P

Superman yelled a lot. After the big confrontation with Zod, I can understand the need for him to yell, though, because it's a mixture of emotions he must be feeling at that point in the story where everything has boiled over. Superman is truly alone in that one moment and it's difficult but there's relief, too, because it's all over.

I thought it was funny how Superman would fly around to save Lois. It was weird how quickly their relationship formed, yet I also found their instant connection kind of sweet.

I thought it was strange seeing Clark work on a ship, near the beginning of the film.

So, there wasn't a ton of things I didn't like about the film. I'd give it four out of five stars. The action and adventure are what make it shine, and the heart that comes from the loving Kent family that is also at the root of who Superman is rounds the film out very nicely.

There was no special preview for the Lone Ranger at the end of the film. That's okay with me. That Hobbit trailer looked very awesome.


Thursday, June 13, 2013

Comic Review: All New X-Men #12

All-New X-Men #12
Written by: God...wait, Brian Michael Bendis
Art by: Jesus dela Christ...damn hold on, Stuart Immonen

Hello readers!!! I'm back from a couple weeks of touring the country, and by touring the country I mean a week in Orlando, a weekend in Detroit, and 20 minutes in Chicago, but ANYWAYS! I'm here bringing you a jam packed review of this week's All New X-Men! Just to catch some of you up, you know, the uncool kids who DON'T buy this book on the regular. So Mystique has teamed up with Sabretooth and Lady Mastermind, posing as Wolverine and the time displaced X-Men robbing corporations and banks to fill their pockets. Meanwhile back at the Jean Grey School, Warren a.k.a. Angel said "Dueces" and decided to leave to join Cyclops' new Charles Xavier School, ain't THAT some $#!% so while all this is going down, Scott's brother Alex, leader of the Uncanny Avengers, has gotten wind of these robberies and at the end of last issue, we saw Thor bringing down the X-Jet with the time displaced X-Men on it, and a very VERY angry Captain America ordering them to come out. So, as we always do, let's crack open this book and get started.

First off, this COVER!!! We see a very pissed off looking Havok bringing down the fist on his brother from the past, Scott. And Cyclops ain't wasting no time giving him an eye blast right back. Ok, ok, ok, NOW we'll open the book and get started. We open up to Avengers Mansion, old head quarters of the regular Avengers, and new headquarters of the Uncanny Avengers, a team of mutants and humans built to prove to the world that the two can get along. Alex Summers is watching his brother go on his ego trip, throwing up gang signs, and rant about how he will be there to help all new mutants that are popping up all over the place. Even telling humans who support the cause have his protection as well...then threatening everyone else who doesn't agree with him. Cap then walks in and warns Alex that they're having problems with his brother. Well, I think we all know that, just look at the tv...wait...not...THAT Scott? Oh, young past tense Scott. Well, THIS could get interesting very quickly. Remember, at the time that past Scott lives in, he doesn't know his brother is alive. So imagine that, not only coming to the future and seeing that the future you becomes a total asshole, and even kills his father figure, but now he comes to see that his brother is alive! And an Avenger!!! And alive!!!!! Right in the middle of their awesome brother moment, Cap kinda brotherly c**k blocks them, saying they can play catch-up later. Yeah, that gets completely ignored and the game of catch-up continues. While Wolverine, a member of both teams at the scene tries to talk to Cap to see what the hell's going on, past tense Jean Grey stumbles into the mind of the Scarlet Witch, seeing her memory from a couple years ago and her "No more mutants" debacle. Needless to say, that doesn't go over too well with Jeanie, and ever so politely tells Wanda that she doesn't agree with the way she handled things. By screaming "Murderer" and questioning how everyone could just turn the blind eye and let her be an Avenger. Jean tries to blast everyone and everything away in her blind rage, even knocking Thor away! Eventually, Wanda traps her in some quicksand which stops her pretty solidly. With her mouth still working, she makes Wanda feel REALLY bad about the past. Telling her that Wanda crushed all of Xavier's dreams and everything he built. Cap breaks it up by telling the X-Men that they're wanted felons.

