Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Comics Review: Scarlet Spider #18

Written by: Chris Yost
Art by: Carlo Barberi with Ale Garza

    Last time in Scarlet Spider, Kane was hired by the Assassin's Guild to kill Wolverine. Kaine owes them this favor, in return for leaving his friends alone and staying out of Houston. He makes his way to the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, with Aracely, and at the end of the issue, Kaine had stabbed Logan in the chest, and pulled out his heart. Now, they're surrounded by some very, VERY angry mutants.

    The assassin outside the window reports back to the Guild leader, telling her that Wolverine is finally dead. She tells him to finish the job by taking out Kaine, then bringing them both back for his payment. Oh the traditional villain double crossing, gotta love it. Storm, Beast, Iceman and past Jean Grey are all ready to square off against Kaine and his new partner. Until Beast walks over to Wolverine and can actually hear his muscles rebuilding. His body has built him a new heart, but it's not started. It hasn't started beating yet. Nothing a good fist pounding can't fix. A nice hard hit straight to the chest and Logan's up and uncomfortably running, and now he's thirsty for blood, Kaine Parker blood. After giving him a nice, much deserved beat down, we learn why Wolverine didn't slice Kaine into a billion pieces. During the standoff at the school, Jean tells Logan that Aracely is in her head, telling her that there's a member of the Assassin's Guild right outside the school and he should play along with anything Kaine does. Now, he's packing up and getting dressed in his X-Force suit. He plans to go out and help Kaine, but leave Aracely. Storm doesn't like this idea all too much, herself and the students don't like her. She's awkward and annoying. Logan doesn't care, he thinks she'll just fit in. He tells her not to worry, she knows how careful he is when it comes to strangers.
    Back in New Orleans, the Assassin's Guild has a new victim. Killing him only because their "client" wants him dead. They honestly believe that by killing, they're repenting for their sins. They're doing God's work. In the X-Jet, Kaine tells Logan about his predicament, even telling him that he's one of Spider-Man's clones. Wolverine cuts him a simple deal: they do this job, take down the Guild, then they don't see each other ever again. Logan doesn't see Kaine, or his sidekick again. And if he does, they're dead. Back at the school, Beast is analyzing Aracely, and she can't stop asking questions about, well, herself. She asks non stop questions about the procedure, the findings, the other mutants, anything under the sun. We learn that she's not even really a mutant, all her readings came up human. She's just a normal human, with weird ass powers. Zip back to Nawlins (New Orleans) Kaine and Logan are picking off Guild watchmen with Kaine's new cloaking suit and Wolverine...being Wolverine. They get inside and there's even more guards. They're not a problem until one of them screams out loud. Now THAT'S gonna attract some people. The next two pages show Wolverine and Kaine seriously being badass and slicing up some guards. Its set up a little weird though, you can tell it was meant to be a splash page, but it was cut into two pages, awkwardly. Still a great shot though. That evil creature inside Kaine is beginning to slowly emerge. Its enjoying all the killing he's been doing, and its getting more and more brutal with every kill. One by one, the members of the Assassin's Guild showed up to join the fight, Harvest, Smithy, and the young girl who's super strong. They're all just buying time for the big dog to get there, Belladonna Boudreaux. After roughing them up for a bit, Kaine actually grabs her and holds her hostage. But even SHE was a distraction. Now the leader of the Guild arrives, The Red Death. Now Kaine begins to think that maybe just killing Wolverine was a better idea.

    The bottom of this page read "To be concluded" so this little arc ends next month. Can't wait to see how Logan and Kaine end up getting out of this one. This series has been going especially after Minimum Carnage. Christ Yost can write the hell out of a story with spider related people. I love it. All is well with the Earth. Until next week readers!

-Matt Milanes

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