Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Comics Review: Talon #8

Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark
Written By James Tynion IV
Art By Miguel Sepulveda
Colors By Rain Beredo

Well dear readers, it's been some time without an update. I blame my job for that. Seems that they want me to do things for money. For shame. Anyhoo, I'll do my best to get more then just one review a week. Knowing how you can't live without me.

While it took me some time to get around to reading the latest issue of Talon, I'm glad I did. Hats off to James Tynion IV. His work is getting better and I'm glad to see he's not just another Snyder clone. Didn't Spider-Man teach us anything at all about clones?

In this issue with cool art by new artist Miguel Sepulveda (This name almost sounds like Velvida cheese.) Sebastian Clark is still the renegade former Grandmaster of the Court of Owls. (I bet he has an awesome health care package.) Sebastian Has Bane kill Calvin Rose and they both make a break for Bane's home nation of Santa Prisca. (Not Cuba.) Casey and her Daughter Sarah are captured by the Super Talon (Hey, it's my review so I'll give him whatever name I want.)

Calvin Rose's body is found by the Court of Owls and they begin the process of bringing him back to life.  Now with only the extreme cold to harm him, the Court of Owls holds Casey and her daughter hostage to make Calvin kneel like a dog. Oh, and do their bidding too, can't forget that. The Court is going to reprogram Calvin and when that's done they will send him to kill Sebastian Clark.

Meanwhile in Santa Prisca (Again, not Cuba.) Bane tells Sebastian and the reader that he will lead an army of crazy Cubans Santa Priscans to Gotham to bring down The Batman and The Court of Owls. Now that I think of it, Bane should really just give it up and move on to knitting. I get the feeling now more then ever that Bane is like a damn Bond villain. He can't win (You gotta want it!!)

All in all, I like Bane showing up and Calvin Rose being killed only to begin working for the Court. It was a turn that I didn't see coming. I'm excited to see (yet another) assault on Gotham. Also when I write a review I'll be adding the name of the Colorist on the book. If Marvel can do it, damn it, then so can I! Be back here later this week and I'll talk about a book I'm pretty sure will have Batman in it. Or Daredevil. (You gotta want it!!!)

-Tash Moore

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