Saturday, July 13, 2013

Comics Review: New Avengers #7

New Avengers #7
Art By Mike Deodato
Words by Johnathan Hickman

Considering a great example of a comic book without their usual BIG battle scenes and huge page spreads. Deodato leaves it simple and the storytelling speaks for it’s self – put it together and what do we get? A great series and one everyone should consider picking up. One of the best Avengers title to date although it’s shown not to be “new-reader friendly”. This issue could revolved around one word, ‘Drama". But not your typical dramas seen in say reality show. Some serious galactic business

Plot: It’s been a month since the Illuminati have stopped the “Mapmakers" in Latvaria by destroying another planet. A move Black Panther believed would haunt them. That’s what the Illuminati are all about, making those tough, unpopular decisions.
Doctor Doom wants answers as to why he had to defend his nation from otherworldly beings, so he invites Doctor Strange and Reed Richards over for dinner. The two aren’t at all forth coming about what they were up to and leave in a hurry, while Doom promises he will find out the truth.
The drama mentioned iz between Namor and Black Panther or rather their kingdoms (Atlantis and Wakanda respectfully). There’s a  tit for tat retaliations on both sides an
d it looks the two nations could go to war. Namor comes to T’Challa offering a peace deal that T’Challa should bring to his sister, Shuri, Queen and current leader of Wakanda.

The two talk it through and decide that Namor should offer a peace treaty and T’Challa would support the treaty and a cessation of hostilities between the two nations. However, at a national security meeting, T’Challa’s support of peace are drowned out by Wakanda’s general and Shuri decides a war with Atlantis is inevitable.
Overall: The book has that great mix of terrific storytelling and eye popping art. Unfortunately for those who are antsy waiting for the next issue I would prefer it being a monthly issue instead of it losing it’s quality then I can live with it’s current schedule. Anyway, you won’t find complaints about this book either. Deodato’s dark tone and art really lends itself to Hickman’s script, especially the dinner with Doom scene (which could have been an entire book in itself). The idea of Wakanda and Atlantis, the world’s most closed off nations, engaged in war with one other is genius. I can’t wait until #8 to see what comes of it. I didn’t even mention the crazy mess going on in Attilan involving Black Bolt and Maximus, but be sure to know it’ will be good.

Rating: 10/10

-Caleb J. Cabrera

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