Thursday, June 13, 2013

Comic Review: All New X-Men #12

All-New X-Men #12
Written by: God...wait, Brian Michael Bendis
Art by: Jesus dela Christ...damn hold on, Stuart Immonen

Hello readers!!! I'm back from a couple weeks of touring the country, and by touring the country I mean a week in Orlando, a weekend in Detroit, and 20 minutes in Chicago, but ANYWAYS! I'm here bringing you a jam packed review of this week's All New X-Men! Just to catch some of you up, you know, the uncool kids who DON'T buy this book on the regular. So Mystique has teamed up with Sabretooth and Lady Mastermind, posing as Wolverine and the time displaced X-Men robbing corporations and banks to fill their pockets. Meanwhile back at the Jean Grey School, Warren a.k.a. Angel said "Dueces" and decided to leave to join Cyclops' new Charles Xavier School, ain't THAT some $#!% so while all this is going down, Scott's brother Alex, leader of the Uncanny Avengers, has gotten wind of these robberies and at the end of last issue, we saw Thor bringing down the X-Jet with the time displaced X-Men on it, and a very VERY angry Captain America ordering them to come out. So, as we always do, let's crack open this book and get started.

First off, this COVER!!! We see a very pissed off looking Havok bringing down the fist on his brother from the past, Scott. And Cyclops ain't wasting no time giving him an eye blast right back. Ok, ok, ok, NOW we'll open the book and get started. We open up to Avengers Mansion, old head quarters of the regular Avengers, and new headquarters of the Uncanny Avengers, a team of mutants and humans built to prove to the world that the two can get along. Alex Summers is watching his brother go on his ego trip, throwing up gang signs, and rant about how he will be there to help all new mutants that are popping up all over the place. Even telling humans who support the cause have his protection as well...then threatening everyone else who doesn't agree with him. Cap then walks in and warns Alex that they're having problems with his brother. Well, I think we all know that, just look at the tv...wait...not...THAT Scott? Oh, young past tense Scott. Well, THIS could get interesting very quickly. Remember, at the time that past Scott lives in, he doesn't know his brother is alive. So imagine that, not only coming to the future and seeing that the future you becomes a total asshole, and even kills his father figure, but now he comes to see that his brother is alive! And an Avenger!!! And alive!!!!! Right in the middle of their awesome brother moment, Cap kinda brotherly c**k blocks them, saying they can play catch-up later. Yeah, that gets completely ignored and the game of catch-up continues. While Wolverine, a member of both teams at the scene tries to talk to Cap to see what the hell's going on, past tense Jean Grey stumbles into the mind of the Scarlet Witch, seeing her memory from a couple years ago and her "No more mutants" debacle. Needless to say, that doesn't go over too well with Jeanie, and ever so politely tells Wanda that she doesn't agree with the way she handled things. By screaming "Murderer" and questioning how everyone could just turn the blind eye and let her be an Avenger. Jean tries to blast everyone and everything away in her blind rage, even knocking Thor away! Eventually, Wanda traps her in some quicksand which stops her pretty solidly. With her mouth still working, she makes Wanda feel REALLY bad about the past. Telling her that Wanda crushed all of Xavier's dreams and everything he built. Cap breaks it up by telling the X-Men that they're wanted felons.

Whoa! That means that Cap believes its ACTUALLY the X-Men going around robbing places for their own good! We fly over to London, where the trio of villains are robbing yet another place. Lady Mastermind doesn't quite trust Mystique fully. She thinks there's something more to their robbery spree, they already have more money than anyone on earth needs. Sabretooth spills the beans quick, in Lady Mastermind's face. Guess we know where his trust is, oh well. He's been with Mystique longer anyways, so I'd do the same. All Lady Mastermind wants is to be filled in completely on everything that's going on. I mean, its the least that can be done, right? Back to the field that the X-Jet currently lays in, and Cap shows Wolverine news clips of the X-Men and wants answers, now. Now it comes out that Scott had a word with Mystique a couple issues back. I guess Scott was never told that there're good mutants, and bad mutants. Mutants that want to work with humans to achieve peace, and mutants who want to hurt all in their way of this "peace". Learning that Mystique is somewhere in New York, and seeing that Wolverine has a lot on his hands, Cap and the UA decide its about that time to get the hell outta dodge. But not before the two teams play the blame game about who could Mystique be disguised as in the group. Jean says that everyone is who they say they are, she went into their heads of course. But that could mean SHE'S Mystique!!! Anyways, all that gets thrown aside and the Uncanny Avengers end up leaving, and Wolverine is left with his team and a fresh idea in his head. They load up the X-Jet and high tail it to...Mystique's hiding place. With full intention on showing that evil trio who's boss.

This book continues to amaze. Every issue is something new adding to the ever so large plot of these time displaced X-Men, and with Bendis at the helm of the regular main Uncanny X-Men, the plot only gets bigger and bigger. Stuart never ceases to drop my jaw with his large panels, and small detailed ones. He could tell a story all on his own, but don't get no ideas Marvel, he's better off with Bendis. I can't get enough of this book, it upsets me that its been slowing down in release since it came out, and same goes for Uncanny X-Men as well. Can't wait to see this massive fight between a team of X-Men and a trio of villains, you know they gotta be confident in their skills if there's only three of them. Until next week readers!!!

-Matt Milanes

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