Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Movie Review: The Wolverine

The Wolverine.

He's to the extreme. He's in love with a girl named Jean. He can get pretty mean. Especially if you kill his bear friend with a poisoned arrow, yo.

directed by James Mangold
starring Hugh Jackman, Tao Okamoto, Rila Fukushima, Famke Janssen, and more.

So, I saw The Wolverine yesterday. It was a good movie. Lots of great action. Really cool fight scenes. The fight scene on the train is an old idea but it was done with a new, cool twist. That was one of my favorite sequences in the entire movie. I was totally wrong about who I thought the blonde woman was based on the trailers. Turns out she's a woman named Viper. She's really evil. Hisssssss. She could probably team up with Lord Voldemort. He likes snakes.

Wolverine is living like a nomad/hermit/bum. He's still deeply affected about the loss of Jean Grey from the previous X-Men movies so much so that he has forsaken the name of Wolverine, the soldier and hero in him. He needs to face the world though as an old dying man named Yashido whom Wolverine had saved during the bombing of Nagasaki wants to see him in order for one last good-bye. Yashido has a beautiful grand-daughter named Mariko, whom Wolverine instantly has eyes for but he's still having dreams about Jeannie. Always in the same negligee, which I found a little funny. Wolverine has his healing factor tampered with so that he can't heal and he has to protect Mariko as her grandfather dies, he leaves his booming company to her and the notorious gang tries to kidnap Mariko for an as yet unknown reason.

Hugh Jackman did a great job portraying Wolverine. There were a bunch of funny moments in the film including his usage of the word 'Bub', the bathtub scene, and the love hotel scene. Some of the jokes were borderline cheesy and predictable but there weren't so many of those jokes thrown in so that I just went with it all and found it entertaining. Who the villain is came as a big shock to me. I'm not going to spoil that here. You have to see the movie for yourself. There are a few duplicitous characters and I liked finding out how they all connected to each other.

It was cool seeing Famke Janssen show up in Wolverine's dreams the first time but she kept popping up always scantily dressed for bed in bed. It was weird and because of that, it was funny. I liked Rila Fukushima. She has an unusual look, and I feel that way about everyone who has a heart-shaped face, but I really liked her character. She's small but tough and can kick butt. Only someone as sweet and unassuming can go around as Wolverine's bodyguard. If that were anyone else, I feel like he would have stabbed them and left them in a ditch.

The ending of the movie had me confused and wanting to know more. You have to stay in your seats when the credits start to roll because the film continues for a few more minutes. I was lost watching the confrontation. There wasn't anything to focus on. No bad guy to be seen. Just the hint that something dark would be coming. What does it mean?! WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!!!! If you read those other spoiler comic book news sites, I'm sure you already know: Sentinels. So of course, I expect them to be built by Kade Kilgore. Storm will have a mohawk and will make-out with Wolverine. And maybe someone will say something about Wakanda.

A girl can dream.
This was a fun movie. It was much better than what I originally thought it would be. Only one thing bugged me: The movie made it seem that heated adamatium was the only way to break adamantium, so why then was Wolverine able to tear it up with his bare hands? Was it because it was already starting to break apart? Still, this was a good movie. Four out of five stars.


Monday, July 29, 2013

Tash's Pick of the Week: Superior Spider-Man #14

Written By Dan Slott
Pencils By Humbeto Ramos
Inks By Victor Olazaba
Colors By Edgar Delado

  Spidey's got a brand new look! And boy does it look like something from the 1990's. I really don't mind the new look. Really reminds me of the Ben Reilly outfit and if you guys know me, that's not a bad thing, it's a good thing. So long as Dan Slott doesn't break out the Gambit-like coat then I'm cool with this.

  Doc Ock/Spidey ain't taking crap no more. So what does he do? Why, he marches right into Shadow Land and frees everyone there from the rule of the Kingpin. Now that Doc Ock is in the driver seat it's no longer an Amazing Liberal Spider-Man. He's a gun shooting, John Wayne, ask questions later type of web spinner. Wow that was a mouthful.

  Hobgoblin is there watching the Kingpin's attack but even he can't help out. Spidey goes in with his Spider-Bots and armored back-up. Kingpin is so overwhelmed that he makes an escape vowing revenge on Spider-Man. But not before killing a fat impostor he had around to pretend he was Kingpin. The impostor has the same height and build and get this...the same dental records as good ol' Wilson Fisk aka the Kingpin of Crime.

  For some reason Hobgoblin is thought to be too small to be any problem to our Superior Spider-Man so he's let go for some reason. The only real problem down the road for Spider-Man is that now with Fisk gone the Green Goblin has taken 50% of the criminal activity in New York City. I see a head to head down the road for Gobby and Spidey.

  Great art and I really liked that Spider-Man is now going on the offense instead of always playing defense. But when you think about it more, it feels like Otto might be good as Spidey in the short run, and bad in the long term. He may be a little brighter then Peter, but Peter would have stopped the Hobgoblin. HE learned so long ago that one mistake can come back to bite you in the ass. Just ask Uncle Ben. Oh wait, no, don't do that. I wonder if Otto will have a hero defining moment soon. But Otto is holding his own. I can't wait to see how he ends up with the Green Goblin down the line. I guess all good things to those who wait.

-Tash Moore

Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Verbal Mosh Episode 230

On this week's episode, Khan dances the Tango de la Muerte... Alas, no. But we can dream.
There's sad news about Simpsons co-creator Sam Simon and we've got a bunch of comic books to talk about including: Aquaman #22, Flash #22, Superman #22, Uncanny Avengers #10, Scarlet Spider #19, Captain America #9, Wolverine and the X-Men #33, and Wolverine #7. So tune in right here or you can listen for free as well on our Facebook page.
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Comics Review: Amazing Spider-Man #300

Written by: David Michelinie
Art by: Todd McFarlane

We last left off with a Mrs. Mary-Jane Watson Parker (shit, that's a mouthful) coming home to find a strange man in the black suit in her apartment. This issue open up with her cowering in a corner crying, begging not to be touched by this creature named Venom. Just then, Peter walks in to find her. She's skeptical at first, because he too is wearing the black suit. She's so shaken up, she can't even stay in their apartment for the night. They dried to stay at a near by hotel. Meanwhile back in the Bronx, this Venom guy peels of his suit to show he's just a blonde dude. A jacked dude. My man lifts 10 plates for fun! HOORAH!!!

