Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Comics Review: New Mutants #95

Written By Louise Simoson
Pencils By Rob Liefeld
Inks By Joe Rubinstein
Colors By Brad Vancata

Hey kids look, it's a comic book by Rob Liefeld! Run! No, no, no. I kid. This turned out to me a very good issue. Also, no I am not pulling your leg dear reader. As a crossover called X-Tinction Agenda, A few members of the New Mutants (that has to be some of the laziest titles given to a comic. I bet the Marvel team were sitting around thinking of a title for a spin off X-Men book with some new mutants. Then BAM! The book will be called New Mutants. Marvel creators and editors them gave high fives and then went out for beer.) I lost track of what I was saying. Oh, yeah. The review.

Boom Boom, Rictor Warlock and Storm (who is a little kid here) are taken away to Genosha. It's a small island that has become a powerful country because they take the mutants that are born there and whatever their powers may be, they erase their memories then put them to work as slaves. All for the glory that is Genosha. The country of Genosha has crossed paths with the X-Men before and now they want to settle the score.

Cable is pissed that his students are missing so he calls the original X-Men who are now a mutant group called X-Factor. (Try and stay with me on this one.) Cyclops gets the news that his brother Havok may have been with the Genoshan's and want to get to the bottom of this mystery. Back in Genosha, we are told that the villain who has taken the New Mutants and Storm hostage is a man named Cameron Hodge. He was injured by the X-Men and had his mind put inside a giant metal robot body that totally looks like ED-209 from Robocop.

Hodge's plan is to mind wipe the New Mutants and make them slaves to Genosha and take the alien Warlock and steal his powers. This will allow Hodge to shape shift at will but will kill Warlock in the process. Like Hodge really cares. He's the villain for crying out loud. With some luck, and a little help from Warlock who manages to sneak out, Storm and the New Mutants escape. Warlock is recaptured but Boom Boom goes back to save him only to see him die. The issue ends with President Ronald Reagan telling X-Factor to come to see him at the White House.?!?

Overall, I did enjoy the story. It pulled me in and didn't get too hammy. You really did feel bad for Warlock when he bit the big one. Even if the way his dialogue was written. Boy did it suck. Now lets talk the art here by Rob Liefeld. It was good. I know you didn't think that i would say that but it was. I think this is before the time when he just stopped giving a damn and when Bob Harris (who was the X-books editor at the time) kept him in check. The story was fluid without space being wasted. Big props to Rubinstein who inked this. I have  a feeling he really cleaned up the art here.

-Tash Moore

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