Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Comics Review: Amazing Spider-Man #298

Written by: David Michelinie
Art by: Todd McFarlane

This time around the ish opens up at a U.S Treasury Department Safe House. Some important looking men are transporting what seems to be a prisoner. That is until a high flying gun blazing guy named Chance gets involved. Killing some guards and trapping the prisoner, Orin Concardi, in the car. Is Chance here to rescue Concardi, kidnap him maybe? That gets answered quickly when Chance flicks on his boasters to laser mode hoping the car is filled with high octane. Well it was, and needless to say, the car went boom. Off flies Chance, checking with whoever his employer is, flying right over the building where a Mrs. Mary-Jane Watson Parker is wrapping up her photo shoot.

Couple different outfits later, she's actually asked back for more photos in a couple weeks. Even better news, she calls Peter to tell him they may have enough doe to move to a newer apartment. Yay advancement! George and Weezey would be so proud! Meanwhile, back at the Bugle, Pete's struggling to barely get any photo jobs. He has to agree to split pay with the Bugle's "to reporter" Joy Mercado. Upset with himself at the lengths he has to take to scrap up money, Peter heads home to his messy apartment. While cleaning he sees a mag with a dude from Chippendales on it, and this sparks an idea. He's gonna surprise MJ when she comes home. And when she gets home, WITH a friend, they are in for a surprised indeed! Peter in a red speedo and a bow tie!

Meanwhile, at a restaurant, we have a very dapper looking guy taking out a lovely lady. He gets a ring on his wrist from a caller, he has bail and send his woman home alone. While at home, we learn this man is none other than Chance, and that ringing was a new job coming in. He shows at the meeting spot, where some of the men even question hiring him. Chance shows and is given the job. They want him to steal some weapons from a drop off on Pier 17. That's the exact location Peter's going to be at for that photo job, convenient. Chance actually declines at first, due to his "morals" until they dish out the price, $25,000.

At the pier, all seems to be going well until Chance shows up! Throwing everything into a complete chaos, he gets the guy in charge to halt the fire of his men. Chance even shuts the power off, eliminating the lights at the pier. Spidey's the most optimistic than anyone, saying as long as no one does anything stupid, the lights should come on. Then someone does something stupid. A soldier tries to get to his rifle. Chance, having infrared in his helmet, sees the man and shoots him. This brings the spider out of his nest.

After a small fight, Chance hears sirens and decides now's the time to book it. Shooting acid at the base of a crane, he makes his escape. Leaving Spider-Man with some heavy lifting to deal with. He catches the crane, but the explosives are still falling! Quickly thinking, he swings the crane over the water and everyone's safe and sound.

Over at Chance's employers spot, he goes to sign a paper saying he's done the job, when the pen zaps the unholy hell out of him, knocking him out. Good thing he's not dead, his employers don't want him dead...yet. Back at Pete and MJ's apartment, she's consoling him. Letting him know her love don't cost a thing. (Have JLO's agent call me, I'll pay royalties). All seems fine for another day, until we hit the Bronx. Sounds typical. There's a dark figure looking over newspaper clippings of Spidey, he seems very angry with him. Vowing to end him. But what's this?, this dude has black hands, with a white square. He's wearing Spider-Man's black suit! 1 trillion bucks to whoever guesses who THIS is!

Matt Milanes

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