At the hotel, Peter is having some trouble sleeping, he thinks he knows who might've terrorized MJ, only problem is, that's ridiculous! He thinks it may be the actual suit he war after coming back from the Secret Wars. The living suit that tries bonding to him after Reed Richards blasted it off, AND after he thought he killed it at the church with the bells. Before he can tell MJ, she hushes him and let's him know she understands the risks she's taking when she married him. Now ain't that just adorable, that's earned her some nookie that night.

The next morning MJ tells Peter that they've been moved up on the list to get a new condo! The Jefferson's would love these Parker children. Just movin' on up to every apartment in the sky! I think I may have used that joke already once before, oh well. Perfect opportunity to take some before/after pics. That means he'll have to run over to the Chelsea apartment, and on the way, make another stop for a side errand. Spidey finally arrives at his apartment to unwrap his errand, the sonic gun that he plans on using against the symbiote. A quick change of clothes and Peter's right back out the door. Out on the street, Pete's Spider Sense isn't going off, but he can shake the feeling that someone is following him. Well Pete, someone is. A hulking Eddie Brock! That is, until Peter walks into an alley and web swings outta there before anyone can see him!

The condo Pete and MJ have is HUGE! Big open living room, balcony. Really a great place, but Peter's still concerned about paying for his half. MJ decides to try and cheer him up with a fashion photo shoot, telling him there's more money there and he could practice with her. After all, she works on one end of a camera, it can't be too hard to teach someone to work on the other side of one. So after a couple shots, Peter realizes that he's just not cut out for it. He feels silly saying all the things that fashion photographers do, begging for sexiness on camera. Not a problem, MJ asks if they can just take some pics for their...private collection. She strips down her robe and the reader is left with their imagination. (Enter The Mask pic here)

That night, back at the very church where Eddie Brock received the symbiote for the first time, we have a creepy scene of a familiar visitor to the church. Brock, a religious man, back at the same church planning his first and hopefully final (in his mind) encounter with Spider-Man. He's confronted by a cop who wants to arrest him for some petty robberies. Thefts that are of no concern to Brock. He kills the cop quickly. Back at the Parker's new condo, they've got friends from all corners helping with the move. Friends, family, coworkers. Anyone you can think of who can lift a box is helping Pete and MJ move. I wonder if they're working for pizza and beer, or maybe that's just me. Robbie takes Peter outside to ask him if he's put any thought to what Robbie told him a couple issues ago. If he's considering looking elsewhere for regular work, but before he can answer he sees Venom swinging right by the building. No time to waste, gotta catch him and stop him before he has a chance to hurt anyone else.

Spider-Man follows Venom back to his hiding spot in the Bronx. Relying on his Spider Sense, he heads into the building. Lesson learned from here on out, symbiotes don't trigger Spider Sense. Remember that spider kids, Peter learned the hard way. He gets floored by Venom who wastes no time in revealing himself to Peter. He explains how his hatred for Spider-Man began way back when he worked for The Daily Globe. Brock had written a piece "exposing" a supposed serial killer Sin-Eater. The Globe was on top and Brock one of its best reporter, until Spider-Man caught the REAL Sin-Eater. The Globe now became a joke, and Brock fired. He had heard weight lifting released stress, so he started hitting them, hard. Picturing Spider-Man's head with every pump. He even thought about suicide, but that's a mortal sin in his religion, Catholicism. So he would go from church to church praying for forgiveness for even contemplating suicide, until he reached Our Lady of Saints. That's where Peter was that same night getting rid of the symbiote. That same night where Venom was born. The bond not only cleared Brock's mind, but it added its own hate. The symbiote hated Spider-Man for not wanting to let it bond to him. And it knew who he was, so now Brock knew. They used this knowledge to hunt down the ones Peter loved to draw him out to finally kill him. This was Venom's plan. All the while Peter's reaching for his sonic gun that he borrowed from the Fantastic 4 and when he finally reaches it, Venom notices and tosses Pete into the ground, a floor under them. A fight rages on between the two black suites spider men when Peter finally reaches the gun and blasts Brock with it. The symbiote still isn't coming off completely, it's bonded permanently to Eddie Brock. Spider-Man would have to kill Brock to fully kill the symbiote. Not sure if he can do that, Spidey tries to escape in order to clear his head and regroup. That's when Venom webs him back and knocks him out cold.

Spidey wakes up unknown hours later strapped to a church bell. Venom took Peter to the very bell where he tried to kill the symbiote. Poetic, ain't it? Web the clock hits the next hour, Spider-Man's head will be crushed by the clanging of the bell's clapper. The clock strikes two and the bells begin to chi...wait, no chime? Peter has to use his brute spider strength to scratch through the webbing and stop the clapper with his bare hands!!! He's catching the clapper and sending it back, not sure how much longer his arm can take that, he grabs the clapper and uses that force to pull himself free! What a smart thinker that Parker kid. Not having heard any bells, Venom heads back to the roof to see what's the problem, only to find Spider-Man out of his would-be tomb. Spidey's got another genius theory, the symbiote makes its own webbing, and it must've spent a huge amount on strapping Peter to the bell. Also, not enough time has passed that the symbiote could've replenished all the webbing it used. So if Spider-Man can keep Venom falling off the church, he'll keep using his web and eventually burn out the suit. And what a plan that is because it actually happens!

Brock falls to the street with a bang and Spidey meets him down there. He takes Brock's broken body to the Baxter Building, HQ of the Fantastic Four. The Thing, current leader of the team while Reed's away, keeps Brock in a containment tube with the symbiote. A holding cell, if you will, until Mr. Fantastic returns and decides what to do with him. Back at the condo, Peter explains why he was gone and why he had to stay out so late, MJ understands but she's still upset. She hates Peter's black suit. It reminds her of Venom and it scares her. Don't gotta tell Peter twice, he takes the suit right off vowing not to wear it again if it'll make her happy. But now he needs a suit, he's been using replica black ones since he lost his symbiote. Again, not a problem for MJ! She pulls out a nice new red and blue suit, and the legend begins anew.

