Thursday, July 11, 2013

Comics Review: Deadpool kills Deadpool #1

Written by: Cullen Bunn
Art by: Salva Espin

    Last time we left Deadpool alone with himself, he was killing famous characters in literature. Why, you ask? Because there lies the inspiration for most Marvel characters, and before killing them, he killed everyone and everything in the Marvel universe. Why, you ask again?! Its cuse he's batshit crazy, that's why!!!

    We open up in a dirty kitchen, a man in black talking to Deadpool's head, or as the man in black likes to call him, Headpool. He sticks Headpool into a microwave and sets the thing on high. Headpool argues a bit, until his ability to argue is no more and he explodes. We then get a great panel from the perspective of...what was Headpool, and we see that the man in black is actually an all black Deadpool. His work with this alternate Deadpool is done and he "bodyslides" out of the kitchen. Now we're back to the real Marvel Universe. The 616, the REAL stuff. As in, Deadpool ISN'T killing everyone else in the Marvel universe. So back here, he's laying the smack down on a big ass robot and its group oh dudes, all probably sent by the same big bad boss man. Anywho, after defeating all the can defeat, the Bea Arthur, a ship with Deadpool's face on it comes crashing into the giant robot. And out of the ship come none other than The Deadpool Corps! Lady-D, Kidpool and Dogpool, and they've brought some extra Pool's with them. A dude with an old school gas mask, and a very Asian styled up Deadpool, complete with half face bandana and...stuff.
    Lady-D tells 616 Deadpool that the Deadpool's she has with her are all that's left in the entirety of any alternate universe there is. They need to get going before whatever's killing them gets to THIS universe, they have to gather together and devise a plan to stop him. And of course, since its a comic book and shit always goes down right when the plot calls for it, gas mask Pool is blasted by a familiar blue blast. *turn page now* Blackpool (hope I don't get any heat for that) shows up and him and 616 Deadpool have an awesome fight. It ends with a chainsaw in 616 Pool's chest, and right as Blackpool is winding up his beam to finish the job, we have Dogpool to the rescue!...sorta. Blackpool turns his blaster right on the hound and blasts him into a trillion unregenerative pieces. 616 Deadpool grabs Blackpool's wrist teleporter thing from the beginning of the issue, and somehow knowing what was going on in another page, Deadpool figures that although the wrist piece isn't his, it must be programmed for voice recognition. " half!" he calls out and it actually only teleports half of Blackpool's body, leaving him in most definitely agonizing pain. What's left of him gets blasted by 616 Pool.
    Back on the ship, everyone's got their heads together...well, at least as much of it as 4 Deadpool's can. And finally the question comes out of 616's mouth, what the hell exactly is going on?!?! And who better to answer than Uatu, The Watcher! He tells him that a crusade has begun, Deadpool against Deadpool, he's seen it first hand. And no one can stop Deadpool, but Deadpool.
    A great issue, this mini-series, I hope, isn't meant to be taken seriously because I sure as hell ain't taking it seriously. But its fun. Deadpool is always a fun read. A good way to escape all the other serious bull that goes on in comics these days. Stopping intergalactic civilizations from killing us, evil geniuses from overheating the world, reptiles, vampires, yada yada WHATEVER! Can't wait to see where this ends up and if you're interested in the first two mini series that have led up to this mini series, check out Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe, then when you're done with that, read up on Deadpool Killustrated. Then you'll be perfectly caught up on why Deadpool wants to kill himself so badly! Until next week readers.

-Matt Milanes 

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