Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Comics Review: Amazing Spider-Man #299

Written by: David Michelinie
Art by: Todd McFarlane

This issue wastes no time getting right back into the action following Chance, a villain for hire who wages his rate of pay with the success of his jobs instead of charging a fee, who we last saw trying to steal some weapons from a secret drop off at a local pier. And Spider-Man, hot on his tail thanks to a newly improved system for shooting his Spider Tracers. So since this wastes no time, neither will I!

We open up with Spidey on top of a truck that's been setting off his Spider Sense like crazy. He's more than sure that Chance is right inside. He's planned to stay on until the truck reaches its destination, that it until some kid opens his yap nice and loud! Alerting the driver that he's got a highly unwanted passenger. A local police man asks Spidey what proof he's got that the cargo of this truck is actually a villain, and with none to give, he's forced to stand down and watch the truck drive off. The truck actually does indeed hold Chance, and his most recent employers who stunned him and captured him. Accepting defeat, Peter decides to just head home.

There waiting for him are his wife Mary Jane Watson Parker, and a new cleaning lady. MJ thought she'd bring her cleaning lady to the house to help, since job offers won't come to people who have dishpan hands. She also decides to try and cheer Peter up by taking him out clubbing, going to her side of life for the night. Not a bad way to unwind if I do say so myself. Meanwhile, that truck arrived at its final destination, a hidden city being built by the men who hired Chance. They woke him up and want to know how he made his wrist shooters and ankle jets, must be some secret to their city, but Chance ain't talking.

After doing some searching for a Carlton Drake, Peter's only lead, at work he comes up with nothing. Nothing crazy anyways. His search takes him back to his old college, ESU, Empire State University. There is where he finds that Drake leased some land in New Jersey, exactly where that truck was headed earlier that day. A bus ride and some hitch hiking later, Pete's exactly where he needs to be. He's made it to the camo-ed out dome where Drake is hiding. Desperate for a way in, Spider-Man actually clings onto the bottom of a truck and rolls away at the perfect moment. Then the trusty Spider Sense goes off but not from danger, from his Spider Tracer. Which can only mean that Chance is nearby!

Spider-Man agrees to let him go, since he doesn't have his weapons, Chance is no threat. Chance spills the beans on Drake and his men. They're survivalists who believe the world is about to plunge into chaos. They believe there are people like them but don't want to work to survive. So Drake has built a sanctuary for those people, and even hired his own army. Not only that, but he's equipped them with the weapons Chance stole. Out of fear and paranoia, Drake wants to harness the power of Chance's weapons, in case he needs to defend himself from the army he hired. A genius idea on paper, too bad it's about to be stopped!

Once Peter hits the button to let Chance free, the alarms blare. Spider-Man makes the quick decision to fight along side Chance, since Drake's men are the enemy of his enemy. Chance purposely hits the ammo boxes that belong to Drake, blowing up the entire facility and destroying all of Drake's work in a fiery blaze. Chance offers a lift back to Manhattan, and it's a wild ride. Meanwhile, back in Chealsea, MJ is finally coming home from a long day of shopping. Disappointed because Peter hasn't at least let her know where he was, and shopping didn't make her feel any better. She comes home to a figure in the black suit standing in the dark breathing heavily. We learn this isn't Peter at all, or is it? He's wearing the same exact suit as Peter? Was Chance to blame? Who is this beast in MJ and Peter's apartment?! Find out next week when we read the massive Amazing Spider-Man issue 300!!!

Matt Milanes

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