This was an incredible milestone issue. It was great reading the origin and first appearance of my favorite Marvel villain of all time. And for anyone who hasn't read this issue, I hope this overlook has given you some justifiable pleasure. Stay strapped in your seats though, this Michelinie/McFarlane omnibus is NOWHERE near over. We've barely scratched the surface, more to come next week!

Matt Milanes

Friday, July 26, 2013

Comics Review: Uncanny X-Men #271

Written By Chris Claremont
Pencils By Jim Lee
Inks By Scott Williams
Colors By Glynis Oliver

  In a story called "Flashpoint" (No The Flash does NOT show up in this issue.) we find ourself following Boom Boom and Rictor as they run through the streets of Genosha, still being hounded by the Magistrates. But what would this book be if the Uncanny X-Men didn't show up. Hey, it is their book, right?

  Wolverine, Psylocke and Jubilee show up just in the nick of time to save the two New Mutants ( I still think that's a crappy team name.) from being killed.  Also I'd like to clear up just why Havok is running around with the bad guys from Genosha now. Way back when the X-Men were over in Australia they got attacked by the Reavers. They jumped into the Siege Perilous and Havok and all the other X-men had their minds erased and started over with new lives.

  Havok was now working as a mercenary and Magistrate for Genosha. I did like the art in this issue. You can clearly see that at this point in time. Marvel editorial was still in charge when it came to their "Superstar" artist and not the other way around as it seems to be the case now. But back to the issue at hand. The two Magistrates get into a fight with the X-Men. And guess who wins? Duh, it is an X-Men book. Wolverine and Psylocke take the Magistrates clothing and make Jubilee get Rictor and Boom Boom to safety.

  Once inside the Genoshan headquarters,Wolverine and Psylocke run into Havok. He See's them and knows that they are totally now down for Genosha, so a fight breaks out and Psylocke ends up saving Wolverine from having his flesh burnt completely away during his battle with Havok. All looks good until Hodge breaks into the room to join the fight.

  The issue ends with Hodge beating the holy hell of out both Psylocke and Wolverine. While Hodge deals with the two X-Men, Storm is put into the trans mode matrix and then turned into a Genoshan mutate with no mind of her own and now the cliffhanger looks as if the same fate will befall Wolverine and Psylocke. Makes me wonder just how the two of them will escape. Until next time gang.

-Tash Moore

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Comics Review: Superior Carnage #1

Written by: Kevin Shinick
Art by: Stephen Segovia

Here we are again with another miniseries about the terrible, the monstrous, the ever so red Carnage. Last time we met him, he was on his way to controlling the mini universe, that is until the Scarlet Spider and Agent Venom put a stop to him. All was well until Kaine put a spike through Cassidy's head, killing him but also, making him into a new breed of pure evil. Because the symbiote bonds to its host, it became one with Cassidy, and with Cassidy dead, the symbiote has full control to do whatever it so pleases.

We open up in an undisclosed prison, the story being narrated by a new prisoner. There has been a new law in their state, regular prisons have been moving prisoners to maximum security super villain prisons in order to make room at the regular prisons. They figure there's always room at those since, well, villains always break out of their prison anyway. This prison in particular happens to house the mentally unstable, formally living Cletus Cassidy also known as Carnage. One night, a guard decides to tease our narrator. Asking him if he's soiled his pants yet, especially with Cassidy right in the next cell. He keeps taunting and taunting him, which really scares the prisoner. But then, his kind gets taken over, and he starts punching in the code to unlock the cells. This freaks the hell out of the prisoner, especially since he thinks the guard is still messing with him. Just as that final button is pressed, the symbiote comes out and takes over the hollow shell that was once Cassidy. Carnage has been released yet again, killing the guard and everyone in sight.

The prisoners all think its a breakout but its just target practice for Carnage. Killing prisoners and guards alike, through the vents, on the floor, in their cells, everywhere. Everyone in sight is dead until finally all that's left is our narrator, and boy does he die in an awesome, bloody way. We finally learn who's behind the jailbreak, the evil but still kinda crappy villain, The Wizard!

He's taken some guards prisoner in the control room and he ever so pathetically has to control their mind just so they can ask him about his evil plan. He's angry that the government took the alien black symbiote and turned it for good. The crime he thinks was committed was the government failed. You're not supposed to harness evil and make it good, you harness evil and make it wicked. All this is explained in a beautiful full page image of Brock's Venom, Thompson's Agent Venom, Cassidy and Carnage. Oh, and The Wizard up in the corner that no one cares about.

He proceeds to rough up one of the guards, who's the father of another guard there with them. Just something to pass the time until Carnage is done with his killing. He finally makes his way tithe control room where Wizard is waiting for him, ready to take over his mind. Carnage comes running at Wizard and Wizard uses his mind powers only to find out...Cassidy's mind is gone. AH SHIT!!!

Carnage gives Wizard a nice ol' beat down and right as he's about to kill him, someone calls out to Carnage. A huge sound blast nearly rips the symbiote off of Cassidy's body. Who could've mustered up this sound power? It was none other than Klaw, the master of sound!

I really liked this issue, it was fast paced and full of gore, just the way I like my Carnage stories! I'm excited to see where the next four issues go, and who will be popping up to fight, or even help Carnage. Stay tuned, this seems like a series I'll be talking about more often. Until next week!

Matt Milanes

The Verbal Mosh Episode 229

Hey, folks. We are back with a new episode. We're talking about the Batman and Superman movie, the Marvel's Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D television series, and about comics! Tune in to listen for free right here or also on our Facebook page.
On this episode, there's: Invincible #104, FF #9, Conan the Barbarian #18, Wonder Woman #22, Supergirl #22, Batman and Catwoman #22, Animal Man #22, Thor God of Thunder #10, and All New X-Men #14.
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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Olivia's Pick of the Week: Fantastic Four #10

Fantastic Four #10
written by Matt Fraction
art by Mark Bagley

Good gravy! I love the cover to Fantastic Four #10. The Thing is laying the smack-down on Benjamin Franklin... who's a Skrull!!!!!!!! Wow, I never thought I'd see those guys again. I mean, I didn't really care much for when they invaded Earth, but it's too funny seeing them now.