Whoa! That means that Cap believes its ACTUALLY the X-Men going around robbing places for their own good! We fly over to London, where the trio of villains are robbing yet another place. Lady Mastermind doesn't quite trust Mystique fully. She thinks there's something more to their robbery spree, they already have more money than anyone on earth needs. Sabretooth spills the beans quick, in Lady Mastermind's face. Guess we know where his trust is, oh well. He's been with Mystique longer anyways, so I'd do the same. All Lady Mastermind wants is to be filled in completely on everything that's going on. I mean, its the least that can be done, right? Back to the field that the X-Jet currently lays in, and Cap shows Wolverine news clips of the X-Men and wants answers, now. Now it comes out that Scott had a word with Mystique a couple issues back. I guess Scott was never told that there're good mutants, and bad mutants. Mutants that want to work with humans to achieve peace, and mutants who want to hurt all in their way of this "peace". Learning that Mystique is somewhere in New York, and seeing that Wolverine has a lot on his hands, Cap and the UA decide its about that time to get the hell outta dodge. But not before the two teams play the blame game about who could Mystique be disguised as in the group. Jean says that everyone is who they say they are, she went into their heads of course. But that could mean SHE'S Mystique!!! Anyways, all that gets thrown aside and the Uncanny Avengers end up leaving, and Wolverine is left with his team and a fresh idea in his head. They load up the X-Jet and high tail it to...Mystique's hiding place. With full intention on showing that evil trio who's boss.

This book continues to amaze. Every issue is something new adding to the ever so large plot of these time displaced X-Men, and with Bendis at the helm of the regular main Uncanny X-Men, the plot only gets bigger and bigger. Stuart never ceases to drop my jaw with his large panels, and small detailed ones. He could tell a story all on his own, but don't get no ideas Marvel, he's better off with Bendis. I can't get enough of this book, it upsets me that its been slowing down in release since it came out, and same goes for Uncanny X-Men as well. Can't wait to see this massive fight between a team of X-Men and a trio of villains, you know they gotta be confident in their skills if there's only three of them. Until next week readers!!!

-Matt Milanes

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Olivia's Pick of the Week: Kick-Ass 3 #1

Kick-Ass 3 #1
written by Mark Millar
art by John Romita Jr.

It's nice to see how the gang really sticks together and looks after each other... alas, no.

Hit-Girl is in jail. She's so smart because she has an escape plan formed in the event that she ever does find herself in jail. Kick-Ass and his gang of superheroes just need to follow Mindy's instructions. Too bad they are all a bunch of cowards. They leave her completely hung out to dry.

The mantra of the narcissistic and lethargic youth seems to be: we'll help her after we train some more. But they hardly do any training. Dave graduates high school and gets a job at a fast food joint. It seems he hardly has any thought for Mindy, which is a crying shame considering all the tough spots she's ever helped him out of and all that she's ever done. Dave is a complete goober. If only he had some kind of impetus... like dead parents that he can avenge... like Batman... which he has... minus the brains and the money.

Towards the end of the issue, it seems like he just may come around to being the pro-active hero but at that point, he runs into a gang of thugs and we're all left wondering how he will get out of that situation.

Up to this point in the Kick-Ass story, I'm most invested in Mindy's character. Mindy has all the training and knowledge (that Dave would be wise to learn from) and has already had some terrible things happen to her in her small life, so I root for her and hope that she'll wind up all right in the end. I'm not a huge fan of John Romita Jr.'s art style but I think the storytelling in it is great. I chose this as my Pick of the Week because I feel that it's the most engaging of the books that I read for this week. This book can be dark but it can be funny, too.

I'm curious as to what the cover will spell out. What do you guys think? Evil prevails... something something...?

Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Verbal Mosh Episode 223

Excuse the coughing in the background. Someone is still getting over a cold!
... cold snap! cold snap!... anyways...

On Episode 223 of the Verbal Mosh, we review Green Arrow #21, Age of Ultron #9, All New X-Men #12 and Superior Spider-Man #11.

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Tash's Pick of the Week: Captain America #7

Written By Rick Remender
Pencils By John Romita Jr.
Inks By Klaus Janson & Scott Hanna
Colors By Dean White

I'd like to point out that Captain America #7 is my pick of the week. Screw you to Matt who doesn't like the great artwork on this book by John Romita Jr. See, that's the problem with kids. They don't appreciate nothing. Eh, kids. What are you gonna do about them?

This issue continues with Captain America still being stuck in Dimension Z. (No relation to World War Z.) Cap runs around the giant fortress that Zola has hold up in. Captain America wants his son Ian (That he saved from Zola back in issue #1.) Ian is being brainwashed by Zola to make him into a bad guy. So tying a person up and tapping his or her eyes up and making them watch A Clockwork Orange can make you evil. Who knew?

Cap in caught in battle with a big grey mutate that looks just like him. Seems Zola has been busy creating this grotesque versions of Captain America. The Captain America mutate does look really bad ass. (Thanks to the art of John Romita Jr.) After some fighting Cap beats the mutate but has his stitches torn open in the process.  Just as Cap gets to his feet he runs into Zola's evil daughter Jett Black ( How original.)

They fight and she brings up how Cap could have killed her but didn't. That Captain America is a stand up guy, but you already knew that, Didn't you?  Cap saves a friendly mutate that helped him waaayyy back in the beginning in this story and leaves himself open to attack from Jett. She relents after seeing Captain America with his shirt off and saves his life and turns good. OR maybe it was his strong moral character or something.

