Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Comics Review: Avenging Spider-Man #22

Written by: Christopher Yost
Art by: David Lopez

    The cover of this mag shows both Spidey and Frank Castle at the ready. Otto's got his hand ready to shoot some shenanigans and Castle's looking like he's prepared to draw. How can these two possibly fight? Granted the first time they met, Castle wanted to cap Peter, but that was Peter! Oh wait, THAT'S why they're about to fight, cuse Otto probably did some A-Hole stuff and picked a fight. Well, there's only one way to find that out. Time to open up this book and figure it out. 

    We open up to inside the Superior Spider-Man's mask, Otto's been keeping up with local crimes in the city with his Spider-Bots. Pickpocketing, beneath his attention. Car Jacking, insurance will cover it. Send some pics to the cops, let them deal with it. But purple smoke followed by people running out of a bank, now that's something to be concerned about. No one looks hurt, and there's awkward animals and aliens walking about the bank. It gets even more awkward when there's lack of Spider Sense. It has to be the work of a one, Mysterio! That illusion creating bastard! I wonder if calling himself MysteRION is any illusion in itself. Hmmm. A short fight ensues before he escapes in his escaping smoke thing stuff that he does when he loses a fight. Damn that Quentin Beck, sneaky bum. He escapes to the roof where Spidey catches up to him anyway and continues to rough up this punk. Even slashing him with those fancy new talons, which as you all know, inject the nano bots into the blood of the receiver. But then the man in the fishbowl asks who's Beck? That must mean the man is an imposter, and that just pisses Otto off since a "great villain" like Mysterio was once on a Sinister Six team LED by Doc Ock. But right as Spider-Man is about to let this phoney have it, a bullet whizzes right through Mysterio's head!!! WTF?!?!

New Challenger Arrived: The Punisher!!! Confused by Castle's motives, Otto saves Mysterio from the incoming brigade of bullets meant to kill the fishbowl. But right before Mysterio can get what's coming to him, he disappears into smoke. Now Punisher's got Spider-Man to deal with. Enraged, Otto jumps at Franks throat, before triggering the booby-trapped rooftop loaded with flash grenades. Frank pins down Spidey with a heavy boot to the neck and gives him a very serious message. He tells him that he's seen the line he's crossed. Killing Massacre, beating Jester and Screwball to a bloody pulp. That violent life, leave it now. Before it consumes him.

Naturally, Otto doesn't take anyone's advice, and after recovering from the flash grenades, picks his ass up and gets right back into the hunt for Mysterio. He's gotta find him before Castle does because Castle will just kill him. But why the sudden and so extreme care for Mysterio? He tracks down the hunt and right as he swings in for the interception, the Hobgoblin cuts him off!!! And not that cheap winged imposter either, this is the original Hobgoblin. Now the story's getting real juicy!

The goblin reveals that he was the one who put the new Mysterio up to his tricks. And now that he's captured, Spider-Man must decide. Stay with the Goblin until authorities arrive and let The Punisher kill Mysterio, or leave Goblin to inevitably escape and save a much lesser dangerous villain from death. Great power, great responsibility, huh? He chooses to save Mysterio. Arriving just in the nick of Spidey time to save him from another bullet, only to knock him out cold to shut him the hell up. Now to deal with Castle. Laying out an ass whooping not seen since Jester and Screwball, Spider-Man webs up Castle to a wall and tells him that line he thought was crossed? Was the only thing that just saved Frank from the death he himself dishes out. Gives him some simple rules, stay out of each others way, there's no problems. Then he swings off. Leaving Castle to enter another passage in his War Journal. He tells himself he's not sure what's happened to "Peter", but he approves. He also knows what life that brings, and when he steps over the edge, Frank'll be waiting.

Back at Spider-Man's lair/lab/shag pad. He's devising a new plan to deal with the Hobgoblin making replacement villains, and a harsh plan. A plan of his own. A plan involving...captured villains?!?!?! That's why he wanted Mysterio alive so badly! He's adding him to his list. Along with The Sandman, The Chameleon and Electro. Spider-Man is rebuilding Doc Ock's Sinister Six to control himself!

What an amazing issue to end the series on. A great team-up book from the start. I'm glad to say I own the series back from issue 1. Can't wait to see where this Sinister Six ends up, and I'm very excited for Superior Spider-Man Team-Up. I mean Avenging Spider-Man 2. Eh whatever, I'm buying it. Until next week readers! 

-Matt Milanes

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