The truth finally comes out to all of the Fantastic Four party. They're sick. They're dying. Their powers are on the fritz. Johnny flips out a bit because he's sat and talked down to as if he was one of the children. But the nature of their explorations in space and time are out in the open. Reed has been trying to figure out a way to cure them all. They pick up an anomaly where some of Reed's equipment had been placed and is now missing. There's a Skrull spy and there's an interception of some messages regarding the stolen equipment. So, the team splits up. Ben and Susan go to the rendezvous point for the Skrulls. The rest of the team goes to confront the spy.

At this time in history, the Declaration of Independence is being written. These three men, Ben Franklin, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson, need to write this document that will unite the various states while still allowing men's freedoms. Rich, Caucasian men that is. They argue about the justification of granting some men rights and yet leaving other men to slavery. They come to settle on the document being a living draft so that they do not make the South feel pressured to adhere to all of the document, which might make them defect from the Union. Ben wanted to be done with it all pretty quickly as he had other stuff to do... Secret Skrull stuff. Y'know, meet his peeps. Plan another invasion. Any plan is stopped right away as Reed, Johnny and the kids confront Ben Franklin. It's all done nice and neatly with plenty of time for the kids to get another history lesson.

Mostly we had seen Reed's powers get out of whack, but in this issue, Sue is having a hard time with her powers and the issue ends with a grim look for Ben Grimm. Bummer. He looks like he'll disintegrate and fall to pieces. The tenderness of that character mixed with his tough guy exterior make me feel so invested in him. He's not like Reed who can be a know-it-all jerk sometimes. Just look at the various alternate dimension Reeds if you need proof on that.

This issue was so entertaining. Ben Franklin is a Skrull. It's like something out of a Scooby-Doo cartoon. :) The artwork was really great but that cover is just perfection.

Be sure to check the whole thing out for yourself.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Comics Review: X Factor #60

Written By Louise Simonson
Pencils By Jon Bogdanove
Inks By Al Milgrom
Colors By Glynis Oliver

  Don't taser me,bro. Brother battles brother in this issue with Cyclops taking on his brother Havok who has been brainwashed by Commander Hodge and the good ol' folks of Genosha. The country of Genosha calls for all out war with the mutants of the X-Men and the New Mutants. The US government publicly say nothing about this but they put in a call to X-Factor,which are the original five X-Men. Move over Bendis and All New X-Men.

X-Factor takes the X-Men and New Mutants to Genosha to rescue Storm and the other New Mutants who were kidnapped in Uncanny X-Men #270. But to be really honest there is not much going on in this issue. One this is the major factor here and that's when X-F
actor and crew land on the island of Genosha, Cyclops runs right into the Genoshan magistrates led by his brother Havok. Scott tries to reason with Alex but to no avail. They have a big fighter where the hit each other with their respective powers. (Scott with his opytic blast and Havok with his uhhh, hand bolt circle things.) Hey I didn't write the damn thing.

But speaking of the writing I can say that I like the way the Louise Simonson wrote this issue. Fast paced and she seems to do a much better job making this crossover story fit almost seamlessly into the regular setting of X Factor. The art by Jon Bogdanove is truly a treasure. I remember really liking his Superman when he was over at DC but here I think he shines. Commander Hodge also looks so damn downright creepy. It's really a scary sight to see, the way he has no neck and Hodge's eyes are totally bugging out of his head. A very fun part to a crossover that makes little sense really but hey, I don't mind. At least Cable got to shoot someone with his big goofy 1990's gun. That's gotta be worth something right?......No, it's not. Oh well, I can dream can't I? Next up Wolverine gets involved.

-Tash Moore

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tash's Pick of the Week: Batgirl #22

Written By Gail Simone
Pencils By Fernando Pasarin
Inks By Jonathan Glapion
Colors By Blond

   Batgirl goes on a date. Commissioner Gordon hates. Batman bakes a cake. Okay, okay. Only two parts of that is true. Try and guess which ones. Batgirl #22 is my pick of the week because for once it does everything right. What I mean is that between these big "Event Books" there seems to be no break. "Hey we just beat the Anti-Monitor, let's eat some cake!. Oh wait, here comes Grodd!" This turned out to be a great change if pace for Batgirl who's had to deal with a lot.

   With being responsible for the death of her brother, James Jr. and having her mother being put in harms way against the Joker, things have just been looking awful for Batgirl. But hey, things have got to look up at some point.

  After dealing with giving up the symbol of the Bat in the last issue Barbra goes home and plops down on her couch with her roomie. Just then her date shows up. I guess when you run around defending the city of Gotham (who's cops seem like they can't do anything without Bat-backup) you tend to forget that you have a social life. Huh, makes total sense to me. We get a quick flashback of Barbara meeting with her dad and he's still upset over Batgirl killing his son, James, Jr. I totally enjoyed the part of this issue where Comminsoer Gordon feels that since James, Jr. is gone and Barbara is all he has left now he makes her go down to the shooting range to make sure she can handle herself in case of danger.

  Naturally she feels awful about what's she's done. She can barely hold up the gun as she feels the need to get away. I feel bad for Batgirl. It's like she's carrying these heavy stones around that she just can't seem to drop. Anyway back to Batgirls date. It's with Ricky from a few issue's ago. Ricky was the handsome suave Latino fellow stealing cars (aren't they all) who had his leg cut off in a bear trap by Knighfall. (Don't they all.)

While they are out walking they run into some homeboys who have beef with Ricky's brother. Barbara and Ricky team up and kick some ass. Ricky wants to know where Barbara got her super sweet fighting skills from. I got a kick out of Barbara saying it's because he's a cops daughter. Which when you think about it, makes tons of sense. Well, to me anyway. After the fight,they hit the latest dance club and dance the night away.

   While with a tinge of regret, this issue of Batgirl had a lot of heart and a nice story with Barbara just going out on a date. Proving that girl do just want to have fun. Oh and boots, guys loves girls when they wear boots. Don't ask me, Batgirl said it.