 The fortress that is home to Zola starts to shake and move  ( but not in a dancing way.) and lifts off the ground. The fortress heads back to earth to infect everyone and make the planet one big ZOLA!!!! Jett gives Captain America the details of Zolas plan and agrees to lend a hand, but only if he agrees to give Ian a totally normal life. I mean, i guess the only normal life you can have by growing up in the Marvel U. The issue ends with Cap finding Ian and learning that gasp, he's now evil. Hey, Stanley Kubrick films will do that to you.

Great storyline so far. Rick Remender is killing it, so long as he doesn't kill Cap. Also, great job on the art by the legendary JRJR. Scott Hanna's inks make it look even bolder and boxy-er. That's not a word but hell, I'll use it. Top notch stuff.

-Tash Moore

The Verbal Mosh Episode 222

On this week's episode of The Verbal Mosh, we review: Chew #34, Wake #1, Morning Glories #27, Thief of Thieves #14, Savage Wolverine #5, Indestructible Hulk #8 and Wolverine and the X-Men #30. Check this new Episode out right here or on our Facebook page.
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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Comics Review: Talon #8

Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark
Written By James Tynion IV
Art By Miguel Sepulveda
Colors By Rain Beredo

Well dear readers, it's been some time without an update. I blame my job for that. Seems that they want me to do things for money. For shame. Anyhoo, I'll do my best to get more then just one review a week. Knowing how you can't live without me.

While it took me some time to get around to reading the latest issue of Talon, I'm glad I did. Hats off to James Tynion IV. His work is getting better and I'm glad to see he's not just another Snyder clone. Didn't Spider-Man teach us anything at all about clones?

In this issue with cool art by new artist Miguel Sepulveda (This name almost sounds like Velvida cheese.) Sebastian Clark is still the renegade former Grandmaster of the Court of Owls. (I bet he has an awesome health care package.) Sebastian Has Bane kill Calvin Rose and they both make a break for Bane's home nation of Santa Prisca. (Not Cuba.) Casey and her Daughter Sarah are captured by the Super Talon (Hey, it's my review so I'll give him whatever name I want.)

Calvin Rose's body is found by the Court of Owls and they begin the process of bringing him back to life.  Now with only the extreme cold to harm him, the Court of Owls holds Casey and her daughter hostage to make Calvin kneel like a dog. Oh, and do their bidding too, can't forget that. The Court is going to reprogram Calvin and when that's done they will send him to kill Sebastian Clark.

Meanwhile in Santa Prisca (Again, not Cuba.) Bane tells Sebastian and the reader that he will lead an army of crazy Cubans Santa Priscans to Gotham to bring down The Batman and The Court of Owls. Now that I think of it, Bane should really just give it up and move on to knitting. I get the feeling now more then ever that Bane is like a damn Bond villain. He can't win (You gotta want it!!)

All in all, I like Bane showing up and Calvin Rose being killed only to begin working for the Court. It was a turn that I didn't see coming. I'm excited to see (yet another) assault on Gotham. Also when I write a review I'll be adding the name of the Colorist on the book. If Marvel can do it, damn it, then so can I! Be back here later this week and I'll talk about a book I'm pretty sure will have Batman in it. Or Daredevil. (You gotta want it!!!)

-Tash Moore

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Olivia's Pick of the Week: Batman Incorporated #11

Suffice it to say, I had a crazy, busy week which is why my Pick of the Week is coming this late.

Batman Incorporated #11
written by Chris Burnham, not Grant Morrison
art by Jorge Lucas, not Chris Burnham

I enjoyed reading this issue SO MUCH!

The story breaks away a bit from what's been happening in the regular Batman story-line following the after-affects of Damian's death. Life goes on for Batman Incorporated, and considering how huge it's reach is, that makes sense.

Here we have the japanese Batman fighting along-side Canary. They're trying to stop the villains, a bunch of motorcycle-clad women who vaguely remind me of the Power Rangers. The issue is very absurd. The villains are catty and mean. They make fun of a schoolgirl calling her "Sailor Pizza-face," which is awful and a little funny, too. I took to reading this issue thinking "what the h-ll..." but the more I read on, the more I came to love this issue.

When something tragic happens like a character's death, it's important to have a bit of closure and a time for the characters to mourn, but reading too much of that stuff can get depressing which is why it's great to have a break and enjoy a little humor. This issue provides just that. What's more, there's even a bit of romance with japanese Batman and Canary. They go on the cutest miniature date together.

Bottom-line, this issue is strange and fun. The art does a great job of capturing the mood of the story in all it's whacky glory. I liked it and if you keep an open mind, you might like it, too.