Thursday, June 20, 2013

Tash's Pick of the Week: Batman #21

Written By Scott Snyder
Pencils By Greg Capullo
Inks By Danny Miki
Colors By FCO Plascencia

I love Batman. But then if you've been following this site, well you already knew that. Didn't you? My pick of the week is Batman #21. (Duh!) This is a re-telling of Batman's origin. Think year one but the number comes before the year. Get it? Well neither do I, but this was still a fun book to read.

We begin in present day Gotham. It looks like crap. Well it always seems to look like that but even more so now. It's almost like an urban war zone. You know how bad things in Gotham have gotten when Batman is riding around on a motorcycle. WITH HIS SLEEVES CUT OFF!! Way to trailer-trash it up there, Bruce.

Flashback to young Bruce when he first came back to save Gotham. He immendity runs afoul of the Red Hood gang. After rescuing some of the more wealthier citizens of Gotham City from the Red Hood gang, Bruce escapes and even gives the Red Hood gang the middle finger. I'll admit this made me smile just a bit. It shows that Bruce is still a pretty brash young man.

Bruce goes back to the base of operations in Crime Alley. A man shows up named Philip Kane. Turns out he's really Bruce's Uncle. His mom's brother to be exact. He's merged the Wayne and Kane companies into Wayne Enterprise. Philip wants Bruce to come back to run the company because the city has always been trusting of the Wayne's and not the Kane's. (Hey, that rhymed and you know it did.) Bruce is all like "No way, dude. I got a war on crime to fight and win!" or something like that.

The main story ends with Philip Kane talking with Edward Nygma ( The Riddler) as they plot how to get Bruce to come back to run this new company, or kill him. Either one really works for them.

In the back-up by Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque Bruce is in Latin America and is being shown the art of driving a getaway car. The teacher is a man named Don Miguel and he and Bruce are on the run from John Q. Law. Bruce escapes the cops but beats up his teacher and leaves him for the fuzz. Seems Don Miguel was killing cops just for the fun of it. Wow, with a student like Bruce and the way he snitches I'd try to milk him for some retirement money for when I get out of jail. What was I saying again? Oh Yeah, good story and even better art. I bet Greg Capullo has a gun to Danny Miki's head shouting " Dude don't screw up my pencil lines or I'll beat you." Or not.

-Tash Moore

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