-Tash Moore

Comics Review: Uncanny X-Men #8

Written by: Brian Michael Bendis
Art by: Chris Bachalo

    When we last left the X-Men, Cyclops and his team were trapped in Limbo by the dreaded Dormammu. Magik helped out with that by basically going demon Super Saiyan and getting them the hell out. Also, one of their members quit, the mutant named...Gold Balls. Trust me, he didn't want the name to stick either. Going to Limbo after only being a mutant for not even a week was too much for him. He's just not ready now for that kind of job. But that's just the problems on the outside, don't forget about Magneto's betrayal of the X-Men, his reasoning being to gain the trust of S.H.I.E.L.D. so they'd lay off the team for a while. I don't think too many people are buying that anyways. But enough about the past, let's crack open these 24 pages of goodness and see what's going on in the now of the Uncanny X-Men. 

    We start out in San Diego, California. The house of Diego, A.K.A. Gold Balls, he's decided to go back home. That the life of the X-Men is not for him. He'll leave crime fighting for someone else. Cyclops and Emma Frost dropped him off, he apologizes for letting them down. Frost let's him know that he did not let them down, but he will if he doesn't try to do something about the world he lives in. If he doesn't try to make this world a better place for humans and mutants alike, THEN he will have let them down. Its time for mutants to stand back up and fight the oppression of the white man!...oh, damn, I mean the human man!!! But after the Avengers/X-Men rematch in Australia, no one is going unwatched. S.H.I.E.L.D. is closely watching this drop off for any suspicious activity. Back at the New Charles Xavier School, Emma and Scott return from the drop off. Most of the kids have questions about all this. Is he really gone? Will he be replaced? What happens now? Did they SERIOUSLY all almost go to hell just now? Scott answers most of those questions with a simple statement, that if the last couple hours has shown them all anything, its that the entire team is in some serious need of training. Thankful to hear about training, Warren, Angel, the time displaced X-Man from the past, tells everything that they think he's something great just because he was an original X-Man. Truth is, the kid doesn't even have any combat training, he just knows how to fly. Just before the training begins, Cyclops asks to have a private word with Magneto for a moment. 

    Meanwhile, elsewhere, there's another new mutant just discovering his powers. A young man in a parking lot full of cars. He's with who I can only assume is his girlfriend or something. He's just discovered that his power involves cars and their electrical systems or electricity in general of some sort. With just a thought, he starts all the cars engines, then shuts them off. With another thought, he turns on all their alarms, then back off. Just in time for two cops to comes and see what all the ruckus is about. The girl quickly sells him out, yelling that he's a mutant. So much for being a good friend, huh? These cops are definitely mutant haters. That could be a lifelong hatred, or a newly found one because of last summer's Phoenix bomb. Regardless, they're wrong and this isn't going to end well for anyone. The cops actually shoot the kid when he starts their car as a distraction and tries to run away. One cop runs after the car, but the other cop, the one who shot the boy to begin with stands over his body. Ready to shoot him again. A shot to kill. Luckily, Magik and the triplets are there to stop this and help the boy. The triplets play some games with the cops first, altering their minds so both cops are now pointing their guns to each others heads, then just making the guns float into their OWN mouths. These girls are sick...and I love it!!! The cops are finally dealt with and tossed into the background, now comes the young mutant's "friend". Magik sends her off fairly quickly, then asks one of the triplets to make it so the young boy feels no pain, after all, he's still got a bullet in him. Then, he blacks out.

     Outside the New Xavier School, Magneto has his talk with Scott. He knows Scott is having a hard time trusting him, because of his sell out in Australia. Erik reminds Scott that he's dedicated his life to the preservation of the mutant race and will not put the needs of human before the needs of mutant. He explains that he needed to sell out his team to make S.H.I.E.L.D. believe he's helping them. The only problem with Scott knowing Erik for so long and knowing his motives is...Scott's known Erik for so long and knows his motives. Scott's afraid that Erik may just see him as an obstacle in his path on the way to mutant dominance. Scott's got this idea that Magneto may want to punish him for his mistakes. For what he did to the X-Men, for what he did to Charles. After all, even though they were enemies, they were lifelong friends. But Magneto won't be that person. He says it's not his job to punish Scott Summers for the mistakes he's made. We learn that Erik may just never forgive Scott for what he's done, but he WANTS Scott to succeed. To help the mutant race. However oddly comforting that may be, it's not why Scott arraigned the meeting. Scott takes off his glasses and unleashes his best eye beam, it still isn't much. The five X-Men who controlled the Phoenix are broken, their powers cracked. They need to help each other get back to their full potential, or else how can they help young new mutants everywhere? 

Meanwhile, back inside, that new mutant from before, David, is finally waking up. All the students are curious like little forest critters, and he finally wakes up to see Angel in front of him. Well if that ain't some foreshadowing scary shit, I don't know what is. We cut back to San Diego where Fabio finally enters his home to greet his family. They're all so happy to finally have him back home and safe, but when he tells them he's a mutant, his father doesn't take too lightly. He wants to take him to the hospital to have him checked. Even his mother's convinced that the X-Men did experimental stuff to him. With their fear and pushing, and his stress, his mutant ability takes over. He starts shooting the golden spheres uncontrollably around the house, crashing out the window, through the walls, everywhere. Once it all calms down, there's a ring at the door. It's Dazzler, the newest agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. she wants Fabio to tell her exactly where a Mr. Scott Summers is.

I'm still pissed this book is monthly and not no-weekly like its other awesome X-Title, All New X-Men. I love how we're still seeing the effects of last summers Avengers vs. X-Men story to this day, almost a whole year later. Will the X-Men ever get their powers back? Will the team ever reconcile with Captain America and the Avengers? Will the human race ever, EVER coexist with mutants? And what EXACTLY is Magneto's plan for the team and S.H.I.E.L.D.? I know I'm not the only one with these questions for stay close for all the juicy details. Until next week.

-Matt Milanes

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Comics Review: Amazing Spider-Man #299

Written by: David Michelinie
Art by: Todd McFarlane

This issue wastes no time getting right back into the action following Chance, a villain for hire who wages his rate of pay with the success of his jobs instead of charging a fee, who we last saw trying to steal some weapons from a secret drop off at a local pier. And Spider-Man, hot on his tail thanks to a newly improved system for shooting his Spider Tracers. So since this wastes no time, neither will I!

We open up with Spidey on top of a truck that's been setting off his Spider Sense like crazy. He's more than sure that Chance is right inside. He's planned to stay on until the truck reaches its destination, that it until some kid opens his yap nice and loud! Alerting the driver that he's got a highly unwanted passenger. A local police man asks Spidey what proof he's got that the cargo of this truck is actually a villain, and with none to give, he's forced to stand down and watch the truck drive off. The truck actually does indeed hold Chance, and his most recent employers who stunned him and captured him. Accepting defeat, Peter decides to just head home.

There waiting for him are his wife Mary Jane Watson Parker, and a new cleaning lady. MJ thought she'd bring her cleaning lady to the house to help, since job offers won't come to people who have dishpan hands. She also decides to try and cheer Peter up by taking him out clubbing, going to her side of life for the night. Not a bad way to unwind if I do say so myself. Meanwhile, that truck arrived at its final destination, a hidden city being built by the men who hired Chance. They woke him up and want to know how he made his wrist shooters and ankle jets, must be some secret to their city, but Chance ain't talking.

After doing some searching for a Carlton Drake, Peter's only lead, at work he comes up with nothing. Nothing crazy anyways. His search takes him back to his old college, ESU, Empire State University. There is where he finds that Drake leased some land in New Jersey, exactly where that truck was headed earlier that day. A bus ride and some hitch hiking later, Pete's exactly where he needs to be. He's made it to the camo-ed out dome where Drake is hiding. Desperate for a way in, Spider-Man actually clings onto the bottom of a truck and rolls away at the perfect moment. Then the trusty Spider Sense goes off but not from danger, from his Spider Tracer. Which can only mean that Chance is nearby!

Spider-Man agrees to let him go, since he doesn't have his weapons, Chance is no threat. Chance spills the beans on Drake and his men. They're survivalists who believe the world is about to plunge into chaos. They believe there are people like them but don't want to work to survive. So Drake has built a sanctuary for those people, and even hired his own army. Not only that, but he's equipped them with the weapons Chance stole. Out of fear and paranoia, Drake wants to harness the power of Chance's weapons, in case he needs to defend himself from the army he hired. A genius idea on paper, too bad it's about to be stopped!

Once Peter hits the button to let Chance free, the alarms blare. Spider-Man makes the quick decision to fight along side Chance, since Drake's men are the enemy of his enemy. Chance purposely hits the ammo boxes that belong to Drake, blowing up the entire facility and destroying all of Drake's work in a fiery blaze. Chance offers a lift back to Manhattan, and it's a wild ride. Meanwhile, back in Chealsea, MJ is finally coming home from a long day of shopping. Disappointed because Peter hasn't at least let her know where he was, and shopping didn't make her feel any better. She comes home to a figure in the black suit standing in the dark breathing heavily. We learn this isn't Peter at all, or is it? He's wearing the same exact suit as Peter? Was Chance to blame? Who is this beast in MJ and Peter's apartment?! Find out next week when we read the massive Amazing Spider-Man issue 300!!!

Matt Milanes

The Verbal Mosh Episode 228

And another event book begins! Buh! tongue
The Verbal Mosh is a comic book podcast and this week we review Chew #35, Justice League #22, Superman Unchained #2, Batman #22, Nightwing #22, Superior Spider-Man #13, Indestructible Hulk #10, Daredevil #28, and Wolverine #6. Click here to hear this episode for free or you can tune in and listen on our Facebook page.
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Monday, July 15, 2013

Movie Review: Despicable Me 2

Despicable Me 2
directed by Pierre Coffin, Chris Renaud
starring the voices of Steve Carell, Kristen Wiig, Benjamin Bratt, Miranda Cosgrove and more

I loved this movie!

I loved the first Despicable Me and upon seeing the trailers for this sequel, I knew it would be funny and awesome, too.


In this movie, Gru (Steve Carell), once evil criminal mastermind, is joining the Anti-Villain League because of his genius in order to find out what other villain has stolen CHEMICAL X.... uh-hum... I mean, chemical PX-41. Gru, also, finds love, as Agnes desperately wishes she had a mother.

It's great how straight away they establish the caring and loving family dynamic once again. Gru is trying to build a jelly business and possibly venture into jams. It's Agnes' birthday. I love that little girl and the enthusiasm she has for life. There's so much joy in all her facial expressions. Gru puts it best when he kisses her good night after the party and tells her to never grow up. The minions are fantastically silly. Something mysterious happens as almost all of the minions get abducted. This is done by the same person who has stolen the chemical.

This chemical is extremely dangerous. It turns anyone who comes in contact with it into giant, purple, hairy, chomping monsters. Gru gets a partner, Lucy Wilde played by Kristen Wiig,  as no one at the AVL really trusts him because of his past. Gru has a feeling pretty early on about who can be behind all the thievery. It's a man once presumed dead. El Macho. He's the most macho guy there could be, who drinks snake venom, eats glass, and can turn an armored car over with his bare hands. He's intense.

He's now older and fatter but Gru still has to stop him. El Macho had transformed all of the minions into his own purple army. Gru has to stop Margo from dating El Macho's son and he has to proclaim his own love for Lucy, who isn't fake and doesn't burst out and do push-ups in the middle of their date.

From start to finish, this movie was fun and entertaining. The writing is so good. It's heartwarming, but it doesn't take itself too seriously with all the fart jokes that go on. That twenty-one fart-gun salute is so cringe-worthy. There are really nice morals in the story about following your heart and your passions in life and being supportive of the people you care about. Agnes, Gru and the minions are my favorite characters. The animation is fantastic, too. I liked the scene where the evil minions are charging towards Gru. In a mass, they looked like purple haired trolls. So fuzzy. This movie gets five out of five stars.


Saturday, July 13, 2013

Comics Review: New Avengers #7

New Avengers #7
Art By Mike Deodato
Words by Johnathan Hickman

Considering a great example of a comic book without their usual BIG battle scenes and huge page spreads. Deodato leaves it simple and the storytelling speaks for it’s self – put it together and what do we get? A great series and one everyone should consider picking up. One of the best Avengers title to date although it’s shown not to be “new-reader friendly”. This issue could revolved around one word, ‘Drama". But not your typical dramas seen in say reality show. Some serious galactic business

Plot: It’s been a month since the Illuminati have stopped the “Mapmakers" in Latvaria by destroying another planet. A move Black Panther believed would haunt them. That’s what the Illuminati are all about, making those tough, unpopular decisions.
Doctor Doom wants answers as to why he had to defend his nation from otherworldly beings, so he invites Doctor Strange and Reed Richards over for dinner. The two aren’t at all forth coming about what they were up to and leave in a hurry, while Doom promises he will find out the truth.
The drama mentioned iz between Namor and Black Panther or rather their kingdoms (Atlantis and Wakanda respectfully). There’s a  tit for tat retaliations on both sides an
d it looks the two nations could go to war. Namor comes to T’Challa offering a peace deal that T’Challa should bring to his sister, Shuri, Queen and current leader of Wakanda.

The two talk it through and decide that Namor should offer a peace treaty and T’Challa would support the treaty and a cessation of hostilities between the two nations. However, at a national security meeting, T’Challa’s support of peace are drowned out by Wakanda’s general and Shuri decides a war with Atlantis is inevitable.
Overall: The book has that great mix of terrific storytelling and eye popping art. Unfortunately for those who are antsy waiting for the next issue I would prefer it being a monthly issue instead of it losing it’s quality then I can live with it’s current schedule. Anyway, you won’t find complaints about this book either. Deodato’s dark tone and art really lends itself to Hickman’s script, especially the dinner with Doom scene (which could have been an entire book in itself). The idea of Wakanda and Atlantis, the world’s most closed off nations, engaged in war with one other is genius. I can’t wait until #8 to see what comes of it. I didn’t even mention the crazy mess going on in Attilan involving Black Bolt and Maximus, but be sure to know it’ will be good.

Rating: 10/10

-Caleb J. Cabrera

Friday, July 12, 2013

Olivia's Pick of the Week: Green Arrow #22

Green Arrow #22
written by Jeff Lemire
art by Andrea Sorrentino

We only had three books to read for last week's episode and it was tough choosing my Pick but I feel Green Arrow #22 edged out it's competitors. There's a lot of cool tech introduced which makes Green Arrow a much more interesting opponent. He's not just shooting with some rinky-dink bow and arrow. There's an arrow that maps out the blueprints of the building Oliver/Arrow is trying to break into. I bet Oliver and his team could make an arrow for any occasion, like an arrow made out of jerky. Delicious and deadly.

Oliver's not walking around a desert looking for the island. He's getting stuff done. He's infiltrated the stronghold as he looks for the other "dragons" that will help him uncover the truth about the Island, his father, and how to defeat Komodo. It was way cool the way he was able to knock out all of the security. When they thought they had him trapped, he had his arrows ready for them and knocked them all out in a trice.

It was wild. Not only does Oliver find one of the dragons, but it turns out to be a woman- the lover of Oliver's father. There's also a very sinister bad guy that attempts to fight Oliver, Count Vertigo. He causes one major head trip, illustrated absolutely brilliantly and beautifully by Sorrentino in a two page splash. That scene was one of my favorites in this issue.

The surprises keep coming for Oliver though and the issue ends with a crazy revelation about Oliver, his dad, this new dragon woman, and Komodo's daughter. This issue was highly entertaining. I love the  art. The story is starting to pull itself together. Green Arrow should totally consider a jerky arrow. He could eat it if he ever gets stuck on the Island again.


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Comics Review: Deadpool kills Deadpool #1

Written by: Cullen Bunn
Art by: Salva Espin

    Last time we left Deadpool alone with himself, he was killing famous characters in literature. Why, you ask? Because there lies the inspiration for most Marvel characters, and before killing them, he killed everyone and everything in the Marvel universe. Why, you ask again?! Its cuse he's batshit crazy, that's why!!!

    We open up in a dirty kitchen, a man in black talking to Deadpool's head, or as the man in black likes to call him, Headpool. He sticks Headpool into a microwave and sets the thing on high. Headpool argues a bit, until his ability to argue is no more and he explodes. We then get a great panel from the perspective of...what was Headpool, and we see that the man in black is actually an all black Deadpool. His work with this alternate Deadpool is done and he "bodyslides" out of the kitchen. Now we're back to the real Marvel Universe. The 616, the REAL stuff. As in, Deadpool ISN'T killing everyone else in the Marvel universe. So back here, he's laying the smack down on a big ass robot and its group oh dudes, all probably sent by the same big bad boss man. Anywho, after defeating all the can defeat, the Bea Arthur, a ship with Deadpool's face on it comes crashing into the giant robot. And out of the ship come none other than The Deadpool Corps! Lady-D, Kidpool and Dogpool, and they've brought some extra Pool's with them. A dude with an old school gas mask, and a very Asian styled up Deadpool, complete with half face bandana and...stuff.
    Lady-D tells 616 Deadpool that the Deadpool's she has with her are all that's left in the entirety of any alternate universe there is. They need to get going before whatever's killing them gets to THIS universe, they have to gather together and devise a plan to stop him. And of course, since its a comic book and shit always goes down right when the plot calls for it, gas mask Pool is blasted by a familiar blue blast. *turn page now* Blackpool (hope I don't get any heat for that) shows up and him and 616 Deadpool have an awesome fight. It ends with a chainsaw in 616 Pool's chest, and right as Blackpool is winding up his beam to finish the job, we have Dogpool to the rescue!...sorta. Blackpool turns his blaster right on the hound and blasts him into a trillion unregenerative pieces. 616 Deadpool grabs Blackpool's wrist teleporter thing from the beginning of the issue, and somehow knowing what was going on in another page, Deadpool figures that although the wrist piece isn't his, it must be programmed for voice recognition. " half!" he calls out and it actually only teleports half of Blackpool's body, leaving him in most definitely agonizing pain. What's left of him gets blasted by 616 Pool.
    Back on the ship, everyone's got their heads together...well, at least as much of it as 4 Deadpool's can. And finally the question comes out of 616's mouth, what the hell exactly is going on?!?! And who better to answer than Uatu, The Watcher! He tells him that a crusade has begun, Deadpool against Deadpool, he's seen it first hand. And no one can stop Deadpool, but Deadpool.
    A great issue, this mini-series, I hope, isn't meant to be taken seriously because I sure as hell ain't taking it seriously. But its fun. Deadpool is always a fun read. A good way to escape all the other serious bull that goes on in comics these days. Stopping intergalactic civilizations from killing us, evil geniuses from overheating the world, reptiles, vampires, yada yada WHATEVER! Can't wait to see where this ends up and if you're interested in the first two mini series that have led up to this mini series, check out Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe, then when you're done with that, read up on Deadpool Killustrated. Then you'll be perfectly caught up on why Deadpool wants to kill himself so badly! Until next week readers.

-Matt Milanes 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Verbal Mosh Episode 227

We've only got 2 books to talk about this week! Crazy, right? 2 books!
On this week's episode, we talk about movies, Bat-Cow, conventions, Batman Incorporated #12 and Thief of Thieves #15. Hear this short but funny episode right here or listen for free on our Facebook page.
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Comics Review: Amazing Spider-Man #298

Written by: David Michelinie
Art by: Todd McFarlane

This time around the ish opens up at a U.S Treasury Department Safe House. Some important looking men are transporting what seems to be a prisoner. That is until a high flying gun blazing guy named Chance gets involved. Killing some guards and trapping the prisoner, Orin Concardi, in the car. Is Chance here to rescue Concardi, kidnap him maybe? That gets answered quickly when Chance flicks on his boasters to laser mode hoping the car is filled with high octane. Well it was, and needless to say, the car went boom. Off flies Chance, checking with whoever his employer is, flying right over the building where a Mrs. Mary-Jane Watson Parker is wrapping up her photo shoot.

Couple different outfits later, she's actually asked back for more photos in a couple weeks. Even better news, she calls Peter to tell him they may have enough doe to move to a newer apartment. Yay advancement! George and Weezey would be so proud! Meanwhile, back at the Bugle, Pete's struggling to barely get any photo jobs. He has to agree to split pay with the Bugle's "to reporter" Joy Mercado. Upset with himself at the lengths he has to take to scrap up money, Peter heads home to his messy apartment. While cleaning he sees a mag with a dude from Chippendales on it, and this sparks an idea. He's gonna surprise MJ when she comes home. And when she gets home, WITH a friend, they are in for a surprised indeed! Peter in a red speedo and a bow tie!

Meanwhile, at a restaurant, we have a very dapper looking guy taking out a lovely lady. He gets a ring on his wrist from a caller, he has bail and send his woman home alone. While at home, we learn this man is none other than Chance, and that ringing was a new job coming in. He shows at the meeting spot, where some of the men even question hiring him. Chance shows and is given the job. They want him to steal some weapons from a drop off on Pier 17. That's the exact location Peter's going to be at for that photo job, convenient. Chance actually declines at first, due to his "morals" until they dish out the price, $25,000.

At the pier, all seems to be going well until Chance shows up! Throwing everything into a complete chaos, he gets the guy in charge to halt the fire of his men. Chance even shuts the power off, eliminating the lights at the pier. Spidey's the most optimistic than anyone, saying as long as no one does anything stupid, the lights should come on. Then someone does something stupid. A soldier tries to get to his rifle. Chance, having infrared in his helmet, sees the man and shoots him. This brings the spider out of his nest.

After a small fight, Chance hears sirens and decides now's the time to book it. Shooting acid at the base of a crane, he makes his escape. Leaving Spider-Man with some heavy lifting to deal with. He catches the crane, but the explosives are still falling! Quickly thinking, he swings the crane over the water and everyone's safe and sound.

Over at Chance's employers spot, he goes to sign a paper saying he's done the job, when the pen zaps the unholy hell out of him, knocking him out. Good thing he's not dead, his employers don't want him dead...yet. Back at Pete and MJ's apartment, she's consoling him. Letting him know her love don't cost a thing. (Have JLO's agent call me, I'll pay royalties). All seems fine for another day, until we hit the Bronx. Sounds typical. There's a dark figure looking over newspaper clippings of Spidey, he seems very angry with him. Vowing to end him. But what's this?, this dude has black hands, with a white square. He's wearing Spider-Man's black suit! 1 trillion bucks to whoever guesses who THIS is!

Matt Milanes

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Movie Review: World War Z

World War Z
directed by Marc Forster
starring: Bard Pitt


So, I'm not a huge zombie movie fan. I've seen a few that I liked. This movie looked really interesting when I saw the trailers of the zombies crawling all over each other like ants.

The plot is all about the outbreak of the zombie virus. It spreads incredibly fast through the carriers and also because of the disbelief of such an outbreak. People laugh and scoff at the idea of zombies until they see it with their own eyes, and by that point, it's too late. Brad Pitt plays Gerry lane, a character who formerly worked in the U.N. In order to protect his own family, he agrees to go back into service to find the origin of the zombie virus. He's no doctor nor a scientist, but we're all supposed to believe that he can be the one to put all the puzzle pieces together... The guy who was supposed to be the last hope for finding the origin and possibly finding a cure, dies almost immediately. So, Brad Pitt flies all over the world. He goes to South Korea. Finds more zombies there. He goes to Jerusalem because it's supposed to be a sanctuary there with the high walls that have been built to keep the zombies out, but the zombies, attracted to the noise of the large crowds, infiltrate the place, too. His plane crashes but he finds the medical facility he needed to go to anyways. He looks back and remembers seeing the zombies completely ignore anyone who looked like they were terminally ill, so he puts together the idea to infect people with deadly but curable viruses. Of course the only way to get the viruses to maneuver around more zombies. He then injects himself and that's that.

There is no cure for the zombies. The cure is to inject everyone who isn't contaminated by the zombies so that they may camouflage themselves from the zombies' senses. The movie ends with Brad Pitt reuniting with his family.

Now, I'm a big scared-y cat. I jumped when the zombies came charging around corners unexpectedly. They looked pretty creepy but after a while, it was hard to find any of them scary because the rest of the audience I was sitting with kept laughing at the way the zombies would chomp at thin air.

I really didn't like the movie's ending. It felt weak because there wasn't much of a conclusion to the zombie problem. It's like everyone said, "Well, if you can't fight them, live with them." If your home becomes infested with bugs, you don't just say: well, I guess I'll just live with them. You squash them. You squash them good.

I could not buy into the fact that Brad Pitt knew how to save the day. It all felt so serendipitous the way the clues would reveal themselves to him. I liked the beginning of the movie more than the ending. It was scary and fascinating. I give this movie 3 out of 5 stars. I wish I saw Despicable Me 2